Новогодний пацандобль :D) [Christmas pasabroble]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 30.12.2011

Sup, I’m Stas Davidov!
And since it’s New Year, i’m gonna be wearing...
An awesome costume! [Newyearman!]
First vid was sent by adilkolaydr.
And at first it looks like a default video [boring] about roller-coaster fears.
Well, apart from the fact that this asian girl is so scared she’s gives away all her ninjutsu secrets.
And performs a second octave G.
But when she goes down, vid becomes just as awesome as my mask! [that bad?]
Look at the size of her mouth! Oh my Confucius!
I think you want to look at this one more time [yeah, just take off this mask]
[once more]
[and again %) ]
Her voice is kinda hoarse.
Jigurditis in its infancy?
Or maybe she’s a he? [she=he]
Oh wait, she’s from Taiwan, not Thailand [not a tranny]
Mixed it up... [ice cream goes to kids]
Yes woman, world is full of scary things [like Stas's mask]
So go back to the kitchen! [to kitchen!]
And there you can listen to your K-pop that plays in background.
Yes, i’m familiar with k-pop.
I know all about it!
It really looks like she turned caucasian after the ride! [were-caucasian]
Never have i seen an asian with such big eyes.
Oh those asian guys [and girls]
They have the scariest horror movies.
This face will continue haunting me in nightmares.
[The Ring 3]
Although, i’d prolly scream like that as well if i knew that roller-coaster is made in China.
And this is New Year!
Hello? *you're* a freak! It’s an awesome mask!
Second vid is very festive [just like this getup]
And it’s a New Year cat wrapping manual.
You take some paper.
Wait for the cat to sit on it.
Pack the cat.
And add a bow.
And this is how it’s done.
And that’s not a cat in the bag, it’s a GIFT! [gotthat?]
Bow says it all [no bow no party]
Now we need a “How to mail a cat” manual.
- What’s this? A cat?
But i wanted an Xbox!!! [have a cat!]
But the main thing is not about what his master did, it’s this cat’s reaction.
Or the lack of it.
[whatever cat]
Even Steven Seagal shows more emotions that this cat.
His indifference knows no bounds!
His master prolly deactivated him before that.
I don’t even know why does one decorate a cat [decareit a cat!]
They usually eat christmas rain decorations from the tree and run around like Nyan-cats.
[<-- xmas rain, cat -->]
And this is New Year!
Third vid was sent by okkvlto.
And its protoganist is dancing a fiery pasadoble [it’s a dance]
But there's a problem.
But because of TiX’s no swearing policy an automated beeping machine will beep out almost any attempts on saying pasadoble [in Russian “blye”-like sounds are swearing]
Yes, that’s it.
The vid is called “This is the best thing i’ve seen in my life, god damnit!!!:D”.
And i really haven’t seen a more legit pasadoble [LegIt pasadoble]
God damnit! [ARRRGH!]
That’s a pasabroble! [pasabroble]
Bro’s dance festival!
And he really seems to enjoy his two tasty tits of beer! [tit = 2l bottle]
magine, he steals a phone from a kid and celebrates on the spot!
You hurt a bro? I’ll pasadoble your face!
It’s on, 5 on 5! We’re gonna impudently dance! [it's a battle, larva!]
[i accept your challenge, monseur]
[amd with the foot like that ) ]
That’s it! Gonna dance till the new year comes!
Music kicks ass more that the bro.
[You hurt a bro?]
Those last couple of seconds he looks really possesed.
Prolly got bitten by a gopnik [gop-wolf]
No wonder he looked decent, didn’t even made a mess with sunflower seeds [wait for the full moon]
Hey look, here he’s kicking invisible midgets!
And here he’s playing the drums.
And here he’s playing the guitar.
And this is Crazy Frog skiing.
And this is New Year!
And the question was sent to us by TheSaintedCamomile
Oh wait, stop!
There are things i must tell you before New Year.
First of all
As you have noticed, we’ve changed our YouTube channel’s background and design [Thanks, Enaya!] Yeah.
Second of all
TiX T-Shirts are back and are waiting for you. Go to thisishorosho.ru and choose. Yeah.
Guys, we have been up and running for more that a year.
You really should know by now that the links to all videos, also music from the episode is ALWAYS in the video description on YouTube.
Right here, under the episode.
And to top that i’ve got two presents for you!
First: vids of New Year’s greetings from the ladies. Click here and watch.
Second: A playlist with all the TiX episodes.
Second: A playlist with all the TiX episodes. You can watch it with your friends on the New Year’s eve.
Click here as well and watch it.
And this is Horosho!
And the question was sent to us by TheSaintedCamomile
What did Santa Duck-Tape put under your Christmas tree?
In case you didn't catch that, what did Santa Duck-Tape put under your Christmas tree?
Leave your interesting comments here on Youtube!
That’s all folks, I’m Stas Davidov. Subscribe, click “like”. Happy New Year, don’t drink too much. And send your videos here [thisishorosho.ru] to the “На Обзор” section.
So, where are the rabbits?
Is that a ritorical question?
Whare are the rabbits? And Alexander Druz will answer that [reference to russian tv show]
Scratching their balls on the doorstep
Brace yourselves! >:-P
mixed up everything...
You're suuuch a dork!
And there you can listen to your K-pop
automated stuffin... erm.. beeping machine
automated stuffing machine will beep me out every time ...
will beep out almost any attempts on me saying pasadoble
But because of TiX’s no swearing policy an automa....
good job!
It's complete!