Ek Niranjan Full Movie - Part 02/14 (English Subtitles)

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Forget about aII this sir,
teII me a name that can settIe my Iife. Sir. I'II catch him.
Who is he? - Who eIse? My enemy.
You aIso hear it. You'II get an idea.
I was in jaiI for 2 years because of you,
no poIice man couId catch me,
I wouIdn't feeI so much if they had caught me,- That's it!
If I don't kiII you and go to jaiI,
my name shaII henceforth shaII not be GaIIa Ramesh.
Did you see how my Iife is in risk, sir?
No security for me, sir.
I don't want handcuffs, give me a revoIver sir.
How can I give? - Can I use if I get one?
Use it, we'II arrest you first.
No sir, if anyone kiIIs me, if I die.- Die!
What's there to Iose? No parents, you're an orphan.
Go and die.
No mother, no father, no sister or brothers...
I'm a Ioner!
No girI friend, no marriage...
No uncIe to give his daughter in marriage...
No native pIace, I've no name...
No home, no companion...
Nobody wiII remember me... I'II never get hiccups...
There's no one for me, and no tears in my eyes...
I'm a Ioner in crowd... my worId is different...
Care of pIatform...son of bad time...
Freedom is my biggest probIem...
I don't know my date of birth... I grew up with nature...
I don't know what is IuIIaby...
Nobody to consoIe my cries...
Who is there to ask about my weIfare?
No one to bother about me...
No coop or no fence... no chicken to Iay egg...
My heart is fuII of feeIings... No one is caring...
That's okay, it's okay... I'm a darIing to myseIf...
My songs wiII caII me fondIy Iike a mother...
A peg of rum wiII put me to sIeep peacefuIIy...
I'm aII of myseIf aII the day and in dreams too...
Next morn it's aII I, me and myseIf, no change...
No kiss or miss, no fights over it...
It's snapped!
Who is it? - Forget it, sister.
Why are you bIaming him for it?
Throw away this oId guitar and buy a new one, sister.
Where's the money? AII of you come on time to the cIass,
but nobody pays the fee correctIy.
Look teacher, this is not our mistake, it's our parents mistake.
they pay Iakhs for schooI but for guitar cIasses,
I want to teII you aII that no one is interested.
Who wiII Iook after your sister then?
AtIeast this time ask your brother to buy it.
Not this time, he'II never buy it.
It's been a month since he came home. When he comes home...
What? - When are you coming home?
Boss is here, I'II caI you Iater, cut the caII.
You be honest with me.
Likewise be honest with yourseIf aIso.
KaiIash, come here.
Have to kiII a Minister. - Who?
I don't know the name.
Where? - In pubIic.
He's going to offer prayers in Ganesh festivaI.
Who wiII give you company?
Retain those two and send away aII others.
AII of you go out. - Won't you go out?
That is... - Do you want to be here?
Yes Basha. - Has the Minister arrived?- Yes.
Ask Chandu to move ahead. Keep Suri as your back up.
Is the security van there? - It's there.
It'II come behind, Minister's car wiII be in front.
Fire at car before it crosses crowd.
Bhai, it's very crowded here. I'm tensed of missing the target.
No need to feeI tensed, you move firing randomIy.
Long Iive Minister Rajendrakumar! - Move...give way...move...
Minister Rajendrakumar was assassinated at Ganesh festivaI,
poIice have identified the man in custody as KaiIash.
It's been many days since you got me a girI.
I tend to forget in my work tension, shouId you remember it for me?
Which one is best with you BheI puri or pani puri?
Both are good. - Leave both and give me Samosa.
Do you know we both have same parents?
I'm your sister.
It's a month and poIice came twice Iooking for you.
I'II feed you.
Who is it?
Who are you man? - Having dinner?
If you finish it, we can go. - Where to?
You've so many cases on you, and stiII asking where to?
To JubiIee HiIIs poIice station, they are waiting for you.
I brandished the knife to stop you.
If I remove and if you fire at me?
No buIIets?
OnIy two buIIets were there,
where are the other buIIets? Who did you kiII?
pIease don't kiII my brother.
Is it aII appearing in reverse to you, Iady?
Can't you see who is kiIIing whom?