Dan McMenamin-Las Vegas, Nevada

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>> Dan McMenamin:
I'm Dan McMenamin, and I am the purchasing manager for CarBuyCo in Las Vegas. [pause]
CarBuyCo is a really innovative way for consumers to sell a used vehicle.
CarBuyCo will come to you and purchase your vehicle, and if we are unable to purchase
your vehicle we'll beat any written purchase offer from the dealer and we guarantee that.
I want the consumer to know that our website is really easy to use, it's easy to maneuver
through, and that it's not going to be intimidating or difficult.
I feel like a lot of times people feel that they have been taken advantage of… and they
don't trust the dealership or the sales people, and CarBuyCo takes that fear away from the
consumer. My biggest influence in my life has been my
mother-in-law. My mother-in-law was handicapped and has been
handicapped pretty much the entire time that I've known her, and NEVER EVER depressed a
day of her life---so when I'm having a bad day I just think back to her life, and she
was just incredibly inspirational. Always in a great mood always really upbeat
and I've tried to always think of that when I'm maybe having a time that's not quite,
you know, I'm not quite up there… Probably the most enjoyable part of living
in Las Vegas is, you know, see all the different shows, take in all the different activities.
It's so cool being in Vegas because you have, you can be busy all the time, or you can go
out and, you know, hike in the mountains and snow sky, which a lot of people don't realize.
I'm an avid mountain bike rider and I'm also a part time spin instructor.
My mantra, my slogan for life, stay focused, stay positive, and always look forward.
What makes us different is that we're, you and I as a consumer, and CarBuyCo, we are
gonna build a rapport. I'm gonna get to know who you are, I'm gonna help educate you on
the process, I'm gonna put you at ease and answer all of your questions… so not only
am i gonna make the car selling process easier, but I'm gonna help educate you through the
process so at the end of the day, you're completely comfortable with the transaction that we just