Crackòvia- Waka-waka life [ENGLISH SUBS]

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Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, this morning
I had hard Saturday, I even couldn't watch game
Why? You were so nervous?
No! Because, I threw out the TV! Team needs me!
If my leg is problem, I can cut it
no! Wait, what are you doing?!
no no, this game against Sporting was an accident, we are 5 points ahead of Madrid,
Maybe I exaggerate a bit , no?
yeah, look, in 2 weeks you will be ok,
2 weeks?
wait, we are busy!
I'm sure, there are paparazzi
no no no we are not paparazzi, I'm Papa Ratzi*
but what are you doing here?
I see, you're angry because we didn't come to Vatican*
No, Pope is here to meet you, because he is big fan of Shakira
And he want a photo with Shakira, and we know that you...
We will make another photo and we will have the one with the checked (shirt) and the one wearing cassock*
well, I don't know,
yeah, I have to tell you that you weren't concentrated during game and that gol for Sporting was also you fault
yes, recently I don't sleep well...
yeah, you look bad, maybe it's because
you do waka-waka whole night
waka-waka is for married couples only
it's not like that,
life with Shakira it's not that good as everyone think
no? no...
Do you want some waka-waka? eh? eh?
no, I have to wake up early tomorrow, I have game against Gijon
good night
good night
and it's not the end yet,
every time there are many photographers around
darling, since we are together I miss privacy
It's the life with internationally known singer like me
yeah, I understand, but recently I feel being observed little too much
but I can't tell her this, because I know she is so happy with me
excuse me, recently I don't sleep we-e-el
that's why your face looks like that,
you practice waka-waka all nights b*tch?
I wish! but it's not like that,
the truth is, life with Gerard is not that perfect as everyone thinks
Puyi! Run!
Referee! Offside!
Referee, I didn't do it!
And there are more... I have to deal with many photograpers
No more photos please, please,
we need a little privacy, thanks
I ask you to respect our private space
I want to remind you that I'm a football player not a model
Now you see, living with him it's not that good
Look at the bright side of this
Which bright side?
at least your boyfriend doesnt lose so many hair in the shower
you're right
look at the brigth side, yours doesn't shit everywhere in house
hey! I was talking about Queca*, oh you didn't think that...
ok it's late ,lets make a photo,
when cardinals will see this, whole Vatican will be so jelous
I'm sure I saw photographers there
Papi! Wait for me!I want photo too!
Where was I? oh, yeah,
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