The Real Pittsburgh Kid - Episode 3

Uploaded by matthewgin01 on 27.08.2012

no yin kids don't need a slurp from 7-eleven, yin get the snoopy snowcone maker
and start cranking' it. Hey yinz kids better settle down back there or I'm turnin' this car around
And none of yin are goin' to kennywood
No yinz kids
ain't goin' to sand castle before school starts
You go down in the garage
get my blue tarp and mom will spray yin off with the hose!
delivered to you
patient always requesting custody
it's just not seeing you sell
is believed that that wasn't last night that here
higgins wud
catching up
what's this
these kids on the other hand you can find still active
on an
dan marino isn't just in the on
the same dvd
and he's always been staying will be listening to me
ninety one
he gets the right cookie
way trying again just archives
splice all last time
and yeah i get here
possibly promised and yet again and again the blast moscow them all
do what's next friday
st dot
unrealistic strike
you're listening to right six
and you're listening to right
popular joins the list of the religious burger king
feel some better and u_s_ and it's weird