Donkeys and Mules, brought to you by eXHorses

Uploaded by eXHorses on 09.02.2012

Hi, I’m Dr. Amy McLean from the University of Wyoming.
I am here today to talk to you about the differences of mules and donkeys.
Have you ever wondered why a donkey has big ears, or why a donkey can graze in a pasture and become grossly obese?
If you are interested in such facts, such as why a donkey has big ears, which is to dissipate heat in hot and arid environments,
or to learn more about why donkeys are so efficient in digesting forage, which leads to obesity in donkeys found in industrial countries.
Then I would suggest checking out the Donkey and Mule webcast that was recently presented on My Horse University.
You can access this information by going to and then connect to the My Horse University website.
You will also find on the webcast valuable information in terms of donkeys, mules and horses.