Mahabharat - Episode 79

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This war is a decisive turn in History
When History wishes to take a turn ...
... no power can dare stop it
Today History has decided to go beyond Bhishma
Even the Kuru warrior knows this
They want to change the direction of the chariot ...
... on which stands Arjun, Shikhandi and History
Krishna holds the reins of the chariot ...
... which moves steadily towards Bhishma
There is Grandsire's flag!
Take my chariot towards Grandsire's chariot
May you live long! May you be successful
I know they are your arrows which strike me
Congratulations Sage Drona! Your disciple is worthy
My head needs support
Dushasan! Get some pillows
These are not worthy of the bed on which I lie
He who has given the bed shall give the pillow
Call Arjun!
As you order!
Give me my Gandiva!
Forgive me Grandsire
I am thirsty
River Ganga provides succour...
... to its own son
There lies fallen on Earth...
... the very sky itself
My respects, mother!
We should leave Grandsire alone in his last moments
How can we do that? He's our Grandsire
I am also the Pandavas' Grandsire
Leave me alone!
All my life I didn't ask for anything
Today I ask for privacy
As you wish!
But we' Il keep coming to see you
The light of the Kuru clan ...
... lies felled today
The entire community of brave warriors ...
... salute him and pay their homage
A pure Soul in a pure Age
White clothes to match his age
Where can one find ...
... such a unique warrior
Every arrow stained with blood
Every eye a weapon
Every person wept with grief
Every Veda was chanted
Arjun touches his feet ...
... with a wounded heart
Krishna stands in silence ...
... spreading his holy influence
Who can understand my helplessness but you?
Isn't my understanding to be expected?
You'll always be remembered for your loyalty and Truth
Man will salute you in every era
Let's go, my son!
How can I go, mother?
I have sworn an oath that ...
... till Hastinapur is fully secured ...
... I'll not give up my life
My son .. this pain
My very life is a pain, mother
However, if Hastinapur is secure then ...
... my life will have been successful
Tonight's a terrible night
In Kurukshetra none apart from Bhishma ...
... Lying on a bed of arrows is at rest
No warrior had ever won such a bed ...
... nor will they ever win it
Great men are not born in every era
O India! Thou art honoured that ...
... a great man such as Bhishma was born here
Words fail before his greatness
Even I am honoured by his touch
This is not an arrow but a medal of honour
His every breath ...
... is a honourable gift from the Creator
If any other person breathes like that ...
... he will be immortalised
O Pride of India!
O son of Kunti, Arjun!
Today you have paid the debt ...
... of my love and belief in your valour
It was not valour but cowardice
I let loose my arrows from behind Shikhandi
Shame on Arjun and his Gandiva!
These arrows which have wounded you ...
... are all mine
I shall never forgive myself ...
... for this grave crime. Never!
Don't talk like a child!
Shikhandi was my Fate and your strategy
Doesn't a warrior use a shield?
Shikhandi was your shield
I could not pierce that shield
Victory at this price is expensive
Victory at any price is cheap
Save your tears, Arjun
The duel is now over
Just think, my child
I, too, was wearing the shield of wishful death
Should a warrior use such a shield?
I cannot even throw away this shield!
My shield is linked to Hastinapur's future
That's why I told you last night ...
... to use Shikhandi as a shield ...
... so that we'll be equal in duel
I with my boon of wishful death and ...
... you with Shikhandi as a shield
When we were equal, you defeated me
No Grandsire! No!
In my defeat lay my honour
My defeat has ensured Hastinapur's security
So, do not insult your victory with tears
Now go to your tent and rest
Tomorrow you have to light again
Lying on this bed of arrows given by you ...
... I am glad to see you march towards victory
Till today you waged war with your Grandsire
Tomorrow you'll light your teacher, Sage Drona
Fight him with all your will so that ...
... he, too, will be proud to call you his disciple
If you defeat him he will also bless you ...
... like I blessed you after my defeat
Stop weeping, my child! For my sake!
May you live long!
May you be victorious
What happened?
I am coming from Sanjay's house
What happened to Sanjay?
Hastinapur lies on a bed of arrows ...
... wearing a robe of blood
What's happened to Grandsire?
Tell me Vidur!
Ethics says that ...
... one should look at who sits on the throne
It is wrong to see the Past in the Present
Grandsire made the mistake of ...
... seeing his lather's image in Hastinapur's King
The result was ...
... Arjun made him lie on a bed of arrows
Is Grandsire ...
He is still living!
He is sworn to live till ...
... Hastinapur is secure
He will have to witness the deaths ...
... of many young Kuru warriors
Maybe that is his repentance
Will you go to pay your respects?
I cannot bear to see him wounded
The image that I have of him ...
... should remain unaltered
White clothes, white hair ...
... Pure Soul
His death will mean ...
... the end of a Pure Age
A Great Soul with a Lustrous personality ...
... will not be born again
, So, come Sister Kunti Let us ...
... mourn for Grandsire on Hastinapur's behalf
My respects!
May you live long
My respects!
Sit Kunti!
How did you think of me ...
... after so long?
When you do come, you meet only Gandhari
You have every right to think ...
... I did an injustice to your sons
But don't they mean anything to me?
I am unhappy about the injustice done to them
But what about the injustice done to me?
What are you saying?
If I thought of justice and injustice ...
... I would be in my sons' camp
You are their Elder Father and they are your sons
I will not interfere
If I did interfere, I would ask you questions
I did not even ask you how you could keep quiet ...
... at Draupadi's disrobing
As a mother I have many problems
At this moment I am here ...
... to mourn the death of ...
... the greatest Kuru warrior and Elder
Who felled this great warrior?
Your son Arjun
What would you have done ...
... in Arjun's place?
Don't ask questions
Was it right to kill ...
... a great man like Bhishma for some land?
Arjun was not even willing to light but ...
... your nephew Krishna provoked him
The result is ...
... Arjun carries the guilt of Grandsire's death
The Future will decide ...
... who's responsible for Grandsire's death
I have often told you, my lord ...
... you are Dhritirashtra
Don't allow the nation to break apart
For you, the nation and the throne were one
The result is : my sons are dying
Hastinapur is barren
It's not too late
Try for a truce with Grandsire's help
Grandsire has always sided with the Pandavas
Understand one thing!
War begins when both sides are beyond truce
There can be no truce after war begins
You can either win or lose
If you wish to go to Grandsire ...
... do go there
Give him my respects
Tell him ...
... if it was right for a king to leave his capital ...
... when at war I would have surely come
My respects!
I am all alone now, Duryodhan! All alone!
When Bhishma could not stop Arjun ...
... who can stop him?
You will stop him!
I have only come to tell you ...
... that you are now the Commander of my army
Will you also say that ...
... I should not light under your flag?
If you are so eager to light then ...
... do light
Like Grandsire, will you say that ...
... you won't kill the Pandavas?
I won't say that but ...
... I will not promise that
They may die at my hands
Or I may die at their hands
Anything can happen on the battlefield
I am not a Kuru
So, my decisions are limited
I cannot say who I will kill and whom I won't
As long as I am on your side ...
... to light your enemies is my duty
O Karna! Welcome to the Kuru army
My respects!
O best among Indians!
Forgive me for all my past and future Sins
I pay my respects
O son of Kunti, Karna!
Both you and I know ...
If you knew this then ...
... why didn't you allow me to light under your flag ?
For two reasons
First, you were blinded by your expectations
Such a warrior should never wage war
The second reason was that ...
... so many brave warriors will be killed in this war ...
... that India will be bereft of warriors
If you light this war ...
... either Arjun or you will survive
And I wanted ...
... both of you to survive ...
... because warriors like you are not born again and again
You are not of Bharat's clan
For me, every brave warrior is of my clan
My child! Stop this war if you can
If you can't and if you must light ...
... light for the Pandavas
If I do that ...
... how can I pay back Duryodhan's debt
You know the value of an oath
So, allow me to light for Duryodhan
You were compelled to light for Duryodhan
I, too, am helpless
I cannot give you an order
All I can say is that ...
... O Karna! Do your duty!
In a Holy War every man is alone
He has to decide on his own
All the warriors who have gathered here ...
... whichever camp they belong to, are alone
Who else but you ...
... can understand what loneliness is
May you be successful
O Kunti!
You should be proud to be Karna's mother
Congratulations Kunti!
Bhishma lies on a bed of arrows ...
... talking to Karna
It is the duty of warriors ...
... to always side with Truth