MiWuLa TV News: Februar 2011

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 02.03.2011

Hello and welcome to a new edition of the MiWuLa News.
The vehicle and airplane fleet of the Knuffingen Airport is becoming larger.
This is a Boeing 747SP, a custom-built model
crafted out of many different airplane parts.
This stationary model will find a home near the freight terminal.
Other models, such as this A321
or this A319 have been varnished, and now
need interior and exterior lighting.
Other planes, such as this Boeing 777,
flying under the colours of Emirates, are still in production.
The purpose of this mysterious Space Shuttle
will not be revealed yet.
Meanwhile, we are making more progress with the vehicles.
Two special aircraft tractors have been built for the larger airpanes,
such as the A380 or the Antonov 124.
These models are made out of many custom-made parts.
They act as pushback for the airplanes
to send them on their journey from the main or freight terminal.
The small design indicates how difficult it is to install the neccessary technology.
That's why some of it is moved under the layout.
The whole construction took months to develop.
Jens has built a special model:
I'm building a line painting machine.
It will be on the airport and paint the lines for the airfield's apron.
95% of the parts are custom-made.
This is the most sophisticated car that I have ever built.
I've been working on it now for one and a half weeks.
Compared to this, the other cars weren't nearly as difficult.
The smaller stationary models are being equipped with lighting.
It is made sure that every electronically installable
light looks just like it is in reality.
Because of the expansion of the public area to the second floor
and the future expansion of the layout into the current bistro area,
the old facilities need to be replaced.
That's why new and larger lavatories are being built
in the area of the former children's play corner.
Bobby is tasked with creating dioramas for this area.
And he never runs out of ideas.
From a bank heist with small aides,
to alien,
or Dinosaur worlds and
wild parties, Bobby has realized a lot of his ideas.
We will show how Bobby designs such a small diorama
in the near future during a new MiWuLa Report.
The Swiss section has a new village now.
Bobby has crafted a new module that was initially planned for the
opening of the Swiss section, but has never been completed until now.
The rocky undergrounds of this detailled settlement
are made out of modelmaking plaster and are richly decorated with vegetation.
It can be found right above the DJ Bobo concert.
There have been small adjustments to the cliff divers of the Knuffingen section.
The small figurines have received new parachutes.
The old chords have been replaced with new ones
because they didn't look realistic.
After many ideas and failed tries,
a solution was found with guitar strings
to help the little jumpers to a safe landing.
Gaston is still working on the large 3D puzzle:
the Neuschwanstein Castle.
Over 1.500 parts have been used so far and it is still far from completion.
A window is made out of up to four parts.
An optical depth is achieved this way.
In a similar fashion the facades and towers
are faced with numerous components.
A steady hand is absolutely necessary.
Many facades of the inner courtyard as well as some towers are complete
and now require painting and lighting.
Holger has already wired some of these elements.
Quite a few rooms now shine in a new light.
Slowly but surely, the final look of the model can be conjectured.
The routing to the departure area of the terminals
is currently being made in our workshops.
Marcel is working on the lighting for the vehicles on the lower floors.
Myriads of cables are used.
Many fully lighted streets can be seen on the layout.
One of the highlights for the electronic engineers are these displays,
that show the arrival and departure times.
They are at the platform beneath the large parking structures and
are constantly updated to keep the little passengers informed.
Now that the motor for the doors of the Lufthansa-Technik Hangar is complete,
small scenes are being created to fill the complex with life.
Tina has built many small details
such as this workshop area.
or wings are being repaired or maintained here.
Of course, there are also storage areas.
In order to make the small workers reach the different heights of the planes,
ladders and scaffolds are being produced.
Those who don't take work all too seriously
may also find a place to rest.
Our curious guests will soon find all of this in this hangar.
Currently, more elements for the terminals are in the making.
The work on the baggage conveyor belts and check-in desks is almost done.
More stands, such as newspaper stands and shops, are being built.
Drink, snack and cigarette vending machines,
telephone and internet stations,
hundreds of trash cans,
wall mounted fire house reels and currency exchangers are some of the
objects that will be scattered around the terminal area.
These benches that will be placed inside the terminals,
around the pier and the plaza, show
how elaborate the the various elements of the terminal project are.
About 1.000 of these seatings are produced in different lenghts
and consist of up to seven individual parts, that also need painting.
Various restaurant booths are being designed for the gastronomical areas.
Tables and chairs are pieced together,
groceries are painted and served.
Even the lighting matches the original seating areas
of the different restaurants inside the Hamburg Airport.
Judith and Nathalie will certainly be busy for weeks
with the detail work of these models.
Many details will be hard to find for our guests.
But we still take pride in creating faithful replicas.
That's it for this month, thanks for watching.
See you next time!