How Blind People Use The iPhone 4S - Accessibility, Twitter, You Tube, Siri

Uploaded by TommyEdisonXP on 10.04.2012

Today, I want to show you how the iPhone works.
A lot of you guys have been askin',
I see you using an iPhone, but how does it work for you?
Well, I'm gonna show ya.
So a lot of devices have this thing that you probably never even thought to use, or check out or anything -
It's called accessibility.
(female iPhone voiceover voice) accessibility button
(Tommy) That will show you all different sorts of things.
How to turn the speech on and off of your phone,
to white on black, black on white, maybe mono audio.
There's all sorts of different things to do, so,
I just use the voiceover one, and it works incredible.
(voiceover) voiceover on button.
(Tommy) But it's a very cool thing, and it allows me to use this thing that has a touchscreen
(voiceover) 1:04
...just like you do.
(voiceover) slide double tap
So each thing...
(voiceover) double tap to open
(Tommy) Touch it once, it tells you what it is, twice to perform the action.
(voiceover) notes
(Tommy) And then to move to the different screens,
3 fingers to go left like this
(voiceover) page 2 game center
So let me show you how some of this stuff works.
(voiceover) Twitter double tap to open
(Tommy) So lets.
Alright, so let's see what's going on in the Twitter universe today.
(voiceover) chris moyles for those watching love machine
the girl next to me is actually eight foot tall which is why i look short
Why don't I tweet something?
(voiceover) new tweet button
(voiceover) text field is editing
So, when I tweet, I generally cheat and use Siri.
It's easier that way.
(voiceover) dictate
Happy Easter comma from the Blind Film Critic.
(voiceover) happy easter from the blind film critic
Seems pretty innocuous. Nice little tweet, so let's put it up.
(voiceover) tweet button
(Tommy) One of the things I don't think people get, is when they talk to Siri,
if you add the punctuation yourself -
it works so well.

Alright, so let's try YouTube now.
I mean, jeez, if this is our home.
(voiceover) youtube double...
So, let's look at the bottom here, all the stuff is down here.
(voiceover) selected feature tap one of five
(Tommy) I know her so well.
(voiceover) most viewed
(voiceover) search
(Tommy) search
(voiceover) favorites
(Tommy) Favorites.
(voiceover) more
(Tommy) and more, right? So let's go to favorites.
See what's going on in the world.
(voiceover) favorites the hunger games 2012
star bright eyes movie review star
(Tommy) Alright.
(voiceover) 340
(Tommy) 340 views.
(voiceover) duration 6 minutes 9 seconds
100 percent like submitted by brighteyeslonglashes
(Tommy) Brightyass?
Sorry, love that's the way it says it. I can't help it.
(voiceover) submitted by brighteyeslonglashes hunger games 2 thou-
(voiceover) landscape
(voiceover) controls lit
(woman on video) ...wonderful the weather is in Manchester
(Tommy) Alright, so there you go, that's Hunger Games, that's the way YouTube works.
Thank you so much.
(voiceover) new notification from messages 404
dupuzder at blindfilmcritic um it's only palm sunday
Wait, it is, isn't it? Easter is next week.
♪ [bumper music]

(voiceover) swipe up or down to adjust the value
(Tommy) Who knew you could do that?
(voiceover) physical and motor heading
assistive touch button
(Tommy) Assistive touch? That costs a lot of money on 11th Avenue in Manhattan.
(voiceover) assistive touch