OSIsoft: Options for opening the spreadsheet when using DataLink for Excel Services (DLES). v2.2

Uploaded by OSIsoftLearning on 24.05.2011


There are a couple
of options for opening this spreadsheet
up in your current version of Excel. Now depending on
your privileges, you may or may not see both of these.
If your viewer only, in other words if you
were setup with your SharePoint permissions to be
view only. If you recall, this is
where if you go into Site Settings, this is where you can
go and setup what the different permissions are. This is a
listing of those permissions. But in any case, if you are
logged on as a SharePoint user who has view only permission,
then the only thing you are going to see is Open Snapshot
in Excel. It's a limited view of this.
You cannot see the formulas themselves. You can see the results,
you can see the values, but not the formulas. And Microsoft does
that so you have an option to show people
results without giving up your intellectual property rights,
the actual formulas that you are using in your calculations.
Now you can also choose Open in
Excel which has the effect
of simply opening this up in the rich client.
You can do all the normal things you'd like to do
with the spreadsheet and then save it back.
And then anybody who has access to the modifications to that, are going
to be seen by anybody who has access to that
SharePoint WebPart page.
Now with regard to updating, you can
choose Update and Calculate Workbook and we will recalculate
everything on here. You can also choose Reload.
You may need to do that if this times out on you.
And then finally, you can just go into parameters
here and change the start and end time. And changing
that start and end time will
automatically force an update.
So let me show you an example.
Let's say we have a start time of Wednesday.
And an end time of Friday.
I click on Apply and that's
going to go ahead and change this and of course force
an update. Now the same thing will
occur if you've got some kind of an WebPart connection
that is forcing a change to the spreadsheet.