How to use a Nebulizer Device

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--Introduction Music Plays--
Nebulizers are the most useful for patients with very
poor inspiratory flow rates due to severe airflow
obstruction, and for those with cognitive impairment,
difficulty with manual dexterity, or poor hand-eye
coordination. Various medications can be nebulized,
which include daily maintenance medications, as well as
those that should be taken only when needed.
Let's watch as Casey describes and demonstrates to
Mrs. Ryan how to use and clean the Nebulizer.
Hello Mrs. Ryan, I'm Casey. Hi, Casey.
I'm here today to show you how to use a Nebulizer that
your clinician has prescribed. This is called a set-up
for your Nebulizer. So what you're going to do is,
1st thing you're going to be using this little cup device
to put in a liquid medication that comes in an ampule
like this. Ok. So you twist off the top of the ampule,
you poor it in your little medication cup,
and you close it up.
Now, you're going to put together the mouthpiece
and the T-piece together. Here's the mouthpiece,
and the T-piece.
And lastly, you're going to take the hose,
and the hose is connected to a compressor.
This compressor just pushes air through.
The air aerosolizes that liquid medication in the cup
to be a fine mist for you to inhale. Ok.
So what we'll do is this side will go to the compressor,
and this side's going to go to the medication.
Oh good, color coordinated. So, and what we'll do,
we turn the compressor on,
and now you'll see a fine mist coming out.
You're going to put your mouth over the mouthpiece
and you're going to breathe normally in and out.
Just breathe normally in and out for anywhere from
5 to up to 15 minutes. Ok.
Now you'll know when it's done because the medication
starts to sputter and you know it's pretty much
all finished. Oh, Ok. So when it starts to sputter
you turn off the compressor, you take it apart,
and now what you do, at the end of the day
you're going to be cleaning this part.
You don't clean the tubing, you clean this section,
so you take it apart, and you're going to be
cleaning it with water and white vinegar.
Just like my coffee pot. Correct 3 parts water to 1 part
white vinegar. So you're going to clean the cup,
the mouthpiece, the T-piece and sometimes there's
corrugated tubing off to the other side as you exhale,
and you clean that piece, too. Ok.
So now why don't you show me how to use
the Nebulizer and put it together. Oh boy,
you found out that I'm not mechanical, didn't you?
Let's see, I'm going to put the medication into here.
Correct. And then I'm going to
put the top back on
and I guess then I will, let's see.
Put this. Be careful not to lean too far, or else you'd
spill out your medicine, out the top. Ok.
There, I think I got all the parts together. Good.
Ok, and then the green part goes in the compressor,
and the blue matches with the little medication deal.
Excellent. Ok.
And then just
Excellent, breathe in and out normally.
And how do you know when the medicine's finished?
It sputters. Excellent.
And so now we make like a coffee pot and put it all
in water and vinegar. I have to do this every day?
Yes, because what happens is we don't want bacteria
to grow in the cup or the set-up system. Ok.
We want to keep that clean and ready for your medication.
Ok, and I don't have to redo this,
I don't have to wash that. Correct, and about once a month
you should replace the whole system and have a whole
new system for your Nebulizer. Ok. Any questions at all?
I'm glad I got your phone number. All right.