USAJOBS Advance Search

Uploaded by USOPM on 16.03.2012

Hi. I'm Allan Tidwell of the USAJOBS program office.
Today, we'll take a look at the Advanced Search functionality of USAJOBS.
This the USAJOBS main screen at
From the USAJOBS main screen, click on the “Advanced Search” link. You can also access
the Advanced Search by clicking the “Search Jobs” menu located at the top of each page
then selecting Advanced Search.
You are not required to have an account or be signed into USAJOBS in order to search
for a job but you are required to have an account and be signed in before saving a search
or applying for a job.
From the Advanced Search screen you are able to select search criteria from several different
Searches can be as broad or refined as you would like.
The most widely used search criteria Keyword, Title, Series, Salary and Pay Grade appear
at the top of the page.
To run an Advanced Search, you must enter at least one of the following:
Occupational series
Once you have entered specific search criteria, click on the “Search Jobs” button. Current
job opportunity announcements matching your criteria will then display.
Let’s perform a search!
In this example we will perform a keyword search on the word “Analyst”.
Enter the word “Analyst” in the keyword field and click “Search Jobs,”
You will see that several results display.
Once on the Search Results page, you will be able to browse through all current job
opportunity announcements containing the keyword “analyst.”
You will also have the option to Refine Your Results to view “Jobs for U.S. Citizens”
or “Jobs for Federal Employees.”
Under “You Added,” you will see the specific search criteria entered on the Advanced Search
page, with the options to “Remove” or “Clear all and start new search.”
Your search results can be viewed according to each of the categories on the left side
of the page.
For example, selecting “Agency” will display how many agencies have announcements containing
“Analyst” and the number of announcements within those agencies containing “Analyst.”
To refine your search results, you can click on any of the refiner options or return to
the Advanced Search page and enter additional, more specific search criteria. Criteria will
not be displayed if there are no announcements which match.
Let’s return to the Advanced Search page.
Within the Location Search, you can choose a world region or search the US for a state
and select either all or some cities/locales within that state.
You may also choose to select All United States. Simply press the “Add” button to add any
locale that you have highlighted. This process may be repeated for as many states/locales
that you wish to add to your search.
Within the Agency Search, you can choose an Agency and then select any sub agencies. Like
Location Search, press the “Add” button to add any agency and sub agency that you
have highlighted. This process may be repeated for as many agencies/sub agencies that you
wish to add to your search.
The Occupational Series field allows you to scroll through the list of all occupational
series and select multiple series to be included in your search.
Within the Applicant Eligibility section, there are several programs identified to which
you may be associated. Links to descriptions of these programs are provided.
You can designate to confine your search only to:
Senior Executive Service positions
Exclude positions older than 30 days
You can also indicate the
Type of Work
Work Schedule
Order to sort your results by
Refine the search by posting date
Select the blue question marks for an explanation of each search field.
Once you have entered any additional search criteria, click “Search Jobs” to view
more specific search results.
We will now perform a search using the following criteria
Keyword Search -Analyst
Location Search -All United States
Agency Search –All Department of Defense
Type of Work –Permanent
Click Search Jobs and you will now see a more refined list of search results.
To the right of the Job title there is a link to a “Quick View” of the job opportunity
announcement, which is a condensed version of the job opportunity announcement.
Clicking on the “More Like This” link will display job opportunity announcements
with similar titles and grade levels.
To view the entire job announcement, click on the “View Job” link at the bottom of
the Quick View or the highlighted and underlined job title on the Search Results page
The complete job opportunity announcement will then display.
You can either scroll through the entire announcement, click on the tabs at the top of the screen,
or use the dropdown to view a specific area of the announcement
From the job opportunity announcement, you are able to do the following:
Apply Online
Print Preview
Save Job
Share Job
If you require additional information or assistance, please review the contents of the Resource
Center or contact USAJOBS customer support through the Contact Us page.