Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (9/9) Movie CLIP - Sherman Tricks Buddy (2000) HD

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Ladies and gentlemen, ifZeke dropped dead right now, who would care?
- l would. - My point exactly.
Exactly. That no person, no matterwho they are,
no matter how hopelessly disgusting their case may be,
should be left without a second chance.
And that is why l would like to introduce... New You,
a fully copyrighted product being offered toyou...
by the good people ofLove Enterprises.
Now, ifyou'd be so kind, Zeke, would you drink this up, please?
lt's kind oflike Mogen David, but fruitier.
Wait! t'm sory to interrupt, Iadies and gentlemen!
But l cannot go on living unless l have this man inside me right now.
- Steady, sailor. - What the hell is going on here?
Well, ifit isn't Professor Sherman Klump, the inventor ofJumbo the Horny Hamster.
- Please! - Buddy, l am sick and l am tired...
ofyour s-h- [ Richmond ] ''l.''
Thankyou. T-E.
My shite? Oh, really? Well, whatyou gonna do about it, Shamu?
- Tell you what l'm gonna do. - l don't have no time to play no games with your ass.
- You got time to play a little catch, don'tyou? - Oh, you bastard.
[ Kissing Sounds, Whistles ] Buddy.
- Aw! - [ Buddy Muttering ]
Buddy, Buddy. Buddy.
Get it, Buddy. Buddy!
Na, na, na, na. Hey, Buddy. Fetch.
[ Laughing ]
[ People Groaning ] What the hell is that?
Who's dumb now?
Oh, Sherman. Oh, you sneaky son ofa bitch.
Oh, Sherman!
Oh, no!
Oh, shit! Uh- ah- ah- Eveybody calm down.
This is a part ofthe demonstration. Just calm- Relax.
Eveything's under control. What the hell are you looking at?
This is an impressive package for a toddler.
Nothing to see here, folks. This mutant is about to dissolve into liquid,
and then the fat man is going to suck him through a straw.
Sory,Buddy. Ijustwantmylifeback.
You don't owe him any explan-What?
Oh, you rotten son ofa- Oh!
- l'm hit! l'm hit! - Forget it, fat ass.
l ain't going back inside ofyou. Mmm. Got milk?
[ Screaming ]
Thankyou, baby.
He's getting away.
Dean, l want that formula. Bring me the man who made it. l'm ready to make a deal.
Hmm? Right.