From Bench to Bedside: Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) - Penn State

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>> Translational research is taking research discoveries from what we call the laboratory
bench but that could include not only what we typically think of as a laboratory where
there are scientists doing biochemical research or molecular biology research for example
but other forms of fundamental research, it could be in engineering, it could be in the
social sciences, it could be in physics, and then ask the important questions about human
biology and human health and translating that research from the bench over to the clinical
areas where we would have an opportunity to do clinical research studies but also to design
systems of care.
>> Through Penn State CTSI is an institute that's designed to decrease the time that
it takes to go from discovery to clinical strategy and it builds on the concept that
scientific endeavor does better when there's collaboration and integration of different
>> Because this is a Penn State award it's not a State College award, it's not a Hershey
award it's a Penn State award, it helps us continue the process of consolidating our
activity and working together with colleagues across Penn State in order to improve human
>> It's going to be able to bring together researchers who don't typically talk to one
another, who can learn from one another around issues of health. It's going to bring together
researchers with clinicians and with community members to help us all figure out what we
need to do to make Americans healthier.
>> So we will support a number of people for up to five years of support per person so
that they can learn the methods necessary to be able to help the community and to study
clinical and translational research. We're also going to develop new programs and we're
going to support educational efforts that will allow students to develop dual degrees
so they will have a major and perhaps a minor in clinical and translational research.
>> We know a lot about what it takes to live healthy lifestyles what we're not so good
at is getting Americans to behave in ways that will maintain their health and I think
what the CTSI will allow us to do is engage with communities, engage with the public to
find out from people on the ground what the barriers are to living healthy lifestyles
and what scientists, what universities need to do to help promote human health.
>> We are one of the only academic health centers in the country that is located in
a unique geographic area like this, most academic health centers in the nation typically located
in urban areas so we have some unique opportunities as part of our community service mission,
our community outreach mission to focus on world populations, to focus on underserved
>> Those of us who are here now will not always be here and it's our sacred responsibility
to educate the next generation of physicians and biomedical scientists. The CTSA, the award,
provides us with two brand new programs for training medical scientists, physician scientists
for the future.
>> Receiving a grant like this is an opportunity to benefit not only science, not only patient
care, not only community service and to create new educational programs here but to also
be a real boost in the arm for our local and regional economy across central Pennsylvania
and that's terrific and that's part of our mission.
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