[1 de 4] Eliminar el Ego (Kill Your Ego) - Jorge Handabaka García (Eng Subs)

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What is ego, and how to remove it
Because ego is the reason for suffering
Being the ego the reason for suffering it is natural to eliminate it, or going in that direction, to reduce it, to transcend it
So, the first thing for us to know is that, Ego is our non-watched mind
I mean, toughts that come to your head, whom you're not aware of, that rule you, taking you away from here to anywhere
non-watched emotions too, they dominate you
Ego is a fake you, whom people identify with, making them feel separated from life, nature, and their essential being
Ego is just a belif not a reality, is a substitute of your essential being
Ego is a hidden enemy, it manipulates you, it clouds your reasoning, taking you to do things which you really don't want to do
to get recognition, prestige, approval
ego is a parasite
It has taken control of what we think, we belive, we feel, and what we do
And its very cunning, it uses our minds, taking control of our brains, manipulating it to adapt itself to any circumstance
What ego wants is not to be detected, not to be removed
How is this possible? How ego generates suffering?
Ego separates, so it feels fear because it is not one with god, one with nature, one with the universe, it is not one with your essential being
As its defense mechanism, it adopts, aggressiveness, conflict, being it the ground that feeds the ego
Despite ego is a ghost, it needs to exist, it needs to reafirm itself
Sometimes ego reafirm itself by saying, i am much more me when my enemy is much more my enemy
I im much more me, when the other is much more the other
And, as satre said, "the others are hell"
So ego when feeling separated it needs to reafirm, being against the others, making conlifct, first with itself of course
Because it is not only one, but many egos, the ego of the fear, suffering, happiness, hatred, bitterness
The ego that wants to be right at any cost, the ego that feels its better than everyone else, the ego that lies, the ego which is melancholic
We think that we are one of the many egos, being not one, we are not one, that slpitting of egos makes conflict
As ego needs to reafirm itself by making conflict it sees the everyone, as the others, the people!
But people are we the one, the outside world is just a projection of what we are
As Jiddu Krishnamurti said, The hydrogen bomb, the world wars, the concentration camps, are just a violent and spectacular projection of what we are
If continue on being violent, or attacking verbally or phisically , your son, your wife, your husband, your brother. You are in a minor scale being what you condemn so much
If you want to change the world, first you got to change yourself
Because if there is dishonesty, violence or lies. How are you going to build a wolrd full of peace?
The world is an spectacular projection of what we are, genocide , wars
So, if i see someone full of violence talking about peace, I'm not going to belive him, as simple as that
What is ego? and how to eliminate it?
Eg. The feeling of guilt fortifies the ego, because "I" feel guilty
Sometimes we think ego is only something like pride, "I'm the best", "I'm the first", "I'm better than you", that is ego and selfishness of course
But sometimes it could be the opposite, feeling guilty, "It is my fault" "I'm mean", that is ego too, blaming the others for what happens to as is an ego reinforcement too.
The Ego, as same as a parasite, it feeds itself with your emotional energy, it feasts with your fears, guilts, suffering...
Playing negative roles adquires more power, when ego amplifies, because of the "Active Body Of Pain"
We know "The Body of pain" as the suffering accumulated since you were born, you have created an entity, a being and it feeds...