The Agony of Love (1961) English subs - فيلم إشاعة حب

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Did you hear the rumour spreading around, Zeinat?
The rumour about Hind and Hussien? All of Port Said is talking about it.
I didn't believe it until I saw it myself.
At first I thought it was just a rumour, but then I discovered that it's true.
Gamal el-Leithy presents:
Omar Sharif // Soad Hosny
in: The Agony of Love (literal translation "Rumour of Love")
costarring Abd el-Monem Ibrahim, Ehsan Sherif, Wedad Hamdy, and Zeinat Elwy
Youssef Wahby
The football star Adel Hikal
And the guest of honour Hind Rostom
Story adapted from "the Whole Town's Talking" play by John Emerson and Anita Loos
Directed by Fatin Abd el-Wahab
Yes, madam.
Madam Bahiga? Yes, hello!
Of course, he's here.
What's he doing? He's at the meeting.
Board of directors, madam.
But someone called here a while ago and said that he isn't at work.
That's not just one. They are many.
Mr. Abd el-Kader instructed me not to tell anyone he's here since he always has a meeting.
Is that so? Well, put him on the line.
Yes, madam
What's the matter, Mahrous? Didn't I tell you I was busy?
It's home on the line, sir.
OK, excuse me just a moment.
How are you, Bahiga?
As you can see, I'm drowning in work.
What are you doing, Abd el-Mohaymen? He made a mistake. What's done is done.
Can you imagine, dear, that Abd el-Mohaymen sent a shipment of corsets to Tanganyika?
It's crazy.
It's all right.
Yes, dear, I'm going to be a little late.
You go on and sleep now.
Good night! You too, Abd el-Kader!
Take this and pray. God bless you, sir!
Hello? Mahrous? What's the forecast?
All is well.
The madam called and you answered despite being very busy at the meeting.
And the Tanganyika shipment and.. Well done, Sherlock Holms!
Good job, Mahrous, good job!
Go on and get some rest.
Good morning! Good morning!
Good morning! Good morning, sir!
Good morning, aunt! (his uncle's wife) Good morning!
Where's my uncle? He's still asleep.
Until now?
He only came before dawn May God help him.
I don't know how can he bear such burden all by himself.
Yesterday, for example, he kept awake at the board of directors for a long time.
And you know the meetings and how they could be such a headache.
And he didn't leave after that, no.
He took Mrs. Flaflafokas and Mr. Flaflafokas and showed them around the city till morning.
What should he do? Work demands so.
Good morning! Good morning, uncle!
What did you do, Mahrous? I stayed up until 6 am till I dropped them off at the port.
They kept waving to me "byebye, byebye" from the ship.
And madam Flaflafocos.. "Flaflafakes" Flaflafakes, hm, is very thankful to you.
Where's Hussien?
He'll be here in 3 minutes.
Remind us of something appetizing Why do you say that?
I don't know, I just said it.
I'll go make the crepe suzette.
Let the cook make it this time.
See, only two families can make the crepe suzette.
Tabaq Zada family and my family. Yes, the Saltah Balta Zada family.
And this recipe is passed down from our great, great ancestors And I could never give out its secret to anybody.
Like she found out how to make a nuclear bomb.
Listen, Mahrous. Find Hussien and make sure that he knows I was at work all night, in case his aunt (his uncle's wife) asks him.
And then I went out along with Mr. Flaflafakes and Mrs. Flaflafakes..

And do you think Hussien will lie?
He must this time! Or it'll be a scene!
Come on, hurry up!
Won't you eat your breakfast? Yes, but I forgot to make a call.
So that's what you call crepe georgette or crepe suezette that nobody can make except two in the African continent?
Of course!
Thank God, if all the families could make this recipe it would be a disaster.
What do you mean?
Honestly, that crepe georgette of yours gives me a stomach ache in my vermiform appendix the 12th
Listen, enough of this nonsense. Come on, do me a favour, Hussien.
Do you want me to lie?
Just once. No, over my dead body I won't.
Good morning! Good morning! Hello!
Why are you blabbering in the morning? And what's this you're keeping a secret?
When you ask me, I will tell you Did someone ask you?
What's up, Mahrous? It's a matter between me and him I don't want to tell you about.
But he's determined that he must tell you.
Stop lying! Pass the sugar.
Tell me what's going on, Hussien?
.I will never tell you until you ask me
I'm no secret teller.
How can I ask you about something I don't even know?
When you know it ask me then.
Enough of that. Eat up, Hussien. The tax collectors must be waiting for us.
How delicious!
Eat up, Hussien. Your aunt cooked that recipe with her feet.. hands.
Only two families can make it.
There's nothing like it.
How disgusting!
Disgusting? The crepe suzette is digusting?
You have neither taste for food nor drink.
I'm free to taste what I like.
The saying goes "Eat what you like" Continue the saying, Hussien.
"..and wear what the people like"
Does what you're wearing appeal to anyone?
You've caused us quite a scandal in town.
Is that a suit for a respectable gentleman?
And is that a dress for a woman about to turn 50 years?
How foolish! What's that crazy talk, Hussien? Look at her. She's still enjoying her youth.
What is it? That's my opinion and everyone's entitled to theirs.
But not with such arrogance.
I'm like that. I'll live and die like that.
Never mind him, Bahiga. He's still young and rash.
Madam, Ms. Samiha is calling from Cairo. Hurry, hurry!
Hello? Samiha?
Do you have to speak French now?
Hello? Samoha. It's your father.
How are you, my dear? We miss you so much.
What time will you arrive?
Really? At 2.30?
Samiha, Port Said is dark without you Don't be late!
You'll arrive today? 2.30 train? Very well!
Tell me, what do you want for lunch? Sayadia fish or grilled?
Come on, you have to choose. You must not be eating well.
All right, dear. Take care. Goodbye!
Let's go. We'll be late for work.
Don't worry, I'll let you marry her.
Samiha, boy!
Are you serious, uncle? Of course, I'm serious.
What's the matter? Samiha may refuse.
Where else she'll find someone like you?
A straightforward, hard-working young man.
But such pity. Not everything is perfect Why?
You have one flaw What is it?
You have to change your temper. No need for that upright honesty that always tend to get you in trouble.
So I have to become a liar and hypocrite? There's something called a white lie.
That doesn't hurt anyone.
On the contrary, sometimes it helps people.
They are all called lies.
Then let your honesty with Bahiga make her accept your marriage from Samiha.
Why? Won't she accept?
What kind of man would tell a woman that she's 50 years old?
I even subtracted 5 years.
Good morning, sir.
Hey, Miss!
Do you work in a company or a cabaret?
A company, of course.
But that clown-makeup you put on is not for companies, understood?
Over a 100 employees come in my office everyday.
If everyone of them looked at you for a minute, the company would lose a 100 minutes.
Please remove that makeup.
I don't want this farce to happen again.
We're sorry, sir.
Why didn't he come yesterday?
I'm very sorry, sir.
Let Mahmoud effendi send them by express mail.
Yes, sir.
Oh my! The director-general must sign this immediately!
Just come along with us and you'll never regret it.
Where's uncle?
He must sign this letter right away!
No entrance, the red light is on.
The red light is on, eh? Where did he go?
I don't know.
I'll break your neck if you don't tell me.
I told you, I have no idea.
If this letter is not signed and sent to the bank before 12, the company will lose 50 thousand pounds!
Oh my!
Tell me where did he go?
At the club.
Wait here.
This flower is to show my love.
I sprinkled it with my tears and stayed up beside it all night long
Here, sign this paper quickly.
What is it?
A loss of 50 thousand pounds if not sent to the bank before 12.
Go pick up Samiha from the station after work.
All right.
Come on, ask that flower and it'll tell you what's inside my heart.
Hello? Who's speaking?
Madam Bahiga?
Of course, he's here.
Put him on the line
Yes, madam.
Wait a moment, Abd el-Muhaymen
Who's on, Mahrous?
Home, sir.
Yes, Bahiga.
I'm sorry I won't be able to talk for long.
Abd el-Muhaymen, are you going to send the blankets to Congo?
To do what with them?
Congo is hot!
Yes, Bahiga.
Take the car now and go the station to pick up Samiha.
You just heard yourself.
He'll send blankets to Congo.
If I don't do everything myself, it won't work.
How very strange, Abd el-Kader.
Which is more important? Your work or your daughter?
Is the fish ready?
In the name of God..
What's wrong?
Anyway, I'll try to finish work quickly.
And hurry to the station.
Enough of that now, you just blew our cover!
Are you blind-hearted and deaf too?
What's wrong with your voice, Bahiga, my darling?
Bahiga who, you idiot.
I'm Abd el-Kader
You arrived?
Rest in peace.
I'll show you.
You have to fire that Mahrous right now!
I'm the director of the company.
Of course, you'll keep him to cover for your games.
Mahrous does that for your own sake.
My own sake?
Yes, he knows that you get jealous of everything.
I'm jealous?
For who?
For someone like you?
Jealousy is a feeling and you have absolutely none.
Fine. And you insult me too?
How dare you?
It's my fault I let you do that.
Oh, so why don't you slap me on the face, if that will make you feel better then.
Abd el-Kader, son of Nashash'y!
Listen, Bahiga, daughter of Saltah!
That son of Nashash'y is the one who made you live in luxury.
The one who paid your father's debts after he went bankrupt.
Shut up, you old grey-haird man!
Your daughter's about to get married. You should be embarrased of yourself.
Thank God, she's been living in Cairo all this time.
Yes, thank God, otherwise she would have learnt your arrogance and haughtiness!
I cannot stay with you anymore.
You have to divorce me!
I would love to, only if it wasn't for Samiha.
I'm telling you, divorce me!
Divorce me!
You are...
Thank you, Folla.
She's here, madam, she's here!
Who's she? Who's she?
Ms. Samiha!
Daughter, my darling!
Hello, aunt!
Hello, my dear!
How are you?
(Speaks French). How are you?
I missed you a lot!
Hey, you!
Yes, sir.
I need a mechanic to look at the car.
Yes, sir.
I missed you very much, my daughter.
How are you, father? You too!
Bonjour, uncle. Comment tallez-vous?
Who's she, Samiha? A friend of yours?
She? Come on, father. Don't you know Lucy?
Who's she? I've never seen her before.
What happened to you, father? He's a boy!
That's a boy?
In the name of God.. No, daughter, it cannot be.
Father, that's Lucy, aunt Fakiha's son.
My, my..
Sorry, Lucy, I only knew you when you were just very little.
He's been living in Europe for a long time.
As soon as he got graduated from Victoria College, he went abroad.
He got a M.A. in dancing, father.
Masters in dancing?
Well, well.
Well done.
And what do you work, Lucy?
Oh, nothing.
My father's the one who works.
And I'm the one who spends.
I feel very sorry for you.
Cute, uncle. Cute.
How come this is called a man?
Didn't you say you were coming by train?
Lucy insisted that I come with him in his car.
You rode with a strange man?
He's not a man, father.
That's what I've been saying!
I mean, he's not a stranger. He's my cousin.
Yes, Hussien.
Sorry, wrong number.
Hussien! How are you?
It's Samiha.
S.. Samiha?
It's you?
How come?
Where are you talking from?
Welcome back!
I'm waiting for you at the station.
You're not coming?
No, I came in Lucy's car, aunt Fakiha's son.
OK, I'm coming right away.
Au revoir, Hussien.
The mechanic is on his way, sir.
I have missed you so much, mother! You more, darling!
Come sit with me and tell me all about Cairo.
Hi, Samiha!
Hello! Hello!
Welcome back!
Thank you! How are you, Zizi? I really missed you!
How are you, girls?
How did you know I arrived?
We saw you in the car. I told Lola and here we are.
Hi, kids.
That's Lucy, my cousin.
How do you do?
Pleased to meet you, baby.
How are you?
(Speaking Italian)
Hi, baby!
Your cousin, for real?
Yes, of course!
Why didn't we see him before then?
He's been living in Europe for years.
He studied there and can speak quite a lot of languages!
I can see.
English, French. Spanish and Italian.
Marvelous! Marvelous! C'est formidable!
Turkish, too!
Of course, he learnt it from his parents.
And my grandfather, Saltah Baba.
May your grandfather rest in peace!
Lucy doesn't only speak these languages.
And I sing them!
And I dance them too!
You dance them, too?
Yes, uncle. I dance them too.
(Singing in Italian)
How cute!
Turkish. Sing in Turkish, Lucy.
Get off of me!
Hey, did you inspect the car?
Lucy, that's Hussien.
Who's Hussien?
My cousin.
That is your cousin? Yes.
Why unbelievable? What's that you don't like?
His clothes..
What's wrong with his clothes?
A man who doesn't have time for slacking around.
He works day and night.
He doesn't have a father that spoils him so he could stay jobless.
What's wrong with that?
Nothing at all. I didn't say anything.
Pleased to meet you, Mr.. Hussien.
I'm Lucy.
Pleased to meet you too.
How are you, Samiha?
I'm fine. How are you, Hussien?
Welcome back.
Thank you.
I.. I waited for you at the station.
I'm very sorry, Hussien.
OK, excuse me.
All right.
Such a joke, this Hussien.
Listen, Samiha. We'll leave now.
That soon?
Yes, we have to get ready for the dance party at the club tonight.
Won't you come, Samiha?
She has to.
Where to? Are you going out?
Yes, father.
OK, listen. I'll wait for you till you come home.
All right. Don't be late.
Excuse me.
Do you agree to this nonsense?
What nonsense?
Letting your daughter go out with a complete stranger.
Isn't he her cousin?
That's not enough.
And they like each other.
Yeah? Listen here. I know everything.
Where else will you find a better husband for Samiha than Lucy?
Lucy? That useless, jobless kid that have nothing better to do than pluck his eyebrows.
Don't say useless!
He's rich and doesn't need to work.
Rich, millionare, or emperor, I don't like him!
He causes me abdominal pain.
How very strange!
Are you the one who's going to marry him?
I'm Samiha's father and I'm responsible for her.
And I know who's best for her.
And who might that be?
Who? Hussien?
Yes, Hussien.
You want Samiha to marry Hussien?
Hussien? He's a mockery to everyone.
Hussien that doesn't know how to tie a cravat until now.
Whom Lucy thought was the mechanic.
Hussien that was a mere typist in the company.
So what?
But with his diligence he became the company's agent.
That's the only person who can make Samiha happy.
Unlike your newphew who has a masters in nonsense.
Well, I prefer that type to be my daughter's husband.
Who will commit to his marriage after that.
Better than someone who knows nothing at all.
And then starts playing around, Abd el-Kader.
You get me?
If you let Samiha marry Hussien, do you know what'll happen?
One day they'll become misrable, just like us.
You and I!
Samiha will marry no one but Lucy.
Samiha will marry Hussien!
I swear on my great Saltah Baba's grave she will marry no one but Lucy!
And I swear on my grandfather's grave, Abd Rabbu el-Nashash'y, that she'll marry Hussien!
Is that so?
All right! We'll see whose words shall stand.
Days are between us, Bahiga, we'll see.
My uncle. This is my uncle.
Yes, uncle.
Listen, come see me right away.
Here, at home.
And bring a suit with you.
What will I do with your suit?
A new suit.
No, not for me.
For Hussien. For Hussien?
Why? Are we going to a wedding?
Don't talk much. Just do as I tell you.
Just hurry.
Come on, get up.
And the company's work?
The future of the company's agent is more important than the company itself.
The company's agent? You mean me?
Yes, you. Come on!
Sit down.
Open your ears and listen carefully.
I'm listening.
I promised to let you marry Samiha.
Yes. Why? Did you change your mind?
No, I didn't but..
But what? Something wrong?
Yes, there is. Lucy. Wake up.
Lucy? She's impressed by him. He dances and sings for her all day.
And she's young, she likes those sort of things.
And during that time he's flirting with her, you're not even taking care of your appearance!
What's wrong with that?
What's wrong? The suit you're wearing, a 1900's model.
And that bow tie you're suffocating yourself with.
What's my appearance got to do with that?
Is she going to marry me or my suit?
These are all little things.
Those little things will never make Samiha think of you.
I could talk to her, maybe slap her to wake her up.
That seems like a good solution.
Althought she's delicate, she may not take it.
Even if it worked, you both will live in misery just like me.
And keep fighting day and night.
So what should we do?
That Lucy kid.. you have to stand up to him and win the girl's heart.
Win her heart? How? That's why I'm here.
Go on.
You don't look too well. You have to completely change your look.
No girl will like you if you stay that way.
Honestly, If I was a girl and you flirted with me I would slap you on your face.
Flirting is a type of art.
How do you want me to flirt?
I'll help you. I'll tell you how.
Leave that over there and come, Mahrous. All right.
Tell me, Hussien, if you meet a nice, cute girl and you wanted to flirt with her.
What kind of poetry will you use to make her fall?
I don't know.
All right. Open your eyes and ears.
Look, Mahrous is the nice, cute girl that you want to flirt with.
I'll shut the door lest the centipede hears us!
Now let's rehearse.
That cute girl. How beautiful! How beautiful!
I remember this beauty.
I believe we met when you won the beauty contest in Ras el Bar.
See? Like that.
Such pity, you didn't become like your uncle.
Go on, your turn.
I saw you before in Ras el Bar when you won the 1st prize in the beauty contest.
No, you didn't.
What's that?
When she tells you "no", tell her "I'm sure that I saw you before".
"I can never forget such pretty face."
"That beautiful smile and silk hair."
Spice things up, you see.
Go on!
Move it!
But I'm sure that I saw you before.
I could never forget this.. pretty face. This beautiful smile and silk hair.
Must I say "silk hair"?
She ran away.
Yes, it worked. She fell for you. Come on, it may just work out for you.
I'm the happiest man in the world. Why?
Because in my arms I have the most beautiful, most delicate girl in the world.
You told that to how many before me?
Just listen to what my hearts says.
What does it say?
It says "Samiha, Samiha" every heartbeat it says "Samiha."
I wonder what he's saying to her.
I don't know what does he like about her.
May I have this dance, mademoiselle?
Sorry, I feel tired.
Why didn't you dance with him?
He's silly.
Go on, go on.
Who's that?
That's Hussien, my cousin.
The mechanic?
After her.
Her of all people?
Come on now, don't embarras us.
Listen, Mahrous. It's better if I just leave.
Don't be a coward. Do you want me to push you?
No, I'll just leave.
No, wait here. After all these rehearsals.
I believe we've met before.
Who? Hussien?
Did you shave your mustache?
I believe we met in Ras el Bar last summer.
How chic too.
You've changed completely.
I could never forget this pretty face, this beautiful smile and silk hair.
What are you waiting for?
My heart is racing! Racing? You're doing very well, just like the rehearsal.
Whistle at her.
Like a curlew. Come on!
Every beat in my heart asks about you and every breath calls for you.
Listen, can you dance cha-cha-cha?
What? Come on, let's dance.
I.. I am very sorry.
It's okay.
If you don't know how to dance, why do you?!
Why did you do that, Hussien?
She just mocked you in front of everyone.
Will you marry me, Samiha?
Marry you?
I have conditions about the person I'm going to marry, Hussien.
He has to be open-minded. Can dance and talk.
A man who knows everything, like they say.
And those characteristics are not in you, Hussien.
And Lucy has them, right?
Bonjour, uncle.
Bonjour, aunt. Bonjour, my dear. Sit down.
Take another seat. That's Hussien's.
Hussien won't eat.
He says he's not in the mood. That's better.
Better? Every time we sit at the same table I lose my appetite.
He's very annoying.
Yesterday I couldn't sleep from his snoring all night.
I feel sorry for his bride-to-be.
You're right.
Good morning, father! Good morning, mother
Good morning, dear!
Hi, Lucy!
Hold on, James Dean! Where are you? In a stable?
What are these silly words of yours, Abd el-Kader?
Cannot you see?
So what? They are engaged.
Come on, eat up, kids.
What's the matter, Hussien? Why didn't you come eat your breakfast?
After what happened the other day, I can never show my face to Samiha.
For what?
You just lost a round. Does it mean that you should give up?
There's no use, uncle. Samiha loves Lucy.
Why does she love him?
She says he's "a man who know's everything."
She's right. He has adventures about the count of his hair.
Made her feel her femininity.
He left every other girl he knew and ran after her.
Do you understand me?
And what should I do?
Let her feel that she's like no other woman you've met.
I've never known any women.
I'll let you know.
We'll make her believe that you know the women of the world.
We'll convince her that you're a lady's man. Valentino of Port Said.
Yes, but I'm not like that.
The matter is so simple.
We gotta find a couple of pictures of a woman with fake signatures.
And a few love letters.
Sent to you by a woman.
A woman? Who?
Any woman. Samiha has to believe that women are after you.
That way she'll become jealous and try to win you over.
Do you want me to lie?
No way!
As you wish, I'm going out.
Where to?
I'm going to put my hand in Lucy's and read Al Fatiha (that's the first step for marriage in Islam).
No, uncle, wait. I'll do anything you say.
Thank God, you've gone sane.
Sit down.
Sit so we can write our plan.
Listen, first of all, a couple of nice envelopes and letters.
And a couple of pictures of beautiful women.
Bottle of perfume and droppers.
Dropper? What for?
To create an atmosphere.
And a few other things.
What things?
Small things here and there. Don't worry about it I'll arrange everything.
You just bring everything you wrote down and come to my office.
I'll be waiting over there. Don't forget.
Hussien, get rid of that old-fashioned suit for me.
Get a new one that suits you.
Hey, why are you late?
I.. You what? Did you bring the stuff?
Did he tell you? Yes, he did. But get inside, he's been waiting.
Come on, come on!
Did you bring what I asked? Yes.
Show me.
Dear me!
What's wrong?
What shall I do with you?
Could it be possible that you have a affair with this woman?
What's with her?
She's the Queen of England!
You're right. It's not possible.
Oh my god!
Is it believable that this woman loves you?
That's Nefertiti!
I like how she looked.
She died 4000 years ago!
May she rest in peace.
O, Creator of the Universe!
That's what I'm talking about!
That's the one!
And whose picture is that? Who?
That's Hind Rostom, the actress.
What? Have you never heard of her?
No, I haven't.
She's every man's dream woman!
So many men have tried to win her heart and they failed.
Listen, if Samiha knew that this woman is in love with you
She'll go crazy about you.
I hope so.
But we have to write some artistic letter.
On the back of the picture.
What shall we write?
Good one!
To.. my.. love.. Hussien.
Rememring.. the happy.. and pleasant days.. we've spent togther.
And even happier.. and more pleasant days.. that await us.
What do you think?
He's in luck.
There's one more thing left.
Go get me a lipstick, Mahrous.
You'll find 3 or 4 in my drawer.
All right.
What will you do with the lipstick?
Just be silent.
What are you looking for, Mr. Mahrous? Shhh!
I send you.. my tearful kisses.
Sincerely forever, Hind
Such a letter, Mahrous!
I'm sure!
Give me the dropper.
Aw, don't cry, dear. Don't cry.
What are you doing?
These are the tears of the poor girl!
Who woke up the nights because of you, you cold-hearted.

Lady killer!
Give me that lipstick. Here you go.
And what's that?
Her tiny lips, you fool.
Listen, Mahrous. Yes.
Take the first train to Cairo and make a call to Hussien.
Impersonate Hind and ask about him.
And start flirting with him, isn't that right?
Yes, of course, you can imitate her voice.
Very well.
Let's go.
Everything's ready.
Come on, hurry up!
Did you drop the photo, Hussien?
Yes. Where?
On the floor beneath the vase.
OK, come sit here.
And look as if you're working.
"And the shipment must arrive in time or else.."
Yes, sir.
Go bring the vase in the room
The vase?
Yes, the flowers. One cannot work unless there are flowers in front of them.
As you say.
"..and also you must send the sheets and the veils.."
She didn't see it.
She'll see it now.
" the old warriors in Paris."
Where will I put it? On the desk?
Go get the table the vase was on.
Where shall I put it? Put it here.
Where did you drop the photo?
Under the table.
"..and the delivery must be made including.."
The table, sir. Put it there.
And put the vase on it. Yes, sir.
Then go finish your work. I will.
She found the photo, boy!
It'll be only 2 minutes till your scandal reaches everyone!
Who would have thought I'd do something like this?
For Samiha, you should do more than that.
Come on, let's see what's happening.
Please, one more joke, Lucy!
This joke is very original. There was once..
Mr. Lucy, would you?
I need to tell you a secret.
What's that?
What do you want?
What do I want? I found that photo inside.
I got you! Hind Rostom!
Thank God, she thinks it's Lucy.
We don't want her to think it's Lucy!
Just wait till Samiha reads what's on the back.
Let me see! Let me see!
"Rememring the happy and pleasant days we've spent together"
"..and even happier and more pleasant days that wait us."
"Hind Rostom"
Unbelievable! What?
The rod hooked!
There's no a way a famous person like Hind would write stuff like that to someone like Hussien.
Why not? Isn't he a man like other men?
They're coming! Come on, sit on your desk.
Look busy and don't pay attention.
Yes, where were we, Hussien?
"And we must get your response in a week from now."
Hello, Samoha!
Did I interrupt you? No, not at all. Not at all.
Do you need anything?
Hello, mister!
How are you doing?
Fine, thank you.
Are you all right, Mr. Hussien?
What's going on?
I just missed you so much.
What's all that romance?
Tell me, Hussien. When was the last time you've been to Cairo?
About a month ago.
What are you laughing about?
I never knew you were such a lady's man.
A lady's man?
What's the matter?
Dear me! What? Show me.
Show me, boy! Don't hide it.
What a thunderbolt!
Is that true, Hussien?
You had an affair with that woman?
Of course you cannot answer.
And you've been fooling me all this time?
You've been lying to me? You've been pretending kindess, you sly snake!
And you were using work in Cairo as an excuse,
to go meet your lover!
Whom you spent the company's money on!
The money I worked so hard to make!
You wicked devil!
Get out of my face, you heart-wrecker!
What's going on? Why are you shouting, Abd el-Kader?
Here, take a look. That photo is for Hussien.
Isn't that enough, uncle?
Not a word! You cunning liar!
You brought a disgrace to this family's name!
The name of Saltah, Maltah, and Nashash'y!
And made me look like a fool!
Calm down, father.
Hind Rostom?
And who knows who else.
Thousands, of course, you Port Said killer!
Shut up!
I swear..
Before you say anything, I'll search your room.
I'll reveal your secret!
Let me go! Don't try to stop me!
Which way is his room?
Calm down, father. I'll go look myself.
No, no, my daughter.
What a tragedy! You hypocrite! You coward!
You're cursed!
You're damned!
Uncle, uncle.
Did you enjoy insulting me or what? They're already gone.
Gone? I just liked the role a lot.
Do you think you'll find anything?
Samiha must be reading your love letter by now.
My plans never fail me.
Congtratulations, Casanova!
Look what I've found!
Look! Show me!
Just wait, you guys!
"And everytime I closed my eyes, I see you in front of me"
"You are in my wake, my sleep and my dreams."
"Why don't you come, my darling, and save me from my agony?"
Poor him!
It's important that they find the other little things.
These are a thousand times more important than all of the letters!
Look, Samiha.
What's that?
A lipstick?
You are fired from work!
You can never stay in my house!
Why, father?
Listen, my daughter, I cannot entrust this snake to stay in my house.
He may just steal your heart too!
Get out! Get out of my house!
No, father. Hussien doesn't deseve that from you.
He deserves death! Slaughtering! Burning!
You murderer!
No, father.
Listen, I don't want anyone opposing me!
Please, father.
No more! That's my final decision!
Just wait, uncle.
Do you really think he's a lady killer?
I'll prove to you right now that these are all lies.
Can you tell us where does Hind live?
She lives in..
Do you think he'll tell you? Of course he'll deny it.
I bet to cut my arm if they have any relation whatsoever.
How about the pictures and the letters?
Replies to a fan of thousands of fans.
Letters this romantic to a fan, Mr. Lucy?
And what's bothering you, Lucy?
There's no way that Hind knows someone so gullible as Hussien.
He calls you gullible!
Here you go.
Hind on the telephone.
And in my house!
She calls you in my house!
Yes, it's me.
No, I was just busy at work.
Suna, you betrayer.
You don't ask about me at all?
I love you.
I worship you.
She's kissing him!
Kissing him?
Shame on you!
I'll wait for you, my love.
I'll wait for you all my life.
I never thought that disrespect could reach that level!
You let your lover call you in my house?
And in front of my innocent daughter?
Get out! You're not my newphew anymore!
My heart.. my heart!
Get out! I don't want to see you in my house.
You shall never set foot here after today!

I'm gullible, you gullible!
It's Samiha.
Samiha, please leave me alone.
Just open up, Hussien. I have something very important to tell you.
Come in.
Are you leaving for real, Hussien?
I committed a crime.
I'm a liar, a hypocite!
I'm a snake, just like my uncle said.
Father exaggerates a lot.
You just have no idea what happened. You're still young and naive.
I'm not young, Hussien. I'm 17 years old.
And 8 months.
Still young.
And 10 days.
If you knew the story, you'll never look at my face again.
You'll hate me. Hate you?
Only today I discovered that I've loved you all my life!
And Lucy? Lucy is just a kid beside you.
But you are an intelligent man.
And I like men like that.
You'll regret it, Samiha.
Regret it? On the contrary, I'll be the happiest person in the universe,
if Hussien chooses me over Hind Rostom herself.
I'm sorry. It seems like I'm begging love from you.
Begging it?
Yes. Never.
So do you..?
I love you so..
I still cannot believe Hind's story at all!
Did you even read what she wrote him?
Come on, tell us.
Did you get the news, girls?
The news about Hind and Hussien? The rumour is everywhere!
No, it isn't a rumour. I saw the letter she wrote him with my own eyes!
Hussien is so cute! Or his eyes!
It was the biggest mistake in my life that I didn't understand Hussien.
If only I had, I wouldn't have let go of him at all!
What are you laughing at?
One day I'll get him.
And then..
Good morning! Good morning!
Yes, hello, Marzouk bey!
No, sir, everything is ready.
The papers are finished, they just need to be signed by the general manager.
Yes, sir. All right. They'll be ready by tomorrow morning.
All right. Goodbye!
Hello! Who's this?
Hind? Yes, Hind, you cruel!
I miss you so much, Suna! OK, thank you.
Good morning, handsome!
Good morning, Don Juan!
Listen, you, we're here at work!
So stop this idiocy or you'll get in trouble. Do you understand?
I understand, darling.
Of course he's here.
Hello! Who is it?
[Singing: I dream of you, and with my longing I await you]
Fire, my love, fire!
What's wrong with you?
That's it! I'm about to go crazy!
Phone calls every minute or two.
"Hello! I'm a fan" "Hello! I love you!"
I've become a laughtingstock among my employees.
So what? Lucky you.
I wish I was in your place.
That so?
So I'll go around telling everyone that Hind loves you.
Calm down. Just sit.
I've had enough. I cannot stand lying anymore!
Uncle, I'll stop playing this game.
You will? As you wish.
Hello? Mahrous, give me Lucy.
What do you want him for? Well, you gave up.
Hello? Yes, Lucy.
How are you?
That's what I'm talking about.
Good morning! Good morning!
I know you love flowers so I brought some from Cairo specially for you.
Merci, Hussien! I'm ready to bring some everyday.
Thank you a lot! You're welcome!
You'll make me change my mind about you, eh?
It's only because of your nobleness, charm, and beauty.
This dress looks so nice!
You look no older than 18 years.
Really? That's at best.
Save some of that sweet talk for Samiha.
Where's she? Waiting inside.
Come with me.
What's all this beauty! May the ground protect you!
No, that's not a good one, Hussien.
Sit down till I call her for you.
Suna, do you need anything?
What's that?
That's Hind's haircut.
Go remove that crap now!
What did you do to yourself, Samiha?
What's wrong?
Do you not like it?
Are you mad at me, Hussien?
What can I tell you, Samiha? When I.. loved you, I loved your simplicity.
I loved the nice and down-to-earth Samiha.
Then what did you love about Hind Rostom?
No, Hind is.. Hind was something else and now it's over.
But the date on her photo says otherwise.
What does it say? It says that you still love each other.
No, that's only her. It's over for me.
You mean.. you mean that you don't think about her anymore, not even one bit?
I think about no one but you, Samiha. Really, Hussien?
And all I wish for is that you agree to.. to..
What? What? Speak, Hussien.
Marry me.
Hussien, my darling!
Hussien.. and Samiha?
In the arms of one another? Shame in my house!
I have to kill you to protect the honour of this family.
Calm down, father! Shut up!
I'll never calm down until I slaughter him and swim, swim his blood!
What's happened, Abd el-Kader? What do you mean "kill him"?
You cannot do what you wish. Is there no police in this country?
I have have lost my mind! I'm a ghoul! I'm a monster! I have to avenge my honour!
Stop! What did they do wrong? They didn't steal.
They love each other and they're going to get married.
Love each other? I'll never approve of this marriage!
Why, uncle?
Yeah, play the innocent now. The whole country knows about you and Hind.
And after that you want me to approve of this marriage. That's impossible!
Father! If you don't approve of it I'll kill myself. I'll commit suicide.
My dear Samiha!
Are you happy now? Your daughter is going to kill herself!
Kill herself? Samiha..
My only child..
There's no use. If you're going to separate me from Hussien, who will I live for?
Is that what you want? Your daughter to get killed?
You stabbed me with a douled-edged dagger.
Get married!
But I'll have nothing to do with your offspring and the offspring of your offspring.
Forever! Forever! Forever!
Hussien, please calm him down.
Uncle! Uncle!
What's wrong, Mahrous?
Disaster! Catasrophe!
What happened?
What happened.. what happened..
The company's safe got robbed!
My goodness!
I have a lot more tricks. Just wait and see.
Abd el-Kader, see the disaster that came upon us. What happened?
The company's safe was robbed! Robbed?
Water! Ammonia! I'm going to faint!
That's it. I passed out.
You're done for, Abd el-Kader, son of Nashash'y!
What's that nonsense? What safe are you talking about?
I just had to lie to lure them away from the big disaster!
Disaster? What disaster? Hind Rostom.
What about her? She's coming to Port Said tomorrow for the show.
What's wrong, my love?
Wake up, dear. Wake up, Hussien!
Hussien, where are you going?
He feels so bad about the safe, of course, it's in his care.
You stay here. Yes, you stay here.
Hello? Casino Palace Hotel, sir.
Who, sir? She didn't arrive yet, sir.
One moment please.
She's here, sir.
I'll be very happy if you honour me in my house, you and your band.
I prepared a very special night for you.
What's this absurdity?
I cannot stand anyone getting near you.
It's better if you just went back to Cairo. You'll make my fans hate me.
You know I do that because I love you.
That's not love, mister. This is insanity! Do you think this is football as well?
These are feelings, emotions!
Hello, Adel! Hello!
What brought you here?
I came with my fiancee.
Your fiancee? Yes.
Is Hind your..? My fiancee.
That's why you hit the guy at the door.
What shall I do? I feel jealous for her.
And what would you do if you knew the catastophe. What catastrophe?
There's no need. I know you are grumpy and may just commit a murder.
Listen, you have to tell me what's going on!
Well, all right, if you insist.
I'll drop by you tonight and you'll know everything.
And now I present to you, the theatre and movie star: Zeinat Elwy.
Hello! Hi, honey!
Where's everyone? Upstairs getting dressed for the show.
Could you tell Hussien we're here for him?
Okay, kids. Come on!
Who's Hussien?
You'll know. Sit down. Tell me, why did you bring me here?
Hussien will tell you everything.
Come in. Mr. Hussien, there are people here for you.
Tell them I'm not going to the show.
They're not here for the show. It's Lucy and a friend of his.
What does Lucy want from me?
Tell them I'm coming. All right.
Lucy, I'm crazy. Just tell me!
Just hold on. Hussien will now tell you everything.
Where's this Hussien? I wanna see him. He'll come.
I don't understand what's going on. Don't touch this photo.
Why? If you read what's on the back, you'll murder someone.
Please don't read what's on the back.
The cheater! Who's this Hussien? Tell me who is he!
It's been 2 hours and they're not dressed yet!
That's Hussien? No, that's his uncle.
Adel Hikal, the famous goalkeeper.
A very old friend of Hussien's. He came to Port Said to see him.
I ran into him at the hotel and came along to show him the way.
It's an honour.
Hussien's getting dressed and on his way down to see the show.
The show Hind Rostom is going to present.
Is that so?
You've known Hussien for a long time, you say?
Of course. Doesn't he have a relationship with Hind Rostom?
Yes, yes..
He's my friend and I know him. I miss him. I wanna hug him.
Looks like you really miss him.
Here he is.
Come, Hussien. A friend of yours wants to see you.
Hello! Pleased to meet you.
Have a seat.
So you're Hussien?
Yes, but who are you? That's not important.
But you said you're my friend. I'm telling you that's not important!
I've been in this city for a short while but heard so much about you.
People exaggerate, Mr. Adel.
You have a relation with Hind?
Look, mister, you know that men like us usually, always have some adventures.
Great! Great! And these adventures with her have been for long?
No, no they're over now.
I saw the autograph on the photo and knew that the relation is still going.
The photo signed with her lipstick.
You see, the story is that Hussien left Hind a long time ago.
But she still cannot get over it. Keeps sending him letters and photos.
Calls him on the phone for an hour, even two.
Ask Lucy. He saw it himself.
Isn't that so, Lucy? Yes.
Saw and heard.
Is that so?
She loves me forcibly.
Is that so?
She's crazy about him
Is that so?
A ladykiller.
Is that so?
Enough of your "is that so". You're driving me..
What's that? Listen, mister, I don't like these silly jokes! The devil is clever.
I forgot to introduce him to you. Mr. Adel Hikal is Hind Rostom's fiance.
Listen, can we explain? Come with me in my office.
I swear I don't know her! Never even seen her!
Really? After I saw the photo and heard what you said. You think I'll believe you?
Wake up! I swear I..
Not a word! Now I'll find out everything.
Lucy, hurry to the hotel and bring her here. OK.
I have to know the truth!
Hind will come here? Yes, I have to confront both of you.
Don't move! Sit down!
Adventures, eh?
Come on, Ahmed!
Bonsoir! Bonsoir!
Ahmed, it's your turn!
Do you see how she looks? So beautiful!
If Samiha was here today, she would die of rage.
And now I'll present to you a real surprise.
Mr. Ahmed Farahat.
And now I'll tell you a joke.

A shiekh asked a man "What's the difference between fatalism and misfortune?"
The man said "Fatalism is when my mother-in-law falls off a bridge and drowns"
The shiekh said "And the misfortune"?
He said "The misfortune is if she climbed back up"
Could I have a minute, madam? Yes.
I'm a friend of Adel's, your fiance. What is it?
He needs to talk to you about something. About what?
It's a matter I cannot discuss. It's personal.
And I cannot leave until I know what's going on.
I'm too embarrassed.
But if you insist, I'll just go ahead and tell you.
Mr. Adel found out about you and Hussien.
Hussien? Yes, Hussien.
I left Adel at Hussien's house in a very furious state after he found out.
I've had enough. Will he invent stories every hour?
Even attaking people in their homes? All right, Adel. I'll show you.
Let's go.
What a performance, Hamada! You were great!
Thank you, madam. How cute!
Listen, Ahmed, I need a favour from you. Anything!
Come with me.
If you'll excuse me.. Shut up!
Cannot you.. No!
I.. I just want to explain. No explaining!
Good evening! Good evening!
Where's my uncle and Hussien? In the office.
Until now? Out of my way. Okay.
Why are you sitting like that? The show already started.
Lucky you, you're going to see your sweetheart Hind tonight.
I'm ready to sell half my life.. Hello there! .. just to see her and speak to her and..
Who? Why?
Why? Who? Where?
That's Mr. Adel Hikal, Hind Rostom's fiance.
Whom you're ready to sell half your life just to.. Well, here goes all your life.
No, listen, don't believe me! I'm such a big liar!
Is it possible to sell half one's life? Is life expendable?
Sit down! Mommy!
Folla, go tell father and Hussien to hurry up. We're very late.
Right away, dear.
The coffee, sir.
Help me! Help me, miss!
What's going on? Inside, madam, inside!
What is it? A gun, madam! A gun!
A victim, madam! A victim! A victim?
Who's that man, Abd el-Kader?
I'm Hind Rostom's fiance. This man wants to steal her from me!
Please, sir, watch your words!
Shut up! You shut up!
You think that gun is going to scare me? What are you saying?
My goodness!
There she goes screaming, daughter of Saltah Baba.
Hussien! Hussien, my love, where are you?
Hussien! Hussien!
Do you know me? Have you ever seen me before?
Shame on you, darling. Already forgotten me?
And you say that in front of me? Kill me, do anything to me, but you'll never separate us.
Please, madam, leave my fiance alone.
Please, mademoiselle, you have to understand that it's not just love that connects us together.
Tell them, my Sunsun. Tell them, my darling. Tell them what?
Don't worry. No one will get mad if they knew the truth.
Please, madam! How sweet to hear "madam" from you!
I beg you! Ahmed missed you so much!
Who's Ahmed?
You forgot Ahmed too?
Ahmed! Ahmed!
Come here, my dear.
Come, my dear. Father! Father!
Who is father, boy? You, father.
Hussien? Darling?
Hussien! Wake up, dear.
Look, here's Hooda, your son.
Hussien! Get up, honey, come with me.
Get up, darling.
Let's go, father.
Mr. Hussien.
I never thought the story would come to this.
A child from her? Here.
It's all because of you, Fakiha's son!
Instead of thanking him? He's the one who revealed the truth.
Samiha's the one who wanted this. Ask her.
Didn't you want to get married to the ladykiller? Well, you got more than you wanted.
Your nephew is a cheater! Lucy is the one who'll marry Samiha.
I wouldn't let her marry this love cockroach, even if he's the only man left on earth.
Why, uncle?
You ask me why? My daughter has to marry a man. Do you understand what a man is?
Lucy will marry Samiha!
No? All right. Samiha, go pack your things.
We're going to Cairo to arrange for your marriage.
And if you say one word, the Ma'zun who will get them married will get us divorced!
Lucy, get us tickets to the first train to Cairo. OK, aunt.
Byebye, uncle! Go, you son of..
A lie has no legs, uncle. Yes, son..
Hussien was right all from the beginning..
His eyes spark with evil! I'm afraid for Hussien.
Then hurry, Mahrous! Find a way to stop this bulldog! Hurry!
Oh, my head is going to explode!
And it's all my doing.
People, Hussien never saw Hind and Hind never met Hussien!
Then how did they have a child?
Why did you do that? Why?
So that Adel would stop his foolish jealousy.
And you didn't care that I would lose the one I love?
That she threw our ring all because of your black doing.
My black doing?
And what was your doing? Pink?
Why? What did I do? Oh, nothing.
There's not a person in this country who didn't hear of our love story.
I never said any of that.
My uncle's the responsible one.
He thought that Samiha would love me and care for me.
But now it's over. There's no use.
Everything's gone.
Listen, Hussien.
I'm an artist and I love.
And I feel everyone who loves.
Be sure that I'll help you with all my heart.
We'll fix what's broken. Come with me.
Yes, Mahrous?
What's new? That crazy guy called Adel is dead drunk.
Looks like it won't be all right. Don't let your eyes off him!
Keep after him lest he murders someone!
What did we bring ourselves into?
Come on, Samiha.
Who? Madam Hind?
May I speak to Ms. Samiha?
I would like to explain everything to her.
Thank you! May you never go through a hardship.
Samiha, madam Hind wants to explain everything.
I don't want to talk to her, father.
She wants to tell you that she never had any relation with Hussien.
Your nephew came up with a new plan and wants her to fall for it. Let's go, Samiha.
Shut your mouth or I'll smash your head with that telephone!
Saltah Maltah pasha!
Crazy woman!
Come on, Samiha, talk to her.
No, father. Do as I tell you! Answer the phone!
Hello? Yes, it's me.
Ms. Samiha, I'd like to tell you there's absolutely nothing between me and your fiance.
Wait I want to explain! What is she saying?
That's what I meant, I swear.
Madam Hind, your turn is coming up. All right.
Hello? Yes, Samiha. Did you hear, darling? No, she's not lying.
I swear to you there's nothing between us! Ask my uncle.
I'm innocent, Samiha. I'm innocent!
Hello? Hello?
Hussien! Answer me, Hussien!
Hello? Hussien?
Adel! Adel!
The curtain will rise, madam. Come on.
The boy is gone in a blink of an eye!
The monster preyed on him!
I swear to you, people, Hussien is innocent. He never saw Hind nor Hind ever saw him!
I made that up. I wrote the love letters. The autograph on the photo. Even the lipstick!
All I wanted was to make Samiha love Hussien.
Hussien doesn't know Hind?
And doesn't have a child from her? He could he if he never saw her!
My darling, Hussien!
Samiha! Stay here!
I want to know. How did you get into my room?
That's Hussien and Adel after him.
They say Adel is Hind's fiance. My God, they'll kill each other!
Speak up, mister. Speak up!
Say what? That scene isn't in the novel.
Say anything. Improvise!
Honestly.. frankly speaking..
Who are they?
That's Adel, my fiance, who thinks that I love that guy he's after and wants to kill him.
Why not? Go ahead!
Please go back to your role! Say "Who could this be? Could she be your wife, Shadid?"
Who could this be..
Adel, stop this madness at once!
Get out of my way!
You speak, madam Hind. "You think this hotel's under your command?"
You think this hotel is under your command?
Go away!
Yes, you're drunk!
Calm down, son.
Please leave the stage! I forgot what I came here to say!
Adel, I want to tell you something.
I love you, Adel, I love you!
Was there a relation between you or not?
No, I swear! Liar! You have a boy from him. A boy!
That boy is neither mine nor Hussien's.
That's Ahmed Farahat who works with us. Come here, listen.
There he is! Hussien!
On stage!
My dear, Hussien!
Yes, there comes one after the other! Let it drown!
Samiha and uncle Abd el-Kader!
This is going to be some scandal!
I don't know how to thank you and..
By the way, can I have your address or number so I could come thank you myself.
Down with the daughter of Saltah Maltah!
My nephew Hussien kisses well!
Yes, have fun! Life is lived once.
Why not? Go ahead!
The end.