MAX Bus Rapid Transit

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What is MAX?
>> The MAX takes me where I want to go.
>> MAX is a breeze.
>> MAX is great.
>> MAX is the name of Kansas City's Bus Rapid Transit service.
The Metro Area Express - or MAX - launched in July 2005
in one of the city's hottest urban cooridors.
MAX's unique buses and easily identified stations are changing the way people think about public
transportation in Kansas City,
enjoying a high level of public acceptance and customer satisfaction.
Ridership along the Main Street MAX cooridor is up more than 50 percent.
And travel time has been reduced 20 percent.
MAX stations feature real-time arrival information, enhanced amenities, and 18-foot iconic markers
that serve as beacons from block away.
>> I'm a MAX regular.
>> We love the MAX.
>> We like the MAX so much, we named one of our sandwiches after it.
>> Serving a 6 mile cooridor, MAX connects an estimated 150 thousand jobs and thousands
of convention visitors with many of Kansas City's regional assets. Shopping, sightseeing,
live theater, lunch dates.
From the Farmer's Market at the north end of the line, to the restaurants, bars, movie
theaters and shopping districts, Kansas City is doing the MAX.
Businesses along the MAX have embraced MAX, and have recognized increase traffic and sales
thanks to MAX.
>> I like how fast MAX is.
>> MAX is very reliable.
>> I don't miss paying for parking one bit.
>> MAX was the first route in Kansas City to use GPS location technology. To maintain
schedules, MAX vehicles can automatically prolong green lights at more than 30 intersections.
Running along existing streets, MAX uses dedicated lanes during rush hour
for faster, more frequent service.
Rolling seven days a week, MAX is on the road from 5 AM to midnight. During peak hours,
MAX pulls up to each station about every ten minutes.
Most other times, MAX is only 15 minutes away.
Fewer stops, faster service. And all for just $1.50 a ride.
And free transfers connect MAX with dozens of Metro routes.
>> MAX is the only way to go.
>> Fewer stops and faster service - I'm a fan.
>> I just wish there were more MAX lines.
>> The second MAX line will launch in 2010.
Serving Kansas City's highest ridership cooridor, the Troost MAX line will stretch more than
13 miles, from downtown to South Kansas City.
The MAX Green Line will reflect the same MAX brand, but introduce hybrid electric buses
and other green technologies, like rain gardens, to capture and filter water run off.
Solar powered lighting, recycling bins, and pervious concrete at Park-and-Rides that reduces
the amount of polluted water that runs off the pavement.
>> It's an intermission to your day.
>> MAX is a great way to play! Wooooo!
>> At the end of the day, the MAX is just what I need.
>> MAX - the Metro Area Express - it's simply the best way to work and play in Kansas City.
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