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Do you want to have Blair Smyly under you, no
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blair so if you can tell Blair Smyly is my other host welcome blair talk for a
second so I can fix this. It's good to be back uh...
a big long weekend,
got the chance to go down to uh...
Starkville, enjoy a little football for the weekend. So I appreciate it. weekend celebration
well it it was definitely a great week for football and
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still not number one yes uh... practical ground a make-up over or that
uh... a little bit later in our podcasts but let's get right into the games
the only news this week for me and games it's weak wharton week
week too
uh... mean it really got exciting uh... i mean
we can we can save that that craziness for the enter we can just get straight
into it and say arkansas arkansas killed themselves
the army and uh...
man who'd have thought that uh...
i mean i don't think anybody were picketing it's a spread mendoza pretty
decent number but
i think everybody probably picked arkansas
you go with that
hot twenty
upwards of thirty points for ed
detection see that come to fruition is
pretty crazy
and uh...
you know and
because that i think today what they gather they went from number eight out
of the a_p_ which was the second largest fall of any
uh... a ranking ever so uh...
tells you what i think they were two twenty first in the coaches poll
so they didn't they didn't fall out with the coaches but the a_p_ they
there with the others receiving wrote
yes i'm a crack catastrophic loss and you know remain
we talked about this phone we're talking about arkansas you know
you're gonna miss
bobby betray no at some point emmys he work towards the words is it worth a
touchdown you know with him
the aggressor play calling the
the kind of competitors is uh... discounted a manager in
uh... tell you what the wheels came all
um... yahoo spread with thirty and i have to take off
an anarchist go arkansas only scored thirty one point
if you're looking at it from that aspect that you know they barely covered their
own points much less covered the spread
an end
you know you say part reno
how many games does he win uber but is it really hammers at tyler wilson going
out and
and were to man but you had a glimpse about how bad they're going to be next
year and i think you really sell yeah i mean the thing about is that
you know they were really
they were not really
doing a lot
uh... even with neil uh... miles that bowels the problem i think
now the crazy thing that's all wars
me how to you
uh... what you're saying there's or can't solve
you're up twenty eight two seven
uh... you know how do you
you know throw the ball like they threw the ball in the fourth quarter and not
run the football and a dry run to clock out that's what i did not ashamed
um... when we were doing
wells take a look at it 'em and then yearly obviously saw balan kit
i think he was of first last thirteen passing attempts
um... with an interception
anisha study call for me hurriedly play calling but they often sick ordinator
their defense
which is a state nobody betray no me he's or to help kriel disguise rare
buyers on that field as recorded by him bright but
they basically have no while backers are secondary start terrible inbetween
um... had they play last week
they played
it just went blank roaming
but idealism on roe and i played some other terrible one second of
jacksonville state
thirty five years
they've given up almost nine hundred yards
down defense into games against
those two opponents in
um... i mean that's the thing that kills right there mean defensively
you know my question now is is does a arkansas all
complete the collapse
of power wilson's very slim is going to
play this week i mean scott a
you know a head injury that their they're kind of
is secretive as they can be with regards to it but if he's got a concussion of
some type
he's not going to stop aman
you know it's just amazing uh... i know you said you didn't get to watch the
game in
you're just watch him at last
four minutes of
it's just amazing i mean louisiana munnar
i think there are six of seven
or fourth down
on therefore scored normal dawn therefore score important droughts in
the record regulation
uh... on every one of their touchdown
drops they completed of
convert the fourth down
uh... polite and of course in overtime uh... going four oh four that walla
topic was the right call to make
uh... you're not ever in a situation where they'd kick to fill goal
and you got a chance just
keep this thing going to try to try to put it in the end zone soap
horrific outcome for arkansas pre much
your dash the whole drinks but that that's what i could understand was
offensively when you're up three touchdowns
not minutes to get on the third quarter
you know
and you don't have a star quarterback harry not run in the football yes
you know dennis johnson with
that you got your brother and i think that listening and and and so
vieira me
obviously the hoffitz alarm
is not playing well because tyler wilson just got this not kicked out of bobby
monroe yeah immigrants steamy said was unbelievably it wasn't that long ago
there were a thank god
it is the first they have not had a winning season
sits like nineteen ninety eight but he has been there last f_c_ yes
so they were football championship division
but i was gonna say that's there
they were actually a directional school tool not too long ago i mean in the
making sure name reporting like and they were like northeastern there's there's
still southeast we would have like the northeast louisiana
or something like that
but do you know wasn't that long ago they were direction of corn nobody gives
a lot of credence to the direction of schools even outdid i graduated from
uh... take a little offense to that but from from that standpoint though some of
those smaller schools
uh... you know what it really when it really does is it puts the nail on the
coffin for john l season i mean he's done for you know we've not coming back
you know uh... and i hate that foreign bit
it was a when you do when he had to get
ten eleven
but wins in an probably
pill awful win against alabama were l_s_u_ to get his job
uh... security get some sort of extension on that end
in basically we to he's he's cost his quarterback possibly concussion now you
know this but the big guys at the national sports talks were even talking
unit is that her his draft stock and now a sudden
you're talking about a guy who could or not this year and then in the top
probably captain yeah
in in
number two is number three or four hurt rounder
yeah i mean you probably would have when he was the third quarter back if you can
i think we are g_-three
and luck
angles uh... like nine there's something like that
so you know there was a good shot he could have been the third quarter back
taken this year
ways even if all this this upcoming draft now they've been if that's the
situation and he's got some some concussion issue she's gotta work
how you think you said the office of line
and we we selected a yesterday from the n_f_l_ standpoint from our home team how
the offense of line
really just doesn't allow of running into it but it did establish but when
you're up three touchdowns it doesn't matter if you go three you now
uh... because what you do if you're able to take advantage of clock knocks 'em
doc some
it really some time off of that clock
uh... expecially when winner
tyler wilson went out cuz he went out first have to be known
so i mean you know you knew that what you you knew what you had in the
you knew what you had to go up against and
he knew that monroe was actually start to make some progress against you so
what you got to do is change at tempo changed the way that games being played
and it's not giving any easier for orchestra doesn't turn around and get a
bus all next week in alabama
it's uh... it may be
to help this number
forty to sixty seven for four hundred and twelve yards
three touchdowns an interception bells all along
monroe's quarterback thrilled i guess what he led the team with the rushing
sixteen times for sixty eight yards
i think it was
uh... yet sixty nine yards all sixteen carers
freelance journalist
it's unbelievable and they were down twenty eight two seven
with nine minutes to go
uh... in the third quarter
just uh... absolutely horrific collapsing
you know from a defensive stamp once i get a better and i i mean
you know
do you think c_b_s_ also staying back
i mean we we talked about i mean you talk about two weeks ago
wrote it himself said ohio florida tennessee right coming because we do
know that florida tennessee
did two weeks into the year we're going to be too little
yet well and and and heading into this game into very crucial game
and then the who and i know i would inside a helium dist
of what we think we can talk about that game for the school and do that because
that's talk about what taylor two games
i mean
and in the first
first quarter and a half look
just impressive
uh... freshman quarterback luke
really really well and daily they've base without knowing the eventually
thing was is that what we read our tailgate
and uh...
uh... they were dropped and they just converted the third and five i worry
scrambled around driscoll didn't you could see for tactical cement earlier
third quarter yeah
um... or might've nyc cap midway through their corner packet we need a break
about her
tailgate italian everything packed up in
got back to the house and go back to the house on like
florida war
yahoo contact
and and then we'll start looking at the stats read
texas a nail parts there for six possessions of the second half
and i saw step today that they didn't even make a first bail
in the second half hai
and know that
uh... if you can listen to these podcast in and the two days we did our slamming
post laminin last week
uh... but give must have some credit he must've been heightened everything
defensively they were doing because that's what won that game form was it
was their defense in the crazy thing is
they want it
after they lost our lion backer
they're starting linebacker then they're starting cornerback after a texas a
ninja ran down their throat
get out of and i'll tell you what and
in florida was
there on the burj
both really connally's in it and they were able to
gather themselves
and hang on at the end that second quarter
uh... to get into halftime in cute for credit man they made some adjustments on
i'm in a dish to stifle
uh... michael and and the other running-backs and and
you men sale or whatever his name is is the quarterback
but great atmosphere angry at me and i have a sphere great
great big game but
you know now
you know they're they're going to be moving on
this weekend to tennessean
you know i mean it's a huge walsh losers to starting
defense of players and still have setbacks with powell
don't know what he's coming back but
um... they made some adjustments and i think driscoll is kinda kitchen a little
bit of momento mechanic did he somethings
dawn he still he's still a pretty rusty
when he was plain even the even into the third and fourth quarter mean it was
definitely the defense for me that that won that game for for a new car
for florida
let me ask you this if isaac would not have came through last week
and anymore had the what had that prep game
uh... offer yet who they had been a lot lot tech
uh... i mean
it's not an easy game but it's so therefore they don't winnable game form
do you think that could have helped them do ya think ur charming cuz i think most
people say it mean view you've heard the old town do you make your biggest
progress between week wanted we too
uh... whether that's true or not whether it's
cupcake or what but
gillooly's cannot even if you lost the week warned they gave you x experience
that you didn't have prior to that idea and i think with the freshmen i think
you'd at least know what your team
you know with he still deny his team did so
um... in your studio takes a neon there still
and i got a new coach i got out new everything new
all that stuff but uh... i mean elephant in the room is being able to finish in
the second half of texas a and a m in that
that's got a home until they actually proved that a monkey that's been on the
back even last season i mean the last number teams in the the second half
uh... then
great game that was
and obscenity and watch commitments
i was killing me a lot to you could see did you see the moment amid the tide
shifting going to florida way
and they were a heck of a run that run about makes turned a corner and dance
down the line only added in the bombing
you you're upset her looking at it on a reply from slight
there's no way he gets to the corner
not only is sick or a total of thirteen yards and tip toes for them
so i mean it's it's well those things where assault are called both of the new
somewhat did i mean up almost every story l well as well but
yeah properly
about they showed
that they were
it felt like a deadly s_e_c_ atmosphere now here's what i'll overwork transition
of missouri game but i'll make this
this is my segue to that game
uh... you know some of the hype in the the
and then destroy the hybrid some of the things that people been saying is that
you know the cometh third and fourth quarter
you're not realizing what your plane ticket were down playing an s_e_c_ team
and and i don't think that was indians issue uh... but
i do think that could had something to do with missouri
you know 'cause in that late late third-quarter
going into the fourth quarter you really sold through to take control that game
on both sides of the field
the other game with a n_a_m_
in in
i saw a defensive lee florida making changes that
and it wasn't prepared for
uh... n
and i don't see that they made leaps and bounds changes in their confidence
mandated in
unlike the florida georgia georgia game where
murray in those guys just
took it to a woman that late the third quarter and fourth-quarter blue that
thing wide-open but that was a beautiful in the first two-and-a-half quarters
the great game and is even yesterday at the very beginning i've never seen the
ball turf is much of a day
what they did formal too
two times the armistice first
first part of that gala here and talk about how great it was built first it
was funny the first probably
quarter and a half
i mean a they were just all over the place neither one of wanted to do
anything else the funniest thing a mandate
they were followed the footballer doing everything just turned over back and
forth but
udall wasn't
you to think about george although i think the difference between georgia and
florida obviously score back like you got it began to doubt it
been through the fire in
and mary murray
you know we still make some mistakes
as a third year player that she just don't think he gasped as much time as
had behind them
the uh... in the pocket but um...
do you know athlete georgia has around him back
maganda quit when i read it to get the first time unlike role did last year i
think they've got a little more confidence in
they're running backs and
i think george it door it is one of those that think there's gonna lather up
as that year goes on
but i mean
i think is very found our real quick
as is the defense is all about one catches grandfathers
in a grandfather screwball they they learn armin pro ball here they baylon
rome and football was and i didn't feel very good at all think
candidate interest
johnson's just
he's an emblem eighty two separate details game but uh...
uh... there he was that was the s_e_c_ defensive player of the week
i think he is a national that support
uh... or some national
if it's a player the way you can see
he destroyed
yet he he was and he was s_e_c_ in we we r d
we haven't got tear gas so need
to props to you as well
sixteen and a half steps over the last sixteen games
twenty-four tackles for loss that span
and leading the tan cc in tackles for loss of season missile acute indian but
still when you look at that body work a little overs
season and a half basically
and they still have sold their players
solar their students on a scale back the lottery and
uh... helping rambo played there and then why he's coming
they they have named out those guys back yet and that was within view everybody
is wondering if he was gonna you know
play with the suspension gay men not cool does out i give rick some credit
threw him a has a big game to set a mouth a and to do that early in the come
out and and do it they did a missouri it's uh... it's i don't think it's good
news for south carolina
and secular
do they got their own burial girls out i will say this i thought it was pretty
thought was pretty cool that the uh... defense attack all the children
richardson however say it was the extra personally apologize
on the field
after the game to uh... mara rates of excess all that the paper today were
they were
chicken and sulfurous quote yeah first quotes about those premium that's pretty
easy place to kind of just
talking kinda girl are career
get away from exited do that but
opposed also thought was funny that
georgia transfer
cheney old man football hall of blasphemy
has regained so it was
quite humorous we'd
do you think they're going to think twice about giving any bulletin board
material in the s_e_c_
tales like was not good
detroit's now wasn't it was not what you were win let's let's talk about south
carolina uh...
you know
use all connor shaw set out war more game
uh... i think the cds will be back next week idle amino actually
chutney multilateral all
mark today and he said uh... they might not be ready to lose their easter
that's mort two more weeks of
um... i think uh...
that's a that's a little bit of a risky building this
i mean these carolina's honors a terrible uh... and they get there around
i think's very like tickets to get uh...
food here this guy was on a run at brea like shaw is just one of your drawback
in he'll i hate he throws the ball is the prototypical spur rear quarterback
justice first come afterwards were you
you know what he said he looked at the statute post-game
car for two years we had fifty off it's a place in the first half but boy that
that that courage up and clinton would like that
which is fantastic news the other server returned sucker clubs players
but uh... i think league soccer alarming they're just
defensively they're just going to be a dragon on uh... i think it's got a lot
of uh... georgia game
uh... notebook also what really help them as dylan thompson
having east carolina play this week because that really got him comfortable
i think this week they were able to put a lot of things here that they didn't
have in the
in the game plan last week i mean his stats were pretty impressive twenty one
thirty seven for three thirty three touchdowns
uh... mouth again in the epic either so
yeah made solid performance now
for for you know making this first career start you gotta love scene those
kinda number for blackout
from that and uh...
but you worry how long they're gonna be able to perform with him
as their quarterback because
in the last year did and i think south carolina did as well as they did work
worry will be because a car shopping he warned them games that i don't know
dylan thompson can't an end and it's just use that doesn't mean a dylan's not
going to be a great quarterback for south carolina he just that right now i
think honor shah still gives them their best chance to win
uh... and
and so
next week and they have do you know rhino we'll talk about in the men admit
opment that's what i can tell you this together and i'll hear it is south
carolina scott birmingham
uh... annuity
yeah nowadays cells or another good match up so
yet i think that if there's any issues which are they gonna definitely keep
them out
uh... i just to be safe when you get somebody like you a b up a couple
on week three that's going to give him this warm or we can help because they're
gonna need him
uh... close close to a hundred percent if they're gonna make a run
deeper the s_e_c_ east
what about uh... hoop
where we're
just pollen through the senate uh... i'm lookin' lookin' down i think we're just
follow through on the worry almost thirty minutes and stuff
maybe were not
for palestinian
uh... landfills uh... they needed several more those tigers and practice
washer and that night yeah but that was uh... els ugly guerrilla girl quicken
like the highlight of the day was is that our romance view was
there through all tire workin was in the stands
uh... make it showing on t_v_ which of those kind of interesting but uh...
wash and disc without my about matched me wasn't even a contest winner for two
one three yeah uh... you know main
wait to read about run over a hundred yards uh...
you know it's just
the defense for l_s_u_ shes
too big too fast and
at poor quarterback for
instruct broke works out
uh... there's not much tried all more map tells of
mismatch for them
yeah i would
what i wanted to see out of that game and i'm classic uh... i mention this
last week when we were doing a podcast was that
you wanted to see at least a obc s type opponent
and see how well issued id because
uh... my concern was that
there are there for a free to performance against north texas it was
just north texas
so what we're gonna see when they actually had some some
players of similar size
and bill that you're gonna get on the bc s dot conference in
you know they've been approved everything we were thinking that
it's going to be between l_s_u_ an alabama
uh... for the west title
right now uh... you're you're bulldogs are looking good
but now though they're quite there yet
but uh... yeah there's not a lot to say about that gain they just control they
gain from the very beginning
uh... men and never
then never looked back in murray always able to do everything they wanted to
i mean when you get the defense that
uh... defense that bill issue has
greatest role amount uh... whitewashed inhaled
welch take a look at this
lesson two hundred yards
total offense hundred eighty three
it was it was just twenty three and a half points braden
at forty one thirty
uh... the date they covered this week mc my handedly but they didn't last week so
they're making up for that with uh...
with vegas now the other team we just mention though
uh... it was alabama nine did you get to watch much of the game i did not
uh... in
future all mammography available on assault modern and we're not talking
about alabama
we were talking out west you can do it
let's pause alabama didn't look like uh... well mcconnell or input i'm glad
you said that because
you know you were here how one
dont twitter hours following twitter along and they were common how
dominating the the performance was by alabama i hope they were to see in some
highlights and some scores because when i saw was force kentucky team that was
able to move the ball against
alabama what you do not what you really saw was howell
how their size how how about a size an experience pays off because they made
duplicate statements and bad turnovers
that resulted in fourteen quick points
uh... the alabama
i mean there was one of the second turnover
was one play and it was an extra seven points on the board
uh... for from a canada twenty eight yard pass
so i mean
you when your western techie you cannot have those type of mistakes
and expect to
you know be in a ball game
i say that they were still in the ballgame that you know
they were it was twenty one nothing go on and a half
and it realistically probably should have been fourteen seventy
and so from a moral stand point i don't think he'd wester should have a problem
staying in their head high against the performers they put on alabama even
though they
they were held scoreless they had some silly mistakes
um... that cost them some some points on the board
uh... but you saw them were able to pass a ball their defense had some good plays
alabama uh... but do you really so i'll be in the size of the experience and
while there are number one team in the country
uh... and you also saw team that didn't cover the sprint i mean do you have a
down are account because all that that also fowler
those around him back to it
gel starting falar for alabama that
is the big number forty five p huge sucker and if you watch the
should build a full cut yep initially game teaches
resettle athletic he is
he got injured and uh... looks like he's that will be surgery and possibly out
for the years that's a big loss for them uh... because he was he was giving
interviews garnered some complaint on their that they were able to do some
things that the other thing really can do with
with lacey and and course t_j_ yelp http www different back but uh... i think i
think he's a gathered doesn't show polish that she alive he's more that
power rudder that you're not going to but he different athletic handsome speed
for the south of yours
uh... so that's that's uh...
i think that could be a
uh... coveted malls forum
uh... in the future but amass about it came out i do
right now
now i want to talk about a game that that to me was when probably the biggest
surprise beside aside from arkansas
and and i'll have to give that went
it that was the biggest surprise that you had a they're they're starting
quarterback go down and
that had a profound in the long run
but to me one of the biggest surprise games
was northwestern burton vanderbilt
uh... you know living in nashville i guess i'll bodin too much hype
uh... because james franklin that the coach
had me believing that they were better vanderbilt team but had to go on to
growing up to northwestern and it just because a field get sloppy in the fourth
quarter that's no reason to get blown out at northwestern at city that's a
game that but you look at
from a kentucky fan standpoint say thank god we got a chance now you know 'cause
if they lose the northwestern it's the same as kentucky lose in the local
actually force i mean levels copy of teen tucked in right now i a north which
is not terrible but
northwestern but there are about twenty five team other under i can look it up
here in philly
uh... peopel canal work but i think northwestern their way down on others
receiving votes that man yet so
you know the the the thing about northwestern is is that they've they've
had this district last year not been able to close out gain steam and the
they almost did it again syracuse
wary but right there dot kinda coming back to syracuse ended up on that one
and uh... so details while those deals where
you know northwestern is
weathers gebauer northwest now what about my now become
know about a lot of the third circuit yes yes circulate all the way back and
then last second and i played a fourth-quarter later
northwestern one again dilated just seems like uh...
date they didn't they weren't able to run the football well uh... from what i
what i saw to get to see any of the game but
they were able to run the football and what was it a ten six ballgame going
into halftime
so it was a strange game you know you think that with vanderbilt and
northwestern you top that points would probably put on the board a little bit
uh... made for them to just
cattle lose the game like they did in the last
fourth quarter
um... a captive
gets pushed away and be one of twenty three two thirteen
damage like
thirteen ten
yeah im going into the fourth quarter so they scored like thirteen points
and i'm i'm im going straight for memory there
buddy obviously
give us not start defender bill dated uh...
okay they took the lead with nine twenty-eight left in the game at
thirteen cancel their work
they were behind ten successes
with nine twenty-eight left so that was taken the sex with nine twenty-eight
and then northwestern finally takes the lead
and that name so you got less than ten minutes to go in the fourth quarter
yet that's
and then
and additional ten points on the board so they put sixteen points on in ten
it's like it
now it's a tells a question we had with of course that you know
when we talk about vanderbilt and
and those things in a member listening to the podcast which had
are chit-chat
me die hard and you can say hey option does more than
than what i would know that i mean that was probably a question it we all had
when you lose a chris marvin you lose
um... you know the cornerback today
that they had
any expertise
importing council defense that were very tenured very aspirants defense
and you lose those guys
do you got some talent that's going to be there but it's all in experience
house a scandal
work and then
tinted sixteen points
on in the last ten minutes is
is not a good deal of sheer office did help yall
you know that i think
but george will brother with seventeen
seventeen a thirty three
for senator two hundred seventeen yaar jerry's just got out he's got a passive
all better if they don't make better throws
he's got the arms treaties got that the know-how
he's got the intelligence ecstasy is making that pass what are you part will
have it in front of you that i mean this
mean they're scheduled manipulate pressed karen this we can see a raghava
w but i mean they've got
at georgia adversary i think the next two games after that
if i'm not saying with payment is foreign sound and alcatel to say
our study all brands in there
at home somewhere after that
they had four tough games after breast care so
it's was deals where
they were getting oprah presbyterian at georgia at missouri
hosts florida
post solver then they get us cupcake with massachusetts
so now you're looking at
one-two sprinkles here so there wont more into having to give 'em presbytery
now warren to throughout losses
three losses for sure
uh... three more loss a c could be one in five
possibly one and six
that go in the opportunity
preferred but uh... program we're talking about gordon seven eight wins
follow doesn't
best uh...
i mean they will get into this but
men s the kicker me as well as things were
for somebody to move up
we're gonna fall back to the pack again you know now all the sudden nothing care
for two weeks we can
legitimately say
sock airline georgia for count of who we think they are in georgia's
state against players back succulent got quarterback issue
but in a city florida we think is probably better than what we thought
they would be maybe florida's got a little bit get come rolling off its
and what we still don't know but we're two weeks into the same i think we could
say tennessee's better we thought there would be i think so yes two minutes
before we got to be all relative to this point you know i'm wondered never want
to get into three parts
so butalbital sit maryland you know words
federal you know
vanderbilt made that six a six last year with a
that went six and six and intimacy team it went from seven right
yes so
um... well
and uh... kentucky team that
that wasn't that good
thanks so he can win the right now i wouldn't so they made a bit they'll
offense that wasn't that good work because they they had a good defense
rights act
but the men s just
it just was bills where
you know when the twin georgian soccer are still kind of the the cream of the
crop on the stand and yet in the missouri who i think is
up a legitimate team in the east i think their cabin they were definitely at
least middle the pack
it did you get to see in florida who are up-tick from last year
uh... you know worse vanderbilt together gotta play elvis got so thats assaulted
to be sane so yeah i'm going to say that but not to start that they made aside
let me show you the showed up for you always have to fight a fight as well yes
but yeah i mean you look at vanderbilt schedule
and at the beginning of this we had like you said janani was he had us convinced
i think
he gave them amir kept him in franklin i guess there
they need to be preachers because
lead i was by the end of these winds i mean he was given a wins against
south carolina which i i had some doubts against
uh... he had on being
northwestern has got only i think we can get tested
they put all our eggs in that basket
i mean i think a lot of asking for any should right yes i will let you know i
think frankly even said this is our both in india hannah and i think
i think that is one of the things that they put so much in their have a pretty
controversial call there at the end with the president for their security
should have prospered on their way
innnews then you can i get this little laps in a gary gilmore road to a
a big tent team that you go
you know i'm better built in
you know what what six six slash year enough takes a little bit of
deal na ga tech osha still yet
debate did they get into the game in
yet canister looked a little bit success so much of a let down from the
philosophy broderick keri dover
yet some of those days maybe give ball about soccer a lot of any report college
put it away in a goat northwest or the day from on sat and as of this kind of
what vanderbilt's done before
but now you got to know when to hold menu in your gary go door one-in-five
so-so now you say that they've gotta find five more wins in the last after
their season
arbonne maybe the way over to playing
are i'm sorry
not get none market have massive here all burns away in sort of better good of
the two
massachusetts history
then they have kentucky
the waiter it the right now i would have out with given them that win
before yesterday
uh... but you know that and we'll talk about kentucky medvedev defense looked a
lot better i know it was only can stay
but you said
improvements between what game one in game two
uh... offense was was
with cuban grozny click in
there was lots of things to be happy about it at the pentagon ole miss but
all this
well miss let me know they're going to have a move the ball but you can't be
and maybe last week a dollar played oklahoma oklahoma clubs yet they play
local clock oklahoma close
the whole day when and
overall misconduct handled on your pretty yuliya
you know the kentucky here in mississippi games now a toss-up
tennessee i'm not gonna give 'em that went wake forest so they're gonna have
to be kentucky and they're gonna have to be mississippi
they're gonna have to be told
i don't think and they don't three others were two of those three
uh... to get their winston's
thing to tell
point it makes me as a kentucky fan not happy about my season talk of our
kentucky mammals a pig with fertig for somebody i think
uh... out this weekend
i think arkansas could not afford to have happened while the head that
happened to home
out they can tukey
needed that way and
they needed and they did the win in the fashion that you've got the way and
didn't kentucky needed some excitement idea i mean
you know you listen to the broadcasters and they still they still have the same
same lineup in lexington and that statements barnhart
uh... they raided his get his his he's behind joker phillips i mean
and shoppers a good guy is a great coach
great recruiter it's just
if you had it they kinda put all their eggs in the pin a basket
you had a mall leave
in two years
and so that your your your covered a little bear last year expecially on
offense of side of the ball
uh... in so you know this year we've made some strides got the offense
baccarat team
we received it all for all four years of his
career kentucky i don't know but i'm glad he showed up yesterday
and he mason could tremendous catches
uh... maxwell smith was a very accurate i think thirty of thirty nine
uh... three hundred and some i'd have to look it up
well look it up in a second bit
well over three hundred yards uh...
pass completions on thirty nine attempts three hundred fifty four dollars
there so i mean he was accurate
uh... the running game was was
respectable we had raymond sanders
fifteen yards wilbert inc spree
you hate point eight any yes it's kids statement
you know you want to see cat and as cc team have big numbers against those type
of programs
because you need that for confidence
you need that perot and playing stupid
i mean you basically have to treat that like a real life scrimmage that uh...
that you didn't have
you you did you get hit people
you know so that's what i get those games amount to when it's early in the
season you got those type of programs
an after world will kentucky new away in like that
i know the the crowd was not what kentucky fans wanted to see
i was pretty light showing up in commonwealth but
you know you get another gamer too like this under the kentucky spell here to
get the fan support back and get some some
some momentum behind keepin joker phyllis because there's a lot of good
that's still there kismat that that's a young team
defensively saw some good place from some strong defense
uh... limiting kent state uh... defense they can help them to fourteen point
first-quarter rosa little little suspect owes one oh gosh it's going to be
one of those
you know but they they settled in started doing what they needed to be
doing it
and now a sudden it's it's what we wanted to see so
uh... you know as a kentucky fan it's its
panic sidenote not looking for the next week's gain
not not in the least bit you know his fellow keys are somewhat split
uh... and last year they had troubles quartet western
because they they had terribly
they go to it's at lexington again how did you uh...
appreciate what agar two comments today that you don't have apologized for
i didn't see those where he said that uh... most of the
the students their western kentucky probably there because i could get in
the university of kentucky
and he was days
spokane how he was trying to communicate that basically what he was saying
taggart he graduated at same time i did i had an acceptance letter to both those
well here's my you know i think he was uh... a picky was parking on the fact
that they have students i walk around campus with university techies here
argue on so yeah i think he was
kind of making that comment that
it's the sky is the state school
that people want to go to for the most part of the state of kentucky and i was
western is
we're too close to home for me i mean i a m lex and it was in my backyard
i wanted and you know gobi mountain man himself
had to go directional to do that and i thought it was humor soman
the other part us for about two hours later
relevant to our terms of
you expect to be quicker than that
but no he's he is right though i mean
i was that i was a kentucky fan in the mean rooted for kentucky
he cared and then we accept when they played western
and let's be real in basketball they have always have a shock as western
attack he has a decent basketball program i mean if you look they're
probably talked into the nation in total wins know that they were north carolina
kentucky kansas
and then if you look at look at it that way they've got a story
uh... basketball program
let's face it they just went to division one
three years ago four years ago
comes six k pygmy
uh... but they just came back just became a b c s conference
uh... air join a_b_c_ discomfort used a couple years ago so
you know what do you expect these guys
it's not you
it wasn't the same type of football program so
of course you're going to draw blood in kentucky and and and and
western could be in your backyard so you going to go to western uh... so i i do
understand where his comments if that's where is the way they were ten and they
probably were
uh... but i think you're a smallish western-style
absolute camp i didn't hear that we got way off on a what attended that nobody
cares about
uh... so we apologize for for his nap raffle region
where do i don't care about going down a rat holes but
uh... and oh no one cares about that one accept western france
uh... so
avik shout out to charles blitzer right
anyway so who
who else do we have that we've not talked about the libor i've
i had a script and we didn't follow any insight in easter imagination uh...
diverted to a talk about all burn modeling
like this so i won't stating
which was will say state for alaskans away modern busted what next year
if you're alright fan
your not a happy person right now
gazelles terrible
does charles barkley was they were displeased terrible
uh... i mean
dismissive safe and i mean
obviously be out the biggest when a dam owns
ten-year uh...
one of the s_e_c_ open for the first time in
since nineteen ninety nine to twelve years
broke that straight he won
against another western photo other than ole miss
for the first time
and like we said the schedule set up
if we actually start often got past the solvent win
and uh...
in our top by last week we always play these weird names can solve when it
started out that same way
stupid penalties
uh... are we turn over they gave him three points
you know the knee
you get the
lead to going to have time to come out may run the opening kickoff the second
half back a hundred yards to go up ten to
absent or go on
you gotta be kidding me
and uh...
and and
tile russell
becomes what
we had never seen a message dated which is
i gather to roll out
anthro later to the back corner of an installment throat three touchdown
and it you know like you're talking about yet s_e_c_ off it's a player the
guess when the last time we actually have a cora back at the f_c_c_
player of the week
often supported which
we are going to united
sleepy robinson nineteen ninety-one twenty one years
that's how bad the quarterback position has been a mississippi state
it's uh...
spring interesting so we've set herself up to where
you know we now go
tonight carpets game so we should be able to take care business with your
morality kentucky
uh... which will be favored in
uh... chats with bob
and uh... you know i don't know i think we actually no i think we actually have
a bali care for the fourth week coca and so i think it's week six
but they were saying the most impressive thing if you watch it at first it's the
six k might affect his schedule soon
and i think that i think the biggest thing that i came out that number one
colorantes lol
uh... dispatcher at a time
the we can run the football
we've got four
running backs that are averaging around five yards
carey into gangs
and we have a defense that's going to be pretty salty
they basically into every point arbonne
to throw the football
and when you have two quarterbacks
white mist city-state hasn't
and banks
if there are seven seven passes in three interceptions in the for seven to ten
and all registered they could not do anything there and two point three
archer carrie
is what they averaged and a little here at the whole day he was one for seven
for minus two yards in the first draft
and passing
and uh...
and you want to hear and unbelievable sat
bring it on
guess what miss city-states defense's
uh... danger averaging her rush
inside a red zone in two days of this message date
six yardstick airy
style it's unbelievable sight i mean
that's what
that's what i saw all going into the season was i think your defense is going
to be so consistent
and the ability to put two quarterbacks
like the cover core backs that we have i mean we have
java bank showed on tuesday home
saturday that
he isn't the best cover corner in the country amis the all-american
that he's gotten all the pub
bliss the at all the twelve publication draw whatever
it began a year he's going to be a top twenty draft choice
andy six very
he is now the
the active career leader in intercession for fourteen
it's just uh... it was a big win for state and i've never seen that stadium
your house out of a bowl just because it's so important
uh... the to get to sit there and
enjoy a win
but nobody left that stadium
i mean it was the bag mandated i mean it was alternate was
thing that's become the shrill hated things over the last three years
and so is pretty cool concert there 'cause nobody left that stadium they
want to wait for the sucker hit
all zeros
and it was a game it talked about forever
and uh...
and they finally got over that hard
but i really like ramon said after the game a you all the media capital good
number one
well they they they they talk about you know my chiapas' back
and uh... here's we all viewed as media monkey awful back and i view it as a
bigger market just jumped on
and up because i think he senses that
we've one ballroom gain the schedule sets up
that if we take care business
we're going to sit here with tennessee come and who could be okay
talked interior four and one five umn
five a narrow
possibly a uh... in a ballpark her five in one
and uh... i could be a huge it huge showdown
uh... if you get through that
i think with what's happened
you know it's uh...
um... it's an option and like we talked about
yet which state
state for the past three years
has been forced on the west
behind three gyrodynes
really fit
i mean if you can i mean that's what i mean if if
in the west behind though
all burned arkansas loyal issue and alabama and you don't think we can all
prevail showing off alabama where the real bill but i think we're actually
uh... aldrin
and arkansas might have a little bit shaken elsewhere
for for message that go up some eyes got a fall into the plant an incident in
allison you certain position
where you can be number three in the west
and that sets up that you have a shot at sumthin sumthin baked
because it just takes it because everybody's going to beat up on each
other in the west uh... looking at tennessee schedule they've got florida
in georgia i don't think they can beat both of those who made up by a week
before us right nettle or is it about a week before welfare doesn't the
socialist buys i'm sorry
uh... year
the twenty ninth is a georgia then that'll play dough thirteen so thats
that's two weeks so yes they do have a by a week
uh... between georgia yes
bring up this albright
teaches exons travelers it that's where i was going before you took me down that
road you want to hear crazy stat
and and if you have a chance if your read nissen azemi cars
ben steve
with dale dot com
actually huge
ms alabama alabama uh...
writer down there in birmingham
he basically taking out to the woodshed main and hour after the state game
but while the stats and you know i don't know what i had really paid attention to
all burned
last three copper teams
last four out of five
atlast five out of seven
they have allston
by at least eighteen point
they were eight and seven in the last fifteen games
which i a nun in paying attention but you know i actually started off in a had
always pick ups and beginning with us and
utah state or whoever was their plans and lifestyle tuesday they surprised
they they won game they shouldn't have all season lasts at the beginning now
because they don't want some place against me and clinton campaign through
they cannot
that talent
eclipse ecologist
to come out to the which feared
uh... within that the fitzco went crazy uh...
igcar baski said you know this is the fourth year
in the fourth recruiting class
at auburn
if you watch that game
on saturday
the thing that jumped out to me he was
all burned sitting there
they their top fifteen classes recruiting
the last three years
or at least last four years
cheeses etc may have been big-time occurring classes
when you watched
mississippi state unaltered
we whipped on the poem
position on the field
we absolutely with their tail every position was filled
and so they're something there something to go along there with her player
development have this could be a a a season that that is to explain in a self
out the door
next week is louisiana monroe we already saw what they did to the number eighteen
in the country sixty imagine him in his office in our sitter trying to break
down the failed her
you know
kasi what they've done wrong-headed what the famine
manager guy comes in a goes
was in a moderate has been arkansas no can i get to see if they had to sit in
the decimate
is isis
it's just it you're staying in the the the strange thing about our alternate is
defensively that's what he is
yet it is the defense's guy inder defense just
terrible but then let's look so louisiana monroe who knows if that's not
a fluke or what but they'd they'd be going to five
they they've
paid for that one is arkansas so they can be to become opponent
so who knows what that games got ahold next week museum are has no nothing
but just players cannot strap it on lisa's job but it was oregon
yet and
wishes say when you're not often that we have we've done it let's let's let's see
if we don't want to
then they get l_s_u_
then they have arken arkansas
then they have mississippi
and a m that's going to tell her
uh... armendariz minute george l issue
when i mean they've been george in alabama delay in the schedule cell
it's not looking good for
man he's good at the turn around and that's still the star that tom mean
it's funny were sent here in week to stay in that
to his ex fighting for his job but years removed from a national championship his
seat is hot
and i don't know uh... i don't know if they would be willing to use that ten
million dollar biol
so i don't know if they'd be willing to get rid of him this year
by four short the year tax years odyssey tum
cultural he would be dare do it next year
if they're doing it doesn't finish out what he started so forth let's talk
about the best of the city looking we didn't talk about
i mean
and then there's not a lot to say other than they were impressive
but at some stage bitches are still big concert before which drew was on here
'cause i'd like to get his
uh... point of view with regard to the run game
um... george st friday played the
soccer a lot of state or some other played the first name
had more russian yards in tennessee did against them
uh... which is a huge that to me that i saw
um... they'll scour the big thing that came out a ship that bore mouth what
fifty one thirteen brian
was a really contest breakers for
don t yard so that their gin we sell to me that's the s_e_c_ overpowering the
second quarter for the second half goes that the first half was pretty close
kentucky was to kent state socket you know i think i think that they know
we're gonna have to find out in the society
i think this leads into which in uh... having this may help transitions into
next week's came to it
it to say in florida
this is such an intriguing matchup
to me
because tennessee
they stood out approved everybody that they can run the football
and they've got a mother de la m
that is being
that's supposed to do experience their how he recruited
and to me there still might be in the push me we're having the same
conversation about the professional team here in nashville
with the tennessee titans
in chris perrine occurs
johnson and all that stuff
they're gonna have to run the football now north carolina state
they purposely went on the eds
because they could just
out speedo map athlete on topic on the edge
and so the they didn't run a lot between the tackles uh...
sas committed something man uh... really
orillia shes c_n_n_ what florida did
to kind of change their game plan that way and it just in the great just as
they made a shutdown texas a and a m
who i'm gonna tell you right now
as a starter i'm back yes
and uh... so
i still think jesse still going to have to show that they can run the football
at some point
uh... and uh... stressful article about the same pickets
like florida i think to see so far ahead in the office of passing game
they got the aroma football
florida's best can be cut their strength they pick out a gathered it
but they're still kinda wishy washy on offense in tennessee this is not turned
out to be a good the game to watch him
and if you look at at what we picked the first four weeks for the first
three-week games to watch this wasn't one of 'em found that it now has become
more and i think you have to top twenty-five programs
if you're looking at the a_p_
uh... mu got like you said it's gonna be an offense aversive defense of match-up
in cc which one actually can win out
uh... for from the tennessee standpoint i mean an end and for more from a fight
and standpoint i'm excited i'm excited about it uh... i think
frothing in stamp on a farm in tennessee fan i'd like to know what ratio are you
very excited about the end
praying to the top twenty five two games into it
is it
you know it mean
fourteen days ago we're still trying to figure out of
their duly
you know she gave me coach it
yes and now season for or how many words about how many wins does he have to have
to keep his job for the first time four years
and then you know so
you know what what happens if laura walks into their gets a
gets away and
now you gotta go your way looked yet i hear play georgia now you know the
roller coaster that a mediator to georgia
he hated to miss city-state
um... and so and you have alabama at home yeah i mean is south carolina i
mean it
that's what i think that's a brutal for good stretcher unita
so this this game is this game is a big game and so i mission to say i think
this is gonna be
because big game and i think for chelsea fan
court ill
corniel patterson piracy as first name
everything you care ever imagined
denies that he is
they're not mrs rogers at all
uh... and
c_e_o_ pay keeps
cannot go what he's doing but i mean
he did you carry trades very heroic and so you know i was treated as it takes a
little bit target three women and whatever he did he just hit the ground
little yes
and uh...
so i think he's been
uh... county unique surprise for the himself
outside about i think nothing much g_m_ needs the
needs the way i mean
he he he dodged a big bullet by coming back in
somehow figured out how to win that game url reac anyway yeah we said we have the
same conversation we're having with all of her
about florida if he would lost because now we're looking at florida go under
tennessee with the possible loss in the belton week four was it any better for
them i don't think
gimme second i can tell you what that was pretty
let's see warned second here florida would ahead
well kentucky never
yeah i know i it's alright helen's eighty hearing
but the idea of actually uh...
but uh... you know that it's it's a different tennessee that i thought
army had
both really but yeah
a different tennessee in a different flora program than uh... than i thought
that they were going to be at the beginning of the season catholic does
expose expecting tennessee to be better
uh... so that parts not surprise me they're offense is really really
clicking um... in
you know just just shows how much that uh...
tyler brazen prudent and he thought he was a bad last year before he got hurt
you know the thing about albert's austat anna may have mentioned as last time
around he's not enforce a starter
know he's now ten-four idea smells just order
and uh... in those ten games to something like
sixty four percent completion
and something ridiculous like thirty
thirty four touchdowns like six interceptions
but before losses
he's complete about fifty
four percent or fifty two percent
and uh...
he is
nine touchdown state interceptions
he's the guy uh... that almost certain if resolve just a little bit
and heat there is a pic here
um... it's is the game that you worry about their there's a
the game day maybe a little bit allston you know he's gonna have to actually
fight through it so um...
it's is kind of interesting how
uh... when he starts throwing some interceptions it it kind of changes that
gave a little bit form
but uh... i still think they gotta run the football and us i think that's will
be a big key of c_ on saturday well let's look at
the rest of the games on this week's lineup replete kinda mentioned most of
uh... to some degree but
uh... looking at the early
ones on some of these
uh... we've got all burnett
lock um...
arbors hosting louisiana monroe unit sixteen and a half points
you think it would've been anything close to that with an arkansas bakery
away it was supposed to happen i'll tell you why i'm asked they call them wins
the game
because i just
on a collision among our
touched i'll pick taking dua twice yelping just calm down
and be able to get ready to poi and because i think i think you have such an
ask you to join in the program they weren't over time i mean that's a big
metal drain for some guys that are in effect though i will bring you the
problem all burn off instantly there just a disaster cow frazier cal frazier
reminds me of omar carter
uh... but you know more connor for miss city-state tribe actually were on the
west coast offense
when he was cava
he was kind of uh...
uh... hurried option gas from high school
he was literally a square
peg trying to be sure of slapped bathroom round hole
uh... and
you know how to stop
cal frazier is dot no-confidence they were petrified pro-football uh...
on saturday they
we're not run the football well
so i mean it's
off it's a lot has a disaster
the second areas all full
i got a lot of problems and
but the thing that could be interesting is that was in a mantra goes
british gonna run in here and
also that may put fourteen points on the board
and all reps like on your journey gets a little bit tight
uh... ticket educated interesting quit but optically when this ball game but
i'll pick that covers for it that's that's the thing ances if they do when i
don't think they can cover sixteen and a half its over to touch down two minutes
that's a big number uh...
and i could just be
it was a quarterback to cancel me literally scribbling
yeah how bad is
clint moseley's he hurt herself and have no idea me he's got to be
awful tonight even get a good day
but also think that
yes i do feel like it's gonna be tougher monroe to hafta
uh... back up again for this game
and what have you check your video sub lost your video feet somewhere along the
line here
i think monroe's is any
a program that you sit there one in five
but that winningest arkansas i mean i can do wonders for some young kids
on a program that's not supposed to be able to
do what they're doing on a regular basis
they could catch a little far in the bottle in all of a sudden
uh... arbonne is is beatable mississippi just beat 'em here clinton's is beyond
guys we can we can do this yeah you know that's that that's what you're you're
going in as a coach and say you guys we can make our vertigo owned three so you
got a lot of stuff that you can put on these guys and get them to believe in
can they win usko bahar but it's going to be a lot easier to cover sixteen and
a half
i decide to see that
for the next one up uh... i've got is a vendor belmont presbyterian
there's not even a lot on that one
right now
alright uh...
thank you sir
we are doing the podcast in the same room with two different uh... computer
we wanted a keep doing this google hangout see how that keeps working for
the meeting for a video version of the verses
our other video but uh...
you read about what president parents not even there's not even a lot of on
the board
uh... for that game
so we know vanderbilt's gonna cover that went so
yellow plates frustration yet but the next one that i'm looking at
i'm at least food on on our pikom side
found has
alabama ap arkansas
biggest will put a lot on that one yet
and wilson collar wilson that's exactly right that opening
so we're not going to see anything on that one till probably
wednesday may be yeah and
and not tell you what i don't care what the linus
i mean
right now
the thing about it is
alabama is almost
mainstreet right now
well um... in
likes sabin sabin blasted
ameen bowl and stir the media and
uh... simply let us but kissing i don't know where media that they will give his
credentials so we're not media we just
some hacks with uh... here second uh...
the know a lot
released reasoning they said uh... please tickets
did you hear that of get all that but um... or ten thousand tickets still for
sell well we don't want up bargains around here
established by law
him away or something i just
uh... you try to be tongue-in-cheek but i think he thanks savin
and then it was not about the respected that they were not given the other teams
in programs
uh... securely gerri go ahead and say that
that western kentucky's outmanned alabama who was uh...
bigger stronger faster
tame than with technically have a week in which it was say that now right
at times
buttons but not if not everytime
today they were
but i think a lot of that was with say then was upset with the fact that
uh... before their win week warrant
they worked in the national title
mix and now all the sudden since they had that winter the national champion
daily exactly
uh... so you know they're they're annoying them
national champions again where they were given a month
a snowball's chance you know the week prior the day prior coming up and i
think he was all frustrated with that as well
i think he also understands that he's got a fan base
that he has to
all the time
cabaret knows things back down to the errors
um... i think i'll bama fans of tell you that i mean i think everybody else to
tell you that that
you know there's
there jackie pleaded there jackie gleason straight to the moon where and
when they
when their role in
amazed i like you cave on the basketball so things you'd know what you know that
they are number one is that you know when it
their role and they're gonna let you know about it and so
but but that's we're saving calipari both or geniuses i mean
his calipari when their number one it's just like more it's a matter of time
wednesday doesn't cover matter to me
there's a couple more losses coming our way and he's not only trying to use that
tell his guys they're not playing good enough
but it's also to keep the fed expectations from being so
astronomically high
that they become unrealistic cell
and save is doing the same thing pataki's
i think he also
he knows that he may have
not worked on this party should have the year for they won the national champ
shiva also predicted victory that
the best more the better teams in
i think i think he's not to make that mistake it so i think i think
out the they go and arkansas all with arkansas back home
adult tickets a closed and with that that's the other thing i was gonna say
was that
you see savin and we've talked about this on a number of podcast
it is not one to run a score of
uh... expecially against a program like a west again tacky or something like
tomorrow or saturday
forget it hemming
where we're going to resume here for dinner before gail bile
fitted river scores many ports as we can
anne distraught as darkness carrots or console
i mean they were ranked preseason number eight there's a lot of proving to be
done early in the season here
uh... it so it's a way for nick save into really to bosch arkansas
i mean talk about hidden somebody while they're down they lose to monroe ellison
the cumin an alabama comes bright backup to fayetteville in
beats him down
i'm in a decade becca get agl later
a man who would've thought after three weeks
because all of its allstate they wanted to
there's no defense none efficient albany ny
wood and uh... i mean it would have thought that
arkansas cannot be
wanted to and all burn
is gonna have to be fine
tooth and nail to get to want to do
i mean it's just
is just an interesting
you know when you take a look at it and ah...
but uh... pic
alexi bs uses shaking her head gillen
man i'd love to have that
it's beautiful at five o'clock
look and see the six eastern tennessee florida game
is just going to be
lou gehrig did organs of the uh... based if used in the baseball
the trouble with the indeed
uh... rewrite uh... c_b_s_'s wish they had that flex schedule in place wheat
week battery
but he has been giving they'd allow that his they just up and said were wounded
weekend weekend yeah well we have and by the way we could have that game
place it's a short yeah you think uh...
you think you know
which is names going to drive from national
herb st
brazil his either get a chartered
that's right man
and i'm sure you know he's in this period yahoo brentwood ca
so move in on but yeah i'm curious to see later on the week win that went
number comes out
thumbing your right hand it did changing on wilson but either way alabama asap
it's gonna have to be a big number for me to have to try to take arkansas
c_n_n_'s get and go and s_m_u_
inner given thirteen and a half
i think that's another program that after the florida game
they're not going to try to hold up anything there time and it's their
second game
yahoo instead of the third game its own and i assume you just have to watch out
and that's going to be a three touchdown where
uh... tennessee's giving two and a half
against number eighteen th right florida
we've already cut discuss this back-and-forth back and forth
uh... you know you look at that you get three points for a home victories what
message in a row uh...
so let me
so if you look at it that way neutral site flores favored by half-point right
it's just cuz
it is a soon to say that i
i think i have to float tennessee its
intimates both teams are easy to haiti music roughly deferment is standpoint
you know if you look at it anybody in the east it seized a tennessee there's
even a florida cell cleo of fetuses that have more than one eighty nine thousand
it for
article have more netted out i'll finish it this week
you know it's not gonna fix some guys they were trying to get me in anyway
they could get that game
those on because if that was there one pay-per-view get
so the good news for tennessee fans as arrestee games are gonna be on he has to
be in her better
uh... here on out so
pay-per-view game out of the way early megan now missouri is
uh... white posting arizona state so
i don't know anything about errors on st
and do you have some didn't arizona state play somebody s_e_c_ earlier this
color red
i'm just on imagining deca that wasn't no uh...
i'm a managing that because i was uh...
putting that is my fourth game to watch as we can add
because of the tennessee uh...
i don't know much about a results i was a lot on my right now
well they won their first game against northern arizona sixty three to six
they'd beat illinois eight forty five the fourteen
and the line is uh... miseries
kidding savin
house forehead is that it's at misery
but arizona can put up some point i know some of those programs it's it's not the
same illinois' team that they used to be but
it's still
you're a big ten football they will have rounds of
to cover up so that that's not runs the illinois
that was going to be at spring to know about my
mumbai cadets although would have to wait till later to throw that would
prevent watch that one you owe us a lot of syrians a kentucky is it web hosting
western kentucky and giving seven
i think that corrected a lot of things
uh... admitted last year's sets really bad for kentucky fans
mean the the
trying to score
uh... when it was here in national
uh... and so they're not to let that run happening in uh...
dot so that
that's baki commonwealth right yes if this was a comeback to nashville next
year or should pay it was just a little
grew up in a four year serum tickets for your serious well take it was four years
in a row from upstate catholic to be around for that stretched out songster
but that's neither here nor there but
pets are part of this weeks game but i i i had i do think kentucky can cover that
uh... south carolina
is there
they're gonna be slightly
thirty three and a half just a big numbers like that
s_i_'s biggest parenting despite of all around that boy
headed there
you know what it is not afraid to do that
uh... still probably uh...
side with you i don't think that uh...
you're a beat him to put up anywhere close to the point stuart that they lost
their lives are defense issues from details
so they just have to score thirty seven
mississippi states
giving sixteen and a half against roaring yeah at troy cut rowing still
i would tentative mississippi state netball granddad take care
yeah it's uh...
help if there's any type of work that night on either of these guys i think
it's a total different dale as uh... but marlin and as he said the first
however as soon as they came in did to the uh... reporters
nor number one of the west right now
acquit right
so uh...
you know now is tighter were number one of the west bank
uh... so i'd like you i don't think you can see a letdown of his last year they
had some let downs on for some wins
and i don't think i think the intimacy the mississippi state when learn from
some of those mistakes last year
and and not run into that georgia is that there's no line on that one floor
uh... so we're just group or one of the next one weather is a line and i'm
idaho is coming to death valley
as a night game
and they're getting forty two and a half
but uh... i don't know telusu
the tactical there sometimes at all
universal origin arbor
it is but they put forty
warn against washington yeah
and only gave up torie
they'd defense's alofa carriage from a good tigers correct answers
uh... palestinian i'm scared of that member when tom
right now i'm thinking we're not a whole but i might lean the other way
if that line stays like that out
and they can't cover at night duffy going all favorites but
taken favorites with those kind of numbers a scary
the southern part of the game we're picking
the spread of the most difficult you know those big
big mismatch i think it's easier sometimes when you get a mugger
touchdown there to pick a of winner
but when you get these
when they're that many points that's that's a whole that's all for game two
disillusion with them
and we've talked about how they they do things it's just that's where the money
is they got it they've got to do those
climbs out how to get the money to go the other way
and then texas is coming to mississippi
and giving ten and a half
mississippi's better than i was expecting them to be
but they're not going to be oakley defensively
alec off it's a way i think they
i think it's fire from ole miss francis looks like a team that actually
they actually practiced in a week and a like they got a game plan you know i
mean that
houston iah area
just wheels of the bahcall thing and and
so i mean freezes offense is all about hot completion percentage in getting out
and go on in this kid is
been everything that he's
to expose the end of the quarterback was so
i think they can actually put some points i think i'd almost no lose games
that are gonna be like
forty two to twenty eight
those shoot-outs yeah out that i think
they can actually put some points on the topic will be able to put up as many
points because of defense just might not be able to manage
devoted to hold on i mean they're gonna
they're they're gonna be opened
text can be overrun all over omen
those types things but democrats fear i think i mean eight fifteen game
central time
at nine fifteen eastern
nestle a game
an oxford
being in the grove all day
texas is supposed to bring in a particular sprouts etc
that's not how far drive is that from uh... it's a long flippant way visit
his ole miss is on the other side of the state and this is our main i mean from
anti-dole sins often the way down there next now is that our logo to san antonia
you're talking kid twelve
fourteen hours probably
it's lol friend that's a long ways
cholesterol astha
next weeks games so it
yes i do mean it's not really big
match up with the main now though alabama arkansas tennessee for it was
really the games
and now that
modeled turn into a little bit of a crap shoot
but it's going to be a good week in review
at uh... yahoo
if anything
you gotta love it when already weak to you got some really exciting action
that's totally flip-flopping
uh... the s_e_c_ in erie you've still got the water two teams at the top but
into some of those other teams do
duda positions are completely changing on and so it's been exciting to watch
instead of interest in this uh... thank you get them may i thank you
mile my router vations
after the first couple weeks arial sharon alabama wrote their georgian suck
airliners tanker who we think they are the counterclaim reached
but i think tennessee
uh... either in the city state is better than what most people think come after
sayin all brother already arkansas virtually here
not where people thought they were going to be
and uh...
but i think i think there will be going away from their victims see in the city
states so for for two games have made
the biggest sleep in to try to say hey we're gonna try to come join the
second-tier guys
uh... to try to make a right at this thing
and uh...
and we've got some of these others are kinda
possibly follow back to the tax on but
it's a just a moment you say the next really prime x three weeks on how this
think households akers right now it go
yet alabamans l_s_u_
and georgia and south carolina and and really everybody else's
cabin there so yeah do you get out
talking about their fight for capital one bolt
so its
it's fun because while we do the podcast is because it's so much fun uh...
allowed to a couple housekeeping things if anyone still listening
uh... i thank you
for listening as long as you have
uh... these these podcasts head
they duty longer as a season starts
not just because they're so much to talk about and so if you still listening and
thank you guys so much for for joining in
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well so
thank you guessed so much for listening in power to to saic side of the football
started as an understatement
uh... really into high gear in week two and we love that
uh... so it's time right now for our open mic segment
and so
player i know you went to mississippi state game saturday that's probably
anything else you want dhaka batters at what you want to talk about i was a good
time gets a bunch family in
got to tell you a capture bar six thirty in the morning
and uh... for eleven a cake and
stayed out there till roughly about four thirty and
you know that if you watch football after that and uh... so it was a pretty
previous saturday so enjoyed it and ah...
so it's good to get a
wicked women now before miss sore
brindell bring in a cowbell such a bad light years
that you licensing practices so nice that it doesn't travel to gain so day
it's more of a
uh... talking peace on the uh...
the trophy case forms of speaks at you
uh... but uh... yeah it's a
we uh... we have a good time
my cousin got tilma six states and shut up in the stands
and uh... wonderful gag gals will be defended
after screaming like an idiot for
ever in
uh... he didn't say a word occurs
but uh...
is a big guys people in waste exert intern energy come down for treason
do anything to us uh...
but uh... views of marxism
we got about twenty people clapped when its own shut up so that they care about
is ready for miss shut up shut but uh... has fallen
but we're going to do
possibly getting a little bit of an argument which we've been nice
wife lived in braille habit
i could see that i could see that definitely unfolding there would have
been good in your favor i can't promise you that
while in the podcast with uh... my story it saturday i'd
hi i watch football all day
on a ladder
my wife has been asking for room to be painted
finally decided to give and then
you know this is something out don't like about paying and uh... i don't know
what it is uh...
you know i'm not an expert on it but
to make a room look right it's i don't battle
uh... really don't get where the gimmick isn't hal
all of this is supposed to work because
that thing has five
coats of paint on it new coats of paint on it
uh... it took two coats a priority get rid of the brown but it was it wasn't
like a dark brown or bright brown and mister bond uh... a bridal
took to go to prom recover most of that up
and three codes of the final coat of paint kit which is it which was another
variation of the color white
uh... tatoo
to get on there so that it finally all blended in
so i don't know where they come up with this one co technology uh... org updated
c ended teaches some things
bundle up painting
im actually pretty good at it uh... apparently not whose mots what my
grandfather did so my father was an
ma fathers they got it doesn't use any taper anything he is
i don't i don't i don't have to take combined did it in pretty easily and so
combine honest because i had to tell you everything with him when i grew up so
and ask you to proceed
i'm did not get in busy watching myself
so but that was my saturday ab itna hi
i love my op and after the uh... watch e_s_p_n_ ap button
was able to just keep it in there and wherever i moved it was able to move
with me
so uh... out watched did all the games i wanted to
and it took all day two oh two point because i i ended up taking lots of
brick all that's a good place
you know it's like
odd and see what happens next in
for now at the page to pin down the the rollers that uh...
you know it's a how is just so excited that football was here he had to
celebrate with them
beer and hot wings
uh... sell it was a good saturday so
with that we were thinking ruled one last time for a listening in and watch
in and we are going to call this podcast done