STRONG Kids Program

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Hi my name is Lana Moy.
I am doing research for the STRONG Kids Project.
And I'm talking with Anne
who is my research supervisor.
So the STRONG Kids research project
is a multidisciplinary research project
investigating the root causes of early childhood obesity.
We focus our research on children ages two to four
and we're following them for three years longitudinally.
We make our parents take a parent survey
and we also take height and weight measurements
on all of our kids every year
so we can see their growth over time.
This project is significant not only because
childhood obesity is and incredibly important
topic in our current society but
it also allows undergraduate students to get involved in research.
One of the reasons why I really like
working with the STRONG Kids Project is
because I get to work with kids.
Specifically for this project I do
their heights and their weights
and so I'm going to show you our height machine.
Well its not really a machine.
But we ask the kids to stand here with their feet back
and then just facing outward
and thats how we take their heights.
Usually we take it in centimeters
just because it's more universal I guess.
And then also for saliva,
which are these,
they have little containers in them
and then we use swabs to swab out their mouths.
And then we cut them with scissors
that have been sanitized and pop them in
well we cut them into the little containers.
Then we ship them off to the biology lab
where they take DNA and try and find genetic factors
and things like that.
And then here with our Dora weights
is when we ask the little kids to step onto the Doras
and then we ask them to stay still thats how we take their weights
and then afterwards we give them lots of stickers´┐Ż