{ENG SUB} EXO-M reavealing game cut on Music Billboard 120425

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Let's understand EXO-M's other side: offstage.
First question: amongst the six members, who cares about outer appearances the most?
Kris. It seems you were picked the most.
Is that so?
How can you guys do this to me?
If it were me, and I had to pick one of the six of you by just looking at your appearances, I would definitely pick you.
I wouldn't even have to think.
Why? How long do you take to get ready?
I don't take that long.
Then why did they chose you? Lay, why did you pick him?
~Lay: Because -- ~MC: I get the feeling that you're an honest person, tell me the truth.
Before he sleeps, he likes to rub stuff on (his face), and often does it on my right side.
What do you mean by that?
For instance, if I"m doing other stuff, for example, if I'm using my computer to make songs, Leader will suddenly come on my right side with a mirror, and start rubbing things on.
For about how long?
About... 30 minutes. 15 minutes.
What was he rubbing on? Have you see before?
No, I didn't pay attention.
So you don't care? You don't learn from him?
I just let him rub his stuff.
Who else picked Kris?
Tao, did you pick Kris?
Actually, when Leader and I go out shopping or something, he always fixes his hair. He fixes his hair for a long time.
Everytime, I'm already done putting my shoes on, and I say, "Leader, you're still not coming out yet?"
He says, "Okay, okay, in a moment."
After he says that, I still have to wait 5-10 minutes.
5-10 minutes.
The first question, everyone picked the leader. The leader doesn't seem to admit to this situation.
Next, we'll ask the second question. Out of the six of you, who loves to joke around the most?
Oh, it's really you! On the outside, you look very honest.
Luhan, you talk. I think you pick people very clearly.
Just, sometimes after a very cool performance, offstage he'll be like a kid. Likes to joke. Likes to mess around.
Is his joke the kind of warm playing around, or the kind of playing cute and innocent?
It's the very warm kind. The kind that gets everyone to laugh.
Can you tell jokes?
Then how do you joke around?
It's just that whenever I say something, everyone laughs.
Lay-hyung's expressions are really funny.