Go Algonquin (Full version - 10 Minutes)

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"Hi, how are you?"
"What's up?"
"Hey, how's it going?"
"Hey guys, this is real food for real people!
You have to work together.
You have to be in harmony, guys."
"The pressure is pretty similar to, you know,
TV shows and TV kitchens.
The teachers have a lot of experience."
"We believe we're the best.
We have several students who have graduated from this
program who are expert chefs around the city,
around the world."
"They're really hands on and they're really focused.
The classes are really small.
It's really personal.
If you have a problem, you can talk to them anytime."
"It's very competitive.
We teach our students to understand that you got
to do your best everyday.
Otherwise, somebody will take your spot.
When a student comes back and thanks you for what you did...
you have to be careful, I'm getting emotional.
Don't laugh!"
"Great fleet of 14, 15 aircrafts.
And this brand new simulator we've got here behind us."
"They get to come out here and everyday, five times a week.
And in the course of just 16 months,
we take the students all the way from zero flying
experience to a commercial pilots license with
multi-engine rating and an instrument rating as well."
"It is a great college.
It is the quickest way.
And a year and a half right through and you come out with
all your licenses and all the ratings you need to move
forward in the aviation career."
"I'm very proud of this program.
And the success of our students is the thing
that makes me most proud."
"Flying five to six days a week,
up in the air every single day;
it's where I want to be, it's where...
it's what I love to do."
"Well, I think Algonquin was instrumental in helping
my realize my dream of being in the movie
and television world.
It was something I think I wanted to do from when I was
a child, and didn't really have the skill set to do it
until I went to Algonquin.
I got to learn the actual technical skills
that are needed to make a dream a reality."
"We just like, we draw models onto the screen.
We want to tell the post processor to end."
It's a three-year course.
First year, we learn fundamentals of everything -
art, design programming - and then second year
it's a little bit more aggressive.
We get into the 3-D languages."
"Now, the time change technique needs
this x-time parameter."
"This game we did in API called Open GL,
and then in the third year you actually
make a full-fledge X-Box game.
The program's been amazing."
"It was a fulfillment of a dream I didn't know I had.
I heard about the Business Program at Algonquin and they
had an option to major in Materials and Inventory
Management, which was not offered at the Universities,
and I enrolled to try it out, loved it,
and today I'm running a 100 million dollar company
and Algonquin gave me the knowledge to be able to make
sure that we continue to run and be profitable."
"We can adjust the optics with these little adjusters here."
"I've learned a lot because I'm an international student.
We have a lot of equipment that I did not expect
to have in the labs."
"We're very, very happy and proud to have put together
a state of the art facility here - more than you'd probably
expect to get, say, any university undergrad program."
"Professors are very helpful and you get
a lot of feedback from them.
You do get tons of hands-on experience if you want to.
I think it's great."
"One of the strengths of the program here is that
the students are able to get involved with industry quite
often on a year-long project."
"There's so much for you as long as you do want to learn."
"This operating room at Algonquin College is actually
the first of its kind in Canada that was built
specifically to train operating room nurses,
respiratory technicians.
All of the equipment that you see here is what you would
find in any operating room.
The nursing faculty here are fantastic
and it's very student centered."
"It is state of the art.
It has everything that a student would experience out
in the clinical placement."
"Nursing was a career change for me.
I like the idea of college versus being in a university
setting; it felt more like community to me.
I feel like they care about my success."
"We love to teach nursing."
"I'm excited.
This program, the one thing it's really taught me is that
the world is my oyster and there's so many opportunities
and growth ahead."
"My Algonquin education really spring-boarded
my career in the fine dining restaurant world.
It provided me with the confidence and the credibility
to go off and fulfill my dream.
It's an extraordinary place of learning some just great
people come out of it."
"Teaching at Algonquin is great because the students
challenge me and I'm able to give back things
I've leaned over the years.
We have some lectures, but it's about getting your hands
on the gear, playing, figuring things out.
So look behind us - this is our classroom.
This is where we learn."
"The hands on training we get from our teachers who have
so much experience in the industry really makes every
class an adventure. I absolutely love it.
Our classroom is anywhere we need it to be."
"Well you can't really beat it.
It's everything that you would expect in a real job site,
and it's hands on.
You're encountering real problems,
and you're working through them with the teachers.
It's one-on-one."
"What makes this program different is that we do focus
on energy efficient, environmentally responsible,
healthy housing.
So it's not only for an individual who's interested
in getting into the trades, but quite specifically
is committed to a career where they're working
on high performance buildings.
They enjoy the trades, but they may have a passion for
the environment and want to be part of
the next generation of builders."
"There's nothing better than this."
"I'm so fortunate to be able to do what I love everyday,
thanks to Algonquin College.
They gave me the skills and the knowledge to be able to go
out into the community and be a professional photographer.
And they helped me realize my dream."
"That's it guys - let's go, let's go!
Truck's waiting, we've got a fire call,
so let's go guys, hustle up!"
"I'll have the skill sets, because of what
the teachers have done here.
There's a vast experience here.
They have 20 to 30 years.
And our Chief is really great.
The teachers have allowed us to be successful
in the program.
I had a really great time, and if I could
do it again, I would."
"Algonquin College is going to give them an edge.
We have equipment that's not even in place yet in a lot
of fire departments right now, and we have here at
the college and we use it on a daily basis.
I love this job.
I've been doing it for a long time and I anticipate doing
it for a long time still."
"I said to myself, 'I don't want a job, I want a career.'
The experience of going to Algonquin
was overwhelmingly rewarding.
It gave me an opportunity to see the
field through placements.
And then it gave me the opportunity to work
in the field."
"I graduated for the ECE program back in 1995 and I've
been working in the pre-school program at the Early Learning
Centre for the past 6 years.
The program offered a lot of hands-on experience.
We got many opportunities to come out and do observations
here at the Early Learning Centre,
as well as do a variety of placements in the community.
It is a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun."
"At Algonquin College, I had the opportunity to make
connections with very experienced professionals.
And allowed me to develop skills that I would need to
be successful in the procurement field."
"The Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence will
be the place to come and learn about sustainable
development practices.
This is where students will come and learn about how to
build buildings of the future.
It will be the largest in Ontario and possibly in Canada.
Students will really enjoy this facility.
It will combine under one roof all of the trades
and occupations that play a role in the field environment.
So from architecture, design, from carpentry and plumbing,
everyone will be sharing this large facility.
It does not get better than this."
"It's finally paid off."
"So excited!"
"I'm sure when my mom starts crying, I might."
"I remember my years here at Algonquin as being some
of the best of my life.
The friends I made here are still my friends today.
The education gave me a solid base of knowledge about the
television industry that formed the foundation I needed
to constantly build a career."
"This is my classroom."
"This is my classroom."
"This is my classroom."
"This is my classroom."
"This is my classroom."
"This is my classroom."