Wegmans Asian Beef Brisket

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 04.01.2011

My buddy and I were just talking about beef brisket.
He's from Texas, he loves it cooked in a big
barbecue pit all day long. We're gonna try to achieve
that same thing here today but we're using our oven.
We're gonna use this Asian barbecue sauce here,
one of our barbecue sauces, chef developed.
It's gonna throw a little bit of an Asian twist to a Texan favorite.
All right, the next thing we need to grab is this
orange ginger Borsari salt. The nice thing about this stuff
it's actually a cured salt, where they cure the ginger
orange garlic herbs in there rather than use freeze dried.
It's gonna be the perfect complement for our barbecue brisket.
Now for the star of the show. We're gonna get
a beef brisket here. This is actually the thing
they make corned beef out of, and the nice thing about this
guy is that it's got a nice marbling on the one side and
a small fat cap on the top, which is actually gonna
render out and give us a lot of good moisture for the
entire eight-hour cooking process that we're gonna put
this through. I'm really excited about this,
so let's go cook. All right, we're gonna do
the Asian barbecue brisket. Now, in order to get this thing
a really nice flavor and penetrate, we're actually gonna have to
marinate this overnight. So I gotta make the marinade.
And what I'm gonna use is our Asian barbecue sauce.
And at this point, I'm gonna use half a bottle of that.
I'm gonna reserve the other half and I'll tell you what
to do with that in a minute. And then I'm gonna go with
half a beer, and I think-- I'm pretty confident
you guys know what to do with the rest of that beer.
We're gonna mix that marinade just real quick.
All right, the next thing I'm gonna do is come over
to the beef here, and I've actually scored on the top.
I'm gonna show you the rest of the way to do it.
I do it from the fat cap, right? And actually what we're doing is
we're making some score marks about quarter-inch deep inside
this, kind of like you would see a ham with those criss-cross
marks on the top. What that allows us to do is
actually have some of that flavor penetrate and some of
that fat actually render out throughout that cooking process.
And now I take two tablespoons on each side about of that
orange ginger salt. We're gonna rub that in there.
Just add four tablespoons total. Right.
We're gonna rub that all in there and then bring it
over to a roasting pan that you're gonna roast it in--
this way you don't have to move it afterwards.
And actually gonna pour that marinade over the top of this.
Get it on there. Make sure it's all covered even.
And then at that point what we're gonna do--we're
actually gonna refrigerate this. This goes in the refrigerator
overnight, and this is really gonna allow that flavor
to penetrate. Salt's gonna pull the moisture
out and it's gonna drive a lot of that marinade back
inside of this. It's gonna be beautiful
for tomorrow. Let me get cleaned up here.
All right, now I've got one already done I had from overnight.
And I got it right there. And the nice thing about
this recipe-- I mean, it's super easy.
All you have to do at this point is take the plastic wrap off.
And I'm gonna put this in preheated 275-degree oven.
It's 275 for eight hours. Now, it seems like a long time.
You're gonna leave the cover off.
But anybody who knows about barbecue,
low and slow is the way to go.
This is gonna make sure it's a really nice, tender
barbecue brisket. All right, so it's been
about seven hours. We've got one more
hour to go. But what I want you
to do at this point is actually take this guy
out of the oven. It's nice and caramelized
on the top, jus the way I like it. But I'm gonna have you
take that other half of the barbecue sauce
and just brush that right on. Spread this on there.
Right, get a pastry brush. Just brush it right on.
What this does--it's gonna create a nice glaze.
If we had this full-strength, more-sugar barbecue sauce
in there in the beginning, it would get too dark on the top.
So now we just wanna glaze. So I've just brushed that other
half of the barbecue sauce on there, and we're gonna go
back in the oven for one more hour. All right, about an hour later,
we're ready to go. So take this baby out.
This looks beautiful, wow. So now that we have this
out here, I'm gonna have you rest this for about 20
minutes or so. I use two pairs of tongs
to get this guy out because it's really nice
and tender. Let that drip for a second.
Then come over to your cutting board.
And if notice on this, you're gonna see that there's some
grain on this, and I really want to make sure that you
cut against that grain. So you're gonna kinda
eyeball that guy up first. You're gonna see lines
of grain running throughout this. So you need to make sure
that you cut against it. It's actually gonna make
it feel a little bit more tender. So I take this guy and
actually come into it. And start slicing it.
This looks fantastic. Super tender,
falling apart a little bit. I'm actually gonna serve
this with--it perfectly pairs well with this Korean
bean-sprout recipe. You can find it on Wegmans.com,
just some toasted sesame seeds. The Asian barbecue has a little
bit of sesame oil on that as well. So a little bit of this
barbecue right on the top. Maybe some of the drippings
on there, little bit of sauce. Great for your guests
at the house-- but you know what?--for me,
before it hits the table, I always like a little
Scooby snack.