Raja Jani 1972 Movie Full With English Subtitles

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Sit down.
Why do you wait up for me every night?
Eat your dinner.
What amazing biryani.
Don't you call it "Jehangiri Biryani"?
It's smells great. Here, eat some.
Master, you didn't eat much today.
I made it with love.
The food was really delicious.
The biryani was so good...
...that Jehangir's soul in heaven would be tempted.
You go and eat it. - Don't know what's wrong with me.
Before I slept I was famished.
After I woke up I was full.
Hello lmartilalji.
You did a favour to God...
...by uttering His name early in the morning.
For God's sake, give me a break.
Your drinking... - I did drink a lot last night.
Great... you drink at night to get high.
And you drink in the day to get sober.
Good day Minister.
Yes... The Minister asks if he can come over now.
Don't let that cursed fellow come over in the morning.
Tell him I'll meet him at the hotel.
Master is busy with his prayers.
You don't need to come. He'll come himself.
The news is bad. - That I can tell.
In case of good news, you don't remember me.
Raja, there is no time left.
Your plan you gave me...
if you don't complete it...
...we will both have to repent.
The Queen Mother has made a will.
If she doesn't find her lost grand daughter before her death...
her property worth millions will be donated to a trust.
In a year and a half...
...couldn't you find a girl that we could pass on as her progeny?
You're probably not aware that...
...at the rate of 30 paise, you'll get 25 million!
Rs. 25 million!
What are you thinking about? - I'm calculating, not thinking.
At the rate of 70 paise, how much will you get?
I will increase your share. First find a trustworthy girl.
I know you can prove a living person to be dead in a second.
But I have to bring a dead person back to life.
It will take some time.
When destiny brings me face to face with a girl...
...who 12 years ago would be as old as the Princess Ratna...
...that is 20 years old.
She should have a mole right at the nape of her neck...
...where the princess had it.
Such miracles don't occur without the blessings of God.
The problem is that even God knows how saintly we are
You are forever joking.
This is a serious matter.
The Queen Mother is well over 70.
She is like a morning lamp...
...that can be blown off by a light breeze.
We have to finish our work before that. Understand.
You don't worry about her life.
Wherever you are, I wish you a happy 19th birthday.
May God take care of you.
Proceed Queen Mother.
It's been 12 years.
How many days before my bad luck turns?
When will my darling child return?
Have patience. According to astrology...
like a falling star, the moment of your union is drawing nearer.
Priest, you've been saying this for the past 12 years.
When will your falling star reach the earth?
Why do you forget the Goddess herself appeared in...
...the queen mother's dream and granted her a boon...
...that the princess will return.
The word of the Goddess is truth incarnate.
Pratap is still a child.
How can he be as patient as me?
Like me he too awaits her.
As kids they laughed and played together.
That is why seeing Pratap gives me solace.
It was an inauspicious time when I went to Prayagraj for a holy bath!
But... how did this happen?
Yes sir? - You must remember everything.
You were with them right to the last moment.
Sir, it was barely 3 days since the Queen Mother left...
...when our family foe Teja Singh sent a cable about her illness.
On getting the cable, His Majesty...
Her Majesty and the Princess left for Prayag.
I accompanied them.
All through the way we had a ball hearing the princess talk.
Suddenly dacoits attacked.
Sire, take Her Majesty and the princess and get away.
I will handle these looters.
Today you can't escape Teja Singh!
You lousy worm!
Come up front and face me!
Why are you hiding like a woman?
Come in front if you have the guts!
Distribute these among the poor in Ratna's name.
May God make all of you greater kings than the Mughals!
Live long, my sweet. - Good day sir.
Pierce the arrows in my heart. - See you tomorrow.
What a beloved!
Hey, Shanno.
Good day sir.
Will you take this to be my queen for a night?
I'll slap the cash on your face!
What's wrong big man? Got a fit?
Scoundrel! - Stop, you witch!
You tore a hundred buck note!
Leave me mother. Now I'll tear his stomach apart!
Till he calls me sister!
Where are you running off? Rascal!
Call me sister in public or I'll have you locked up!
Say it fast or you'll be calling your ancestors.
Forgive me sister. I made a mistake.
Not like this. Fall at my feet!
Forgive me. - Get lost!
If you act tough with spectators, we'll have to beg!
They feed us. - You maybe. God feeds me.
Shanno works for her living.
She has never been dishonest nor will she ever be.
I want all the public to understand Shanno.
We've understood. Now come on.
You are not in your senses.
Did you give me a lightning call to the capital to show me this circus?
You dream of making this nuisance the Princess Ratna?
You forget...
Ratna spoke better English than European kids when she was 8.
She too will speak.
And exactly as Princess Ratna spoke.
Can a crow turn into a swan?
At that tender age, the girl had such cute habits and behaviour...
That people wanted to protect her from evil eyes.
She too will behave like that. Leave all to me.
You just think were Ratna alive today...
Would her features, colour, eyes be exactly like this or not?
Think till tomorrow. If you think it right, give me a call.
I'll come over.
Answer this before you leave.
Through this girl do you plan to acquire the wealth of Taragarh?
Or make me rot in jail all my life?
Don't insult me.
My name is Raja.
And the job I undertake is done before it begins.
You may go back to the capital at ease.
When I get this girl and turn her into Princess Ratna...
Then I'll talk business with you.
It's impossible to turn this wild animal to a human being.
Nothing is impossible.
If you and I could turn into humans from apes...
Turning such a sweet animal to a human is no big deal.
Now eat one morsel from my hands.
Live... I say live for hundred years.
Shanno, my love... from today this bungalow of mine...
My property, cars, servants...
They are all yours.
From today you are mine.
And I... I am your slave.
Mother, it's time to make a move. Come on.
Sit down.
I think you should go to bed. You'll be fine by morning.
My beloved...
When you are not with me, I can't sleep.
Nor when you are with me.
Come... - Get lost!
Send her to my room! I'm coming back to my senses.
Bitch! How dare you! You raised a hand on him!
I'll pound you! - Have some shame.
In your presence he acted fresh with your daughter...
And you simply watched! - Of course.
She charged Rs. 300 for it.
You're a mother and you sold your daughter's honour!
Your maternal love turned to water for just Rs. 300?
Don't talk trash with me!
Go into the room and serve the master all night.
Come on! - I'll never commit this sin!
Leave me!
Father, save Shanno!
You daughter of the father, get in!
I will give up my life but not my honour!
Get in! - Where are you going?
This is better.
Come into my arms.
You've wounded my heart enough.
Shanno is a decent girl. You have mercy on her.
I will but first come into my arms!
Darling, I don't like distances.
You are so wealthy. God has given you all.
Shanno is very poor, she has nothing but honour.
If she loses her honour, her world will be crushed!
Doesn't matter if one world is crushed.
I will set up many worlds for you.
Quench my thirst so I feel satiated.
Okay. If that's your wish...
Let me straighten my blouse.
That's like a sensible girl.
What is this?
I'll show you! Scoundrel!
What are you doing?
You witch! Now we'll see, come into my arms...
Raja, that girl is dangerous.
If this wound were slightly lower, I'd be as good as dead.
Come inside. Why do you risk your life?
Come on in.
Why are you scared?
Thank you very much, brother.
Whom did she call brother? - You.
Get lost. She's for me.
You too move away! Rascal! Scoundrel!
You are no match for Shanno!
If you trouble me, liquor will flow right out of your stomach!
Put the knife away. I'm no freeloader.
I have cash. Look at the loot then talk.
Give it to your mother or sister!
Let go!
Don't act too smart!
Take this! And this! Scoundrel! Vagabond!
Come out.
May God protect you. You saved the honour of a good girl.
How did you end up with these hoods?
I was hanging out of the train, they saw me alone and attacked!
It's mine!
Why do you carry such a lethal knife?
Shanno cuts mangoes and potatoes.
Who is Shanno? - The one standing before you.
It's the name of a girl.
There's blood on this!
Blood... no sir! This is not blood.
These are tomatoes. Shanno cut and ate them last night.
Where was Shanno eating tomatoes and going?
Where's this rail going? - To Bombay.
Shanno too has to go to Bombay.
To whom? - I have lots of relatives.
Where do they live?
I don't know their address.
Don't know? Then where will you go at 2 AM?
Two in the night?
It reaches at 2.15.
If you wish, you can stay at my home till morning.
Your home? - Yes, if you wish.
I neither want to go nor wish to.
Who... are you?
Open the door or I'll slit your throat!
Open the door! - Stay out master.
I'm fighting death here. - Not death, she's come with me.
Open the door!
Don't' be scared. He's my own man.
Whatever. Why did he lock Shanno in?
Rascal! - Don't be abusive.
He was sleepy. How would he know who you are?
You should not feel bad.
Imartilal is my butler, waiter, cook, servant and master.
He played Laila for 9 years.
These days he's Majnu and I'm his Laila.
I didn't understand who she is.
Her name is Shanno.
You only have to understand...
...that we're famished. Lay the dinner.
Shanno, eat and go to sleep. - Will this guest stay here?
Any objections? - Why should I?
I wanted to know about the arrangement. Bed outside the door?
You know our guests are equal to God.
Not outside. She'll sleep in the guest bedroom.
Bedroom. Room for guests.
Come along, I'll show you.
This room is specially for guests.
You can comfortably sleep here. - Alone?
Where are the females for you men?
There are only males in this house. No females.
Close the door and go to sleep.
Come and eat dinner.
Open the door and come for dinner. - You men eat. Shanno isn't hungry.
Why lock her? - Who knows?
She might run off with everything by morning.
All right. Serve dinner.
She's taken Rs. 300.
You're a mother who sold her daughter's honour.
For a mere Rs. 300 your maternal love turned to water!
Don't be stupid. Just go to the room.
Come on! - You can't force me into this sin!
You haven't slept?
How can you sleep? All the doors are open.
You won't be able to sleep if there's noise all night.
Why are you afraid?
There's no reason to be afraid in this house.
Shut the door and sleep in peace.
Eat... don't feel shy.
Consider it your husbands' home and tuck it in.
But get out of here before master wakes.
Find your way out.
Is Shanno eating your food?
You're a servant. Don't yap.
Shanno will only obey the master who fed her.
Get me a single tea. Strong.
What... You made the poor girl sit on the floor.
The table was falling short to lay all this feast.
She's already eaten enough.
Never stop a person whose eating.
The poor thing didn't eat anything at night out of fear.
And you won't feed her? Do you want anything else?
No. I've had a great meal.
All right. Get dressed. I'll drop you off.
Where do your relatives live?
Should Shanno be honest?
Were you lying at night? - Absolutely.
Shano has no relatives in this world.
There must be somebody.
You have come from somewhere and will go someplace.
Don't be scared. Tell me the truth. - First send this nuisance away.
He's almost family.
It's indeed sad that Shanno has nobody in this world.
This poor girl won't have anybody in heaven either.
Go and make me some tea.
So what were you saying?
Sir, Shanno is from a good family.
That's obvious.
To top it the problem is Shanno is very beautiful.
Is it? - Can't you see?
It was dark at night so I couldn't see well.
So what happened? - One rotten old man...
...fell for Shanno! Head over heels...
Really? Fell hard? - Yes.
No hair on his head, no teeth in his mouth...
And no guts. You know Shanno's age. This much.
He was a drunk!
He gave Shanno's aunt's aunt's 500 two times...
And fixed up marriage to Shanno.
That's very bad.
Now Shanno was in a fix. What could Shanno do?
Shanno ran away from home!
But Shanno's fate turned out to be real gold that she found you.
Now you tell me, where should Shanno go?
Straight to the police station.
The old man and your aunt everyone will be sorted out.
Why are you barking between two decent people?
Stupid fool! - Keep quiet, man.
Your story is truly tragic.
But I'm sorry I can't keep you here.
You will have to go somewhere.
I had given you refuge for just one night.
Will it be a sin if you let me stay for 2 nights?
Don't give her refuge but give her 2 days time to think.
That's possible.
You also give it a thought.
I've thought it over. Shano will stay here for 2 days.
I'm going out for work. Give her a good bath with Flit.
Soap will fail here.
But if you're leaving take me along.
Or at least take the knife.
Put off the cigarette.
I'm going to put this off.
Swell chap, I say
Who are you?
Male or female?
Can't you see? Moron!
Why did you touch the master's clothes?
Take them off or I will!
Rascal! You'll take off Shanno's clothes!
I didn't mean what you thought...
First put away that knife.
Even in Rampur, all are scared of it.
First tell me. - What to say?
The master's job is to order me around.
His father ordered my father.
And his grand father ordered my grand father.
Now the master's son will order my son.
Will the son fall from the roof? Where is the master's wife?
Are you the secret police? Do I have to answer everything?
You tell me what's going on between you and the master.
Had it...
What's going on? - Sir... the...
He wants to know what's going on between me and you.
Got scared and ran!
I've got you some clothes. - For me!
Yes. Change out of that into the one you like.
And listen, no bad words in this house.
Which rascal uses bad words?
The fool bought men's clothes.
Rascal may have got them for himself!
No bad words.
It's a bad word.
Lord Hanuman save us.
Save me from you.
Brother, listen...
The goddess took your brother. I'm an only child.
What a man you are! Taking offense from a girl.
If I like you, what do I call you? Uncle?
Why do you bother saying anything? Fleece the master for 2 days.
Then move out.
At least listen to this. We're both Hanuman devotees.
We'll get along well. Let's shake on that.
For this, I'll chop your potatoes. - You'll get me out of the job.
I know everything. Get out.
Out. And don't step in my kitchen.
My foot doesn't want to step in your rotten kitchen!
Shanno has got a castle to live in.
Order my master. I am at your service.
Where's lmarti? - Let that slob die!
He's a slob. Since morning he's only chopped 4 potatoes.
Is that so? - Yes.
You don't know he steals and eats food while cooking.
And feeds you his leftover. Stupid! - Really?
Yes. Shano will cook you delicious meals.
Will you take a seat there? - Where is the seat?
Here it is. Shut your eyes.
But don't do mischief with Shano.
Shut your eyes!
Think about where you will go after 2 days.
Nobody gives a damn for Shanno!
Shanno won't go anywhere! She will stay put right here!
Mr. Imarti.
Lord Hanuman, she's calling me Mister.
Protect me.
Yes, royal queen. Why the sweet tone today?
It's so terrible.
There's a woman in the house and men slog in the kitchen.
Shanno should die of shame!
Move. I'll cook. - What are you doing?
You're our guest for tonight. Let me serve you well.
You will leave tomorrow.
Then where will you be and where will I be?
Pal, if that's the case, I won't leave.
From today Shanno will cook tasty dishes for you.
Both of you eat well.
You are right but the master will chuck you out in the morning.
That's the bloody problem.
My pal, do something.
I'm very smart at that.
But what can I tell a girl like you?
If there was a beautiful lass...
You fool. You have no idea...
The entire public called Shanno beautiful in Pune.
7 times knives were unsheathed for me.
That's the problem. You always bring the knife in.
In such cases, the eyes shoot arrows.
Get a move on, silly.
Shanno could have done this long ago.
But Shanno's decency killed her.
But what you say is right.
If I have to live in this house, I have to create some scene.
Let the fun begin.
Forgive me. You didn't perform any miracle to get rid of her.
Hence I had to do this.
Now the master will chop off her braid and send her home.
And I will offer you sweets made of pure butter!
Have I ever done this?
Who is it?
Why are you sleeping here?
Feels like a ton.
I see. So that's the matter.
What a song! You sang so well!
Thank you sir.
I had no idea you sang so well.
Shanno can sing English songs too.
You give me the order and I'll sing morning evening for you.
From tomorrow? - Yes.
You have to leave tomorrow. Leave?
Stupid nitwit! - What?
This is such a huge palace.
Will this poor Shanno plunder you if left in a corner?
In fact she'll clean up for you. - Clean up?
Now you have to go to jail and be hanged.
Hanged? What do you mean?
What sin has Shanno committed?
Your sin?
Didn't you stab a man and run away?
I gave you refuge assuming you were poor!
And you're still cheating me!
You ran away from your parents and say you have nobody!
Don't name my parents!
Shanno will give up her life but not return to them!
She won't ever look at them! - Pray, why not?
They sold my honour to a sinner for a mere Rs. 300!
Shanno would dance in the streets and earn them Rs. 30 per day.
Then why did they sell em?
Does honour have any price?
If Shanno hadn't stabbed the dolt her honour would be stabbed!
You decide as the judge.
If you command, Shanno will give up her life!
Shanno does not fear death.
But the noose scares her.
The neck stretches and then hangs.
But how can I trust a liar?
Shanno swears by Lord Hanuman.
Why have you brought him between you and me?
Poor Hanuman.
Don't cry. I believe you are innocent.
But what about the police? What do I tell people?
Yes I can save you from the noose!
But you will have to live as a princess.
And your name Shanno won't do.
From today your name is Ratna.
I'll change your manner of speaking and lifestyle...
The police or your family won't be able to recognise you.
And people will salute you as a princess.
Shanno is ready to be somebody's grandma to escape the noose.
Then go to bed in your room.
What did you say my name was?
What? It back fired?
Lord! See how things have soured?
I present your tea
What have I to say? - My foot!
What is your name? Your name?
Now command your servant to make a cup of tea for you.
Master, what's all this about?
Lmratilal, stand with respect in the presence of Lady Ratna
A cup of tea, my boy. Make it strong!
That's no way to talk. You come from a very rich family.
Say it with style. "Boy, fetch me a cup of tea"
Tea, give me a boy.
No. Say it straight. "Boy, fetch me a cup of tea"
"Boy, fetch me a cup of tea"
Boy! That's something!
Now drink the tea in such a graceful manner...
it must appear you are doing the whole of India a favour
I love tea!
What noise was that? That slurping sound isn't happening.
That's a trademark of poverty.
A quick swig and back to work!
But what's your hurry? You're a rich girl. Relax with the tea.
Rich, all right. But how is she going to sip such hot tea?
So tell the servant to cool it and bring it back to you
Cool it, boy. - The tea
Master... you get? - That's what I'm doing!
You don't dig?
Boy, could you give me some water?
As you wish
Could I have it cold?
Now start eating. With a fork and knife
Master, keep her away from the fork and knife.
How do I use the knife? - Look at me.
Hold it in the plate with the fork, cut it with the knife...
and pick it up with the fork
Doesn't matter. I'll show you.
Leave your hands a little loose.
Hold the chicken with the fork.
Cut it slowly...
Great aroma.
It contains Kashmiri saffron.
Not from the chicken. From your body.
She's making quite an ass of him!
The girl's hand is here The other hand is...
Why are you laughing? - It tickles me.
Write A.
This is A. Now write B.
Is this B? My head! Looks like a railway signal!
This is B. Now write C.
All right. Write D.
Is this a D? It's upside down!
Consider this slap a trailer and slip out of here.
The master really hits hard.
12 pairs of shoes gave way on this head.
You won't be able to tolerate it So get out if you want to escape.
You are mad!
Don't you know the master considers Shanno his wife?
You and wife!
If he didn't consider me his wife, why would he slap me?
Henceforth you'll get this juice every morning.
What are you doing here?
I've sent him to the market for groceries.
Give me the bottle. - No way!
You've had your way far too long.
So far there was no lady to look after the house.
But now you'll do as I say.
Now I won't be sacred of anyone!
There can't be a bigger fool than me who is a devotee of yours.
How stupid of me to try to get Shanno out of here.
Shanno who turned this hotel to a home and my master a human.
I have little time. Shanno is waiting in the dining hall.
So let's discuss business. - Partner this has already been fixed.
You get 30% while I get 70%.
With age your memory is getting worse.
What we decided was once I turn Shanno into Princess Ratna...
Then we'll discuss business.
Now the deal is for 50-50.
Shake if you accept.
Or here's your air ticket. Be at the airport at 3.
But have you told the girl what she must do? Has she agreed?
Your job is to shake my hand. Briefing her is my job.
Where have you brought me?
Whose pictures are these?
Strange that you've forgotten your family.
Do you remember her at least?
This is a picture of you as a kid.
Are you in the mood to pull my leg?
It's no joke. This is your last lesson that you must remember.
Because your test begins after this.
If you clear the test, oceans of wealth will be at your feet.
But if you fail, both of us will go to prison forever.
You'll be in the female and I in the male ward.
Cut the joke now. My heart is pounding.
Hold your heart and listen to me carefully.
She is Princess Ratna, the heir to the kingdom of Taragarh.
When she was 7 years old, she, her father Himmat Singh...
And mother Kesar were travelling to Prayagraj by car.
They were passing through a thick forest.
...when the enemy of His Majesty's family, Teja Singh...
...attacked and killed the king and his queen.
Teja then fled on horseback with the Princess Ratna.
At that time, a loyal servant of His Majesty...
Jumman Khan shot at Teja Singh.
Teja Singh escaped with wounds but...
Princess Ratna fell from his hands into the sea.
Because Ratna's body was not found...
The Queen Mother even today believes...
Her grand daughter is alive and will return someday.
Hence you have to remember every little incident of her childhood.
And you have to imprint every person and place in your mind...
...that has a relation to Princess Ratna's life.
I don't understand what you mean.
What I mean is...
If Princess Ratna were alive...
She would resemble you.
Now you have to go to the Queen Mother and prove...
You are her lost grand daughter Ratna.
No. I can't do this.
I can't do it.
Talk sense.
Raja hates being turned down.
All that sympathy for me...
The love...
Was it a ploy to make me agree to this deception?
You are deceiving me!
While enjoying all the luxuries wealth buys, did you once think...
How wealth is acquired, where it comes from?
When the time to earn wealth has come, you think it's deception?
I'd like to know what you thought when you lived with...
...a stranger in his house in luxury for many days?
What is your relation to me? Am I related to you?
I made a mistake.
I got conned.
I thought you too had fallen in love with me.
Don't ever utter this wretched word in my presence!
I have been hoodwinked in the name of love and goodness.
Just a pretty noose that the wealthy use to play games.
Stop. For God's sake, stop.
I didn't know I was being fattened to be sacrificed under the guise...
...of love and humanity. At the altar of wealth.
I will beg to feed myself.
But I will never do such a lowly thing! Never!
Then go back to your world of honour!
Where your parents sold your honour for Rs. 300!
Where one day you'll sell your youth for 10 bucks a night.
Then one day you won't find a buyer for it.
This is Raja's house.
Take whatever you want and get lost!
I came empty-handed.
And that's how I'll leave.
Go but answer this before you leave.
Did you come here for business or for master?
Don't hurt me more.
You don't know what he told me. - I heard everything.
I'd thought you'd do what I couldn't do all my life.
You'll bring master on the right path.
But you don't have enough love in your heart for him...
...as much as he loves money.
You haven't recognised your master.
He's not human. He's a... - God.
Yes, you can't find an angel like him on this earth.
He's a king who made beggars rule.
He helped everyone.
He kept his house dark so others could have light.
What's wrong with him now?
Nothing. The God above is asleep.
My master got punished for his goodness and kindness.
He had no money.
When his mother fell unwell, those whom he had given thousands...
They didn't give him a rotten penny for mother's medication.
The poor lady breathed her last in a public hospital.
All the wounds the world gave my master's heart...
He laughed at every hurt.
The love of a girl turned every sorrow to joy.
But when that hussy sold his love in the market for money...
Then his cup ran over.
You are my childhood friend.
Have you forgotten me?
How dare you enter without permission!
I'll have you sent to jail!
How dare you insult Lakhpat in my house!
Don't be upset.
Your darling Lakhpat became a millionaire by licking my shoes!
Talk about yourself.
I don't want to talk to you!
I'll never let you destroy my happiness!
There was a time when I was your only joy.
Once all your joys were at my feet.
Then I didn't know you were such a fool.
You blew up your wealth and became a beggar!
So what if I don't have money?
These hands and arms are the same.
You wanted to spend 7 lives in them.
Even today these arms are ready to embrace you.
Come... - Get away from me!
That was my foolishness and this is yours.
That you dream of me even today. - I don't dream of you!
In fact I woke from the dream to see the real you!
Go. I free you today!
You've opened my eyes.
You've proved to me that money is all that matters!
Wealth. Only wealth!
But how will he get over the attraction to wealth?
Those who believe with their hearts and souls...
They can remove prostitutes from their beloved's heart.
Can't you get wealth out of his mind?
You are right.
I had strayed away from the path of my duty.
But trust me, till I rid the master of his obsession for money...
and make him love me...
I will do as he says, I will give him every joy.
Take a seat.
Take a seat.
The Queen Mother calls you.
Only you have been granted permission.
Please be seated. Let's go.
Please go with her.
Are you Raj Kumar?
My name is Raj Kumar not my profession.
And you sir? - I'm the Minister of the kingdom.
I read out your letter to the Queen Mother.
She wishes to ask you something.
You didn't write about yourself in the letter.
Where are you from?
You've probably heard of the land owner Ram Singh.
Yes, I recall.
The land was little but he had a good name.
I'm his son, Raj Kumar Singh. I do business in Bombay.
The girl you think is Princess Ratna... where did you find her?
With the enemy of your kingdom, the dacoit Teja Singh.
Is that sinner still alive? - No more.
On the third of this month at 2 AM...
He was freed from this life so crimes.
Doing business in Bombay how did you land in the ravines of Chambal?
You don't know sir but the Queen Mother probably does.
My departed father and Teja Singh were good friends.
Even if Teja Singh survived, why did he keep Ratna alive?
He had pledged to destroy Taragarh!
Your story appears made up.
I didn't come here to be obliged by you!
Instead I came to oblige you for the sake of humanity.
Change your tone and talk to me!
Talk politely! - Minister...
But you haven't answered my question
How did the girl survive if she was with Teja Singh?
Teja Singh was not a professional dacoit.
He had his own land.
Queen Mother, your son had confiscated his land.
After taking revenge, when the poor man realised his folly...
He raised Princess Ratna as his own daughter.
Even in Chambal he took the pain of training her like a princess.
When he neared his death bed...
Worry for her didn't let him die.
Maybe that's when he thought of me.
When I reached, he was breathing his last.
Before dying, he entrusted me with this responsibility.
That I bring the princess to you.
Where is my child? - Right here. In the room outside.
Waiting to embrace you.
If you command, I'll get her here.
No. I've been cheated enough.
I need time to think.
You will have to wait for my decision.
You will be my guest in the kingdom.
Announce your decision soon.
Minister, forgive me if I was impudent.
Once again there's a storm raging in my heart and mind.
I don't understand what to do. - I am in the same state.
The mind says it's impossible.
But the heart fears what if she truly is Ratna?
I think those who have seen Ratna from childhood...
...from close quarters. Get all of them together.
You, Doctor Nigam, the royal priest.
Tell everyone to observe the girl.
Then tell me their decision.
I will take a decision after that.
You have such impudent staff.
They don't even stand when Princess Ratna enters.
Minister, the Queen Mother doubts my being Princess Ratna.
Hence she won't come to meet me.
But I am confident of being her grand daughter.
Hence offer these flowers at her feet on my behalf.
Take these flowers to the Queen Mother.
You may ask me any questions you wish.
I can walk across a sea of fire to see my grandma.
Why are you standing there? Pardon me for I didn't see you.
Thanks to you I am alive today.
I remember everything.
How you tried to rescue my late father.
Don't you recognise me?
How can that be possible?
Your picture...
...is in my eyes.
Sit down.
Child, can I ask you something?
I will have no objections.
Then my question is...
But first you must answer a question of mine.
Do you recall you addressed me as Rukwa when I was a child?
Not child. - I remember.
If you don't want to call me by my pet name, use my real name.
Okay. Miss Ratna...
You might recall...
One day by mistake your clothes caught fire by the temple lamp
Not by mistake. The Minister's son Pratap was up to mischief.
I'd also burnt my leg.
Dr. Nigam gave me an injection.
Do you remember?
Yes but I am amazed at how you recall childhood events with clarity?
That's because...
What did I have to live for other than childhood memories?
Right from childhood, my memory has been...
Everyone would be amazed.
You can ask my English teacher, Mr. Wilson about it.
I must appreciate you.
You've memorised every lesson by heart.
So much so that you even remembered me.
How can I forget you?
You are the boy I called Parto in jest and Diwan's boy in rage.
When you'd address me as Ratna instead of Princess, you'd be fired.
Once your father even slapped your face.
Every man in the palace knows this.
You tell me which is the dangerous animal of our kingdom...
...where you didn't have permission to go.
Father only prohibited me from going near you.
Princess, that's the mad royal elephant, Mangal.
And he's still alive. All these men know it.
You had no peace till you saw it.
Your father appointed special servants...
...who would keep an eye on you and not let you go there.
Father, isn't that right?
Absolutely right.
I don't remember this.
You must remember the tree whose berries we hid and ate.
The well whose frogs we'd catch.
I said, I don't recall such petty childhood incidents.
But your memory used to amaze all.
Ask Mr. Wilson about your memory.
May I tell you why you don't recall these little incidents?
Because you're a fraud not Princess Ratna!
You're playing with the Queen Mother's feelings...
...to capture the wealth of the kingdom!
This is a lie! Wealth doesn't interest me!
I kick such wealth! - Then what are you waiting for?
Kick it and get out!
I won't leave.
I won't leave till I meet my grandma.
I will never leave!
Why are you creating a scene? - Grandma...
Don't address me by this name.
Minister, even if she is a fraud, she has come as Ratna.
In the name of Ratna, give her whatever she asks for.
What do you want? - I've got what I wanted.
I wanted to see you once.
Now let me touch your feet. - Don't you dare touch me!
Donate some charity to her in Ratna's name and send her away.
You are welcome to your reward and your kingdom!
Here's the bill of your hospitality.
Distribute the remainder amongst your servants.
Queen Mother, all these men are rogues.
They prove the princess to be fake so they can plunder your kingdom.
But keep this in mind.
One day you will weep at your misfortune.
Princess, come on.
What's happening to her?
Nothing. - Why are you coughing?
Don't worry.
When my heart is overcome, I start coughing.
Since when do you suffer from this?
Right from childhood.
Queen Mother...
It's been so many days why isn't her cough cured?
This is a kind of allergy. It's called psycho cough.
It gets better with age.
My Ratna!
Hail! - Princess Ratna...
Long live... - Princess Ratna!
She's Shanno.
Shut up. If somebody hears, we'll lose our lives.
You're out of your head. I'm sure she's Shanno.
Don't get carried away and forget your duty of love.
What were you saying to yourself?
You're still in the habit of slyly following me.
I will die but can't give up what I love.
Even if it's a childhood vice.
Seeing their love, the picture of their childhood swims back to mind.
Do you remember? - Yes.
You were probably going to see the Queen Mother.
No. I've met her and was coming for your service.
Where is she? Praying in the temple?
These days she's worshipping you instead of the goddess.
She's fired all the cooks and is personally making breakfast for you.
I thought in the meantime I'd ask you my punishment.
Punishment? - Yes.
My eyes have been waiting for you all my life.
Yet they committed the crime of not recognising you.
The punishment for that.
Their punishment is that they mustn't ever look at me.
Show a little mercy to your culprit.
I would prefer to be sentenced to death.
How long will you keep talking? Breakfast is growing cold.
Let's go Queen Mother. - Queen Mother? I won't talk to you.
Pratap, tell her I won't give her food either.
I'll keep her starving. - I'll fast.
Silly girl. I've personally cooked for you.
Come, my dear. You must be starving.
Breakfast took very long. Sit.
So much food? Are we having guests?
Quietly sit down and eat what's there.
My head is swimming. I stepped in the kitchen after 12 years.
There was nothing worth cooking.
No ingredients...
As if somebody has plundered the kitchen.
I've cooked from whatever was there.
I scolded the main chef.
But don't worry. Everything will be fine by afternoon.
Raj Kumar requests permission to be granted an audience.
He's come at a good time. Call him in.
What are you waiting for? Don't ever let him wait.
Bring him to me the moment he comes.
I wonder what he's here for.
He's probably here to take your permission to leave.
How dare he leave so soon.
My daring child's hasn't yet been officially accepted.
Salutations Queen Mother. - May you live long.
The guest comes when he desires.
But he leaves only when the host desires.
But I've packed my bags.
But we have so much to do, so much to talk about.
Sit down and have some breakfast. - I can't disobey my elders.
I've already had breakfast.
You have breakfast. - She's fasting today.
What fast? - Sit down, I'll tell you.
Today a year of my fasts begins.
When my dear child was lost...
The enemies said all kinds of things.
I'd then taken a pledge...
When my child returns I'll fast from that day for a whole year.
You're not eating anything. Here...
Have a Navratan Paratha. You didn't see this milk dumpling.
How can I eat so much? - I'll show you.
Where is the royal cream pudding?
Getting ready, Your Majesty. - Still getting ready?
What use is it if my darling child will get up from the table?
This won't do any more, find yourself another job.
You eat, my dear. I'll get back soon.
You've given life to a corpse.
It's thanks to Raj Kumar.
You're very right.
That's right. The job you did...
Giving you the kingdom of Taragarh wouldn't pay for your obligations.
Think before speaking.
Sometimes God fulfills words uttered by men.
Don't bother Princess... - I'm not joking.
It's the truth.
I can't ever repay you for your favours.
Along with the Queen Mother... - Pay less attention to food.
Pay more attention to your job.
Take the Queen Mother into confidence...
...and get the keys to the royal treasure.
Win the Queen Mother's trust and get the keys to the treasure.
What are you doing?
Looking my fill at you. What else can I do?
Keep lying.
But I just put you to sleep.
Don't worry about my sleep. That's my enemy since birth.
When you weren't there I couldn't sleep with worry.
Now that you're here, I can't sleep with joy.
I'm also scared.
If I don't open my eyes, how will I see your happiness?
Once you are settle, I'll sleep in peace.
And never wake up.
Queen Mother! - Again?
Leave me! I won't talk to you.
Is the job done?
No. Your job isn't done.
But I'm at my wit's end.
Were you under the impression that becoming a princess was an easy task?
Or do you think you can ditch me midway and make me pamper your ego?
No Raja I... - Is this an act to scare me?
Can't you be with me? - That's not true.
I can sacrifice my life for you.
But I can't bear that sad grandma's love!
Find a way whereby I don't have to confront her.
I can't deceive her love.
Don't forget the love of the old woman that's hurting your heart...
That love is the most important thing in her life.
This love is bliss even if it's a sham.
Go back.
The happiness that old hag wants from you as her grand daughter...
Let her plunder them.
That's the price of her treasure.
Do you follow? And listen...
Don't come here without my assent.
If you give up midway, how will you reach your goal?
Your journey is very long.
He will never change.
I made a big mistake.
One thing is for sure, tears aren't going to help.
You have to perform a miracle. I mean you must burn his heart.
Only then will it help.
Today I won't leave your way...
...till you give your decision.
One thing is for sure, tears aren't going to help.
You have to perform a miracle. I mean you must burn his heart.
Only then will it help.
The decision was taken by fate the day...
when I returned after 12 years. And you proclaimed me a fraud.
This means your love is artificial and false.
It was the reality of my love that I couldn't recognise you.
Your childhood picture was engraved on my heart...
It couldn't identify this picture of your youth.
I acme with the conviction even if the world considers me a fake...
My Pratap will be filled with joy at my sight...
And will take me in his arms!
Did you really pine for me when you were away for 12 years?
Do you think I came back for this kingdom of stone and water?
When the kingdom of the heart is ruined, this kingdom is a cemetery!
Stop crying or my heart will burst!
Allow me to hug you and atone for my mistake.
Forgive me Ratna!
What are you doing? Somebody might see us.
Master, why have you called for the car?
Shall I quickly serve lunch if you're going out?
Pack the food in the car. I'm going to Jal Mahal.
May I come along? I'll feed you and see the goddess too.
I've heard even now miracles take place there.
Yes. - All right.
Get ready. - Very well.
Imarti here.
Master is going to Jal Mahal.
I'll give you a signal. Two horns.
That's Pratap's car. What's he doing here?
Must have brought a girl.
Really? Let's watch the fun.
What happened? - It just blew.
Master! Master!
Where are you leaving me?
Bang on target. Bravo.
Congratulation, Queen Mother.
The government acceptance of Princess Ratna has come.
Thank you Goddess!
Minister, you are so loyal.
Quickly send the royal priest to me.
And ask all the officers of the kingdom to prepare to celebrate.
I want to see such a celebration...
...that when I open my eyes after it, I see God's heaven!
As you command.
Excuse me, I want to talk to you in private.
You are mad.
How can I leave the preparation of the party?
The news I bring might call off this party.
Come along.
Tell me what the matter is.
It's not something I can say. You must see for yourself.
Good day sir. - Good day sir.
Who are they? - Ask them.
Tell me who you are.
We are nobody. Just dancers...
We're your subjects.
We're so grateful that you made our Shanno a princess!
Princess? What do you mean?
We haven't come to take her. We want your mercy.
Since Shanno left, we're out on our luck.
We've become beggars. - We're starving.
Do you mean the Princess is your Shanno?
Take these mad people away and lock them up!
Forgive us sir. Who are these crooks?
Where did you get these grass cutters at this delicate time?
These crooks are the real parents of the fake princess.
Without listening to their story...
Sending them to prison means only one thing...
Along with Raja you too know...
Princess Ratna is a fraud.
I know everything.
Including Raja in your plan is a big mistake.
He can blow off your plans in the wind with one puff.
Young man if you know this...
You must also know that whatever I'm doing is for your welfare.
This plan can only be in my welfare...
...if you remove Raja from my path forever.
Kindly be seated.
Today is the auspicious moment...
...when the Queen Mother with the approval of...
...the government will install her grand daughter...
...Princess Ratna to the throne.
According to an ancient custom...
...she will anoint her the mistress of the royal treasure.
She will personally hand her the keys to the treasure.
Here my child is your treasure.
Now the Queen Mother of the kingdom of Taragarh...
...wishes to announce an order.
This is the moment for which I lived.
I don't have words to express my joy.
I only want to say that I want to be free of my last duty.
Your new Queen...
...on the royal throne. I want her bonded in matrimony.
Hence I've fixed her wedding...
...to Pratap Bahadur Singh, son of the minister Gajendra Singh.
May I enter?
Today I've come after fulfilling your orders.
Take a look.
At least now will you permit me to come close to you.
How silly of me! Why do I need permission?
Now I'm really Princess Ratna.
Of this kingdom, this palace...
And owner of this house.
Oh yes...
Here's your gift.
The key to the treasure.
You taught me manners and etiquette but forgot it yourself.
Forgive me Your Majesty.
Today was such a happy occasion that I drank too much.
Once I come to my senses I'll get up welcome you.
This day won't come again.
Today without drinking the world spins before me with happiness!
But why did you leave the party?
You didn't even wish me for my wedding.
All that I have got in life has been given by you.
A girl who swayed and danced in bazaars...
You turned her into a fairy.
My clothes have diamonds worth 21/2 lakhs embedded in them.
Even if I die and am born 100 times I won't be able to repay your debt.
I came to fall at your feet and say this.
Before bidding me farewell in the palanquin of love...
You won't leave.
Make me this promise.
We'll talk of promises later.
First tell me who fixed this marriage - None of your business.
Who else could be affected by your marriage?
All that you have has been given by me.
The debt has been paid off.
The joys of life that you wanted from me...
I've put them at your feet. Here you are.
You are the master of your own joys.
I love Pratap and I'm marrying him of my own will!
I too was under this misconception.
But it's a lie! - It's the truth!
I love Pratap!
Give me a straight forward answer. Who stabbed me in the back?
Say that Pratap and his father hood winked me!
Let go! Don't touch me!
I mean nothing to you. You have no right over me.
Nothing? I have no right at all?
You are my life.
You are some good that I did in a previous life...
...that has come to reform this birth.
Your love is my greatest treasure.
Then give up this wealth for me.
There's no wealth greater than love.
Hide and take Shanno to such a world...
Where we will never be separated.
I will suffocate here. Take me away today. Right now.
Yes but it's difficult for both of us to leave together.
You go to the palace. I'll get the car to the back gate.
You be there.
My heart is pounding. Don't make me go away from you.
Hurry. Our fate will be decided in these moments.
We have very little time. Hurry.
Where to, partner?
What is your intention?
My intention is always dangerous, partner.
That is why I'm always alert.
I've come at the right time. Else I wouldn't have met you.
Where do you plan to go in the middle of the night?
Coming to see you. To square up accounts.
That's a family matter. Can be done anytime.
Today is a night for celebration.
But your mood doesn't seem right. What's wrong?
I'm always in a good mood.
You sure are lucky.
You have literally got a new birth.
So we must celebrate for your safety.
From being the minister of Taragarh...
I've become the father-in-law of Taragarh. Right?
The story is very long and I have little time.
But I will share a last drink with you and explain.
Partner do you know in this world of businessmen...
Honesty only exists between dishonest men like ourselves.
That is why the outcome of cheating for us is terrible.
What I came to explain to you...
You are uttering those very words.
I mean you know what your consequence will be.
The final consequence of every man is death.
But my problem is now I have to live.
The innocent girl I used to satisfy my lust for wealth...
I kept using her.
I have lost my life to her love.
Else I had decided...
I'd cremate you traitor father and son together.
And be hanged for it!
Don't lose your senses like a defeated gambler.
The tables have turned.
Even now I can give you a lifetime's bread and forgive you.
This two penny girl...
You dog! The love because of which you are alive...
Don't insult that love.
If you utter one sound, I'll finish you off!
Because of your betrayal, I'm free of every promise made to you.
Now whatever the Queen Mother decides...
That will be your punishment.
Enmity with the crocodile though you live in the water.
Am I a dog?
My name is Gajendra Singh.
You're still a kid.
Drink this.
Raja, let's go.
So you've come?
Let go! Leave me!
Let go! Scoundrel!
Let go! You sinner! - Calm down princess.
I brought you here to meet Raja.
Forgive Raja. I'm your culprit!
Punish me. Take my life.
Release him, I beg you.
Princess, don't embarrass me.
We are your servants.
Raja's life and death is in your hands.
In my hands?
If you wish Raja lives...
You will have to continue to be Princess Ratna...
...and marry Pratap.
No, Shanno.
Don't ruin your life for me.
No! Don't hurt Raja.
I accept anything you say.
These dogs...
I will take them to their deserving end.
Shut up or I'll pull out your tongue!
You also pay attention.
If you utter one word against me...
It will turn into an order for Raja's execution.
Young man talk with respect.
She's the princess.
Princess, there's very little time.
Please go back to the palace.
It's important you be there before the Queen Mother wakes.
Please come with me.
It's me.
I came to give you water.
Respected lady, I didn't come to deceive you.
But to save you from being deceived.
This sinful world had turned an angel into a monster.
I fell in love with him.
He turned me into your Ratna and brought me here to loot her rights.
I came to fulfill my duty of reforming him.
In the backdrop of your love, my wish came true.
Now I'm going back.
A sinning devotee or your good self.
What's the hurry?
No... go to your room.
Now comes the real test.
You have to save Raja's life.
And also protect that lady's treasure
You mustn't be so sad on such an auspicious day.
You don't seem happy.
There's surely something.
Look at me... what's the matter?
Tell me the truth. I bind you to my promise.
Grandma, I was thinking...
The person because of whom the palace is rejoicing...
You will personally reward him.
But promise me, you won't take my name.
Or he will feel bad.
You don't worry about what I must do or mustn't.
Tell me honestly, are you happy with this wedding?
If you lie to me, you'll see me dead!
Yes you must be frank.
We've served your family for the past 7 generations.
We consider it our duty to lay down our lives for you.
Now in front of me assure the Queen Mother...
...that you are happy with this marriage.
Grandma, I am very happy.
I'm truly happy.
Where is Raj Kumar? He's not to be seen.
The offerings will be done only after he comes.
His presence is essential. - As you command.
The Queen Mother and the Princess ask for Raj Kumar.
Ask him to come here.
Sir, Raj Kumar is here.
Good day Queen Mother.
Welcome Raj Kumar.
Why are you away from us in these moments of joy?
You're missing from the joy you brought to us.
Minister, don't let him leave the palace at all.
Arrange for him to stay right here.
He's very important to us.
As you command.
People are anxious for the ceremony.
Come on.
It's me. - Who?
Tell me your name.
Raja, it's me. Your Shanno. Open the door.
How did these murderers let you out?
My heart can't believe it is you.
What trick are these sinners playing?
Why don't you answer me?
Why don't you speak?
You're not Raja.
Who are you?
Princess, quietly go back to your room.
Scoundrel, let go!
Don't even try to play some stupid stick on the minister.
You don't know him.
He had prepared me even before Raja was called.
Keep in mind my eyes will be on you all the time.
Here, drink water.
Let go!
What have you done? The minister said till the princess is married...
...this man should be alive.
Quickly open the door! - Should I have let you die?
Get out of here fast!
Now I won't live.
I won't take this secret with me.
Quickly call the Queen Mother.
Shanno is the real princess.
Isn't Shanno your daughter?
No... no. - No.
We told the minister this...
Don't beat us. We're saying the truth.
Both of us didn't meet anyone.
We didn't tell anyone anything. We swear by you.
Also she's not our daughter.
Not your daughter? - No.
Whose daughter is she? - Forgive us. We don't know.
That is why we've kept her childhood clothes and locket.
Here... - Take a look.
Look at this...
And this locket...
These clothes and locket are Ratna's.
When did you find this girl? - 12 years ago.
We were going to Kumbh for business.
She was flowing in the river so we saved her.
She was unconscious.
Even after regaining senses, she couldn't tell her address...
We raised her as our own child. That's our only fault.
There he is!
You escape by the forest route. I'll handle these dogs!
This is the Queen Mother's room.
I'll just get back. Take care that nobody goes in.
Who are you?
May you live long son.
The Queen Mother has sent me just to bless you.
She said everything was possible only because of you.
Queen Mother...
Sire, what is your name?
Child, do sages have names?
Yet if you want to know...
My name is Raja.
Who is it? - It's me...
Open the door. I have terrible news.
What's the matter? - It's terrible.
Inform the minister Raja escaped from the fort.
Really? Go back to your duty.
I'll inform the minister.
Terrible news! Raja escaped.
He can enter the palace any moment. - Where has he vanished?
Where are our guards?
You don't have to be upset.
Don't worry.
The entire palace is in the hands of our guards.
If he steps in, he will invite his own death.
The Queen Mother and Princess are prisoners in their rooms.
Take all the treasure into your captivity.
I'd ordered you not to leave the Queen Mother even for a minute.
Go back! - I had to give you this news.
Found the treasure! - Give me the key!
Let me open the door to the treasure.
Let me fulfill my life long dream.
All right. You open it.
This isn't the key. This girl is a cheat.
Cheat? - Yes.
Where's the real key? - Answer.
They real key is with me.
That key doesn't open the royal treasure.
It just exposes the royal betrayers.
I suspected my Ratna was trapped by some crooks.
But I had no idea the traitors...
...were the snake in the grass duo of father and son.
All right. Now you've found the truth.
Give me the real key. - Don't be under the mistake that...
I'll be afraid of barking dogs. - Don't you dare!
Old lady remain in your senses.
Your life and death are in my hands.
Give me the keys if you wish to live.
Arrest these traitors.
What are you waiting for?
Didn't you hear my order?
Old woman, now do you know...
Who the real master of your kingdom is.
Old woman, listen...
If you don't want to cremate your grand daughter in your old age...
Immediately throw the real key.
Queen Mother! Don't give these murderers the key!
I'm not your real Ratna!
Like these sinners, I too am a cheat.
Let me die. That's my punishment!
The grand daughter for whom...
...you sit like a serpent over the royal treasure...
She too is a fraud! Your grand daughter is dead!
Even if God comes and says Ratna is not my grand daughter...
I won't accept it.
My heart can't deceive me!
I can shower the wealth of the world on her.
Here's the key.
Plunder the treasure but don't defile my Ratna with your hands.
Here's your Zaalim Singh.
I'm the original.
Don't you dare!
So minister...
Where have you hidden the proof of the princess being authentic?
Your death dragged you here?
Don't give him an easy death.
He dares oppose me! Gajendra Singh!
Rip him to pieces!
This should be right for you.
Pigs! Throw them down.
I will kill you!
Greed for wealth depraved you!
See the result with your own eyes.
Queen Mother, open the door. I'm Jumman Khan.
What are you waiting for after killing your own son?
Fall at the Queen Mother's feet and atone for your sins.
Tell the Queen Mother...
You hid the real evidence and kept deceiving her.
Yes, Queen Mother.
She's the real Princess.
Forgive me.
Queen Mother, I made you a promise.
If you give some time to this lowly man...
I will skin both these wolves in sheep's clothing...
And put them at your feet.
Both the culprits are at your feet.
God has brought you to your destination.
Be happy.
Queen Mother...
This sinner wishes to fall at your feet and asks to be punished.
Don't touch me.
You've committed no sin.
You're no sinner. You're the angel of my Ratna.
I knew everything.
That is why I trust you and let you sit in the royal treasure.