Norway At War 2/6 Mission Afghanistan (Norge i Krig - Oppdrag Afghanistan)

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9, 8-3. All out of camp. End.
God damn in hell.
Russian Hill Taliban area
Russian Hill is a spearhead that splits a huge valley in two.
You can see very well. Everywhere really.
It is a convenient location, both for the enemy and us.
Now it's we who are here.
There, now they can come.
Afghanistan is one of the world's poorest countries.
The country has been at war for 33 years.
Now 130,000 ISAF soldiers characterizes the country.
Roughly 500 of them are Norwegian.
Pashtuns are the poorest ethnic group in Faryab.
And it is especially among Pashtuns that Taliban recruit their fighters.
Where Pashtuns live Taliban have control.
The allied countries (ISAF) wish for Afghans to take over responsibility for security in Faryab.

At the meeting now I can say salam aleikum.
-Salam aleikum. Wa aleikum asalam. -Aleikum alasam ...?
Aleikum asalam?
-Otherwise you can just say salam. -If I'm going to say "how are you?"
Che Thu astin? -Yes good.
Chuba stum tash achor.
Latif, I met the first time In northern Afghanistan in 2007.
He is a key figure in the Afghan army -
That we need to have a very good relationship with.
I've thought a lot about you since I left Afghanistan in 2008.
I think Latif looks younger now than he did three years ago.
When I was fat!
We have to invite you to a volleyball match in the PRT camp.
You need to have social and political skills. Know what chess moves to make.
To get them to play as a team.
The rebels have become increasingly stronger in Faryab.
We hope the fact that you have come to Faryab leads to a decline in Taliban activity.
The creation of a state called Afghanistan controlled by one government will take time.
We need to understand Afghanistan and the Afghans.
What history do they have? What have they experienced? What culture do they have here?
Welcome to buskashi competition. Today is all against all.
Winner gets 100 U.S. dollars.
Now we are at a buskashi-match. All against all.
It's about getting your hands on a 30-40 kg goat and dragging it around the track, around a red flag.
Back to a ring marked on the ground and drop the goat there.
I have practiced a bit on donkey. It's just not quite the same.
-Set your foot in there. -You can play buskashi?
That way.
Have to at least touch that damn sheep.
Can't say I got the rules but I understand it's life-threatning to be right in here.
Oi, oi, oi! There.
They tried to drag it into the circle.
The Task units task is to be the maneuver element -
- for PRT, i.e. to support Afghan security forces.
The case is that there are people who do not like what we are doing.
These must be met by force. That's where we come into the picture.
Common provisions: Opening positive hostile intent(PID) low hostile intent - hostile act.
I am the head of the foot squad. It lies in the word. We are on foot.
Lars Kristian is the driver and Steve is in the ring that controls the 12.7
If there are people coming on motorcycles without visible weapon, and you don't get PID, -
Then that's that, you just have to let them trough.
Then we have Jørgen in the rear securing our back and as added foot capacity if we are in the Iveco.
And that's my team.
We can begin establish ourselves down there.
Place the bedroom there. Smack up a tarp and secure it with sand bags.
-We only have camo-net. -That's good enough.
I'm standing by the weapon having sector out that way.
Observe whether there is any malicious activity. Changes in activity levels.
3-Papa, Verify that both Victor and Papa, both my tire brands -
- are to draw down to 8-1, over. -That is correct, over.
Copy that. End. That's the army in a nutshell.
We are going down to somewhere else. Everything we've done here is wasted.
But that's just the way it is.
Now we are moving. Changing position
After having just finished establishing a position.
It's a little bitter.
Better here. Nicer view.
It is tiring over time to be so 100% focused.
We are so "on" as we can be at any time, and when something happens -
- it does not take much before we are on the warrior side.
Too hot. Didn't get any sleep.
I slept well for the three hours I slept.
Heading out in 14 minutes so we must get ready.
Today we are going on patrol to get known -
- beyond the obvious routes in the area.
Heading into Taliban controlled area
I have no expectations of affecting Afghanistan.
But I do have ambitions to contribute with the people I meet.
There I hope to make a difference.
Village council meeting
Commander, how are you?
Thank you. Here it is quiet. The wheat hasn't burned down.
Thank you.
-Goodbye. -Have a good time.
It went alright.
As first contact goes it went alright. Just become a familiar face and talk to people.
Without starting to ask too detailed questions. I'm happy.
Of course they answer what you want to hear, at least in the first round.
When you stand there looking like a robot you don't get under their skin.
I have received notification from the troop chief to go into town and have a chat with them.
We will initially talk to ... Probe the mood of the locals.
-Chatting with the police. -Me and Geir cover the three of you.
There could very well be Taliban here as civilians.
Five meters.
He is in the right age for combatants, 21 years. Somewhat well-trained.
I have the feeling he is a "happy boy". Alright enough we can't do anything about it.
But I got it marked and stretched him a little.
We are pleased that now -
- after Taliban left the area life has become much better.
Then we continue.
I could of course go much deeper in the probing, but it would be so unnatural.
I think we found out quite a bit. If they are lying or not I have no idea.
Is it chips in those bags?
It's Cheez Doodles!
-Is it? -Looks like it.
Salam. Dollar?
The interpreter is up on the hillside. So I take ... five of these.
-Is that ok? -Thank you.
Cheez Doodles, it is absolutely terrific! We don't have that down here.
Dollar is apparently a universal currency.
-You want Cheez Doodles? -Yes thanks.
One dollar for five bags. Either I got a raw deal or the vendor did.
Both are probably satisfied anyway.
Was thinking either he was satisfied, or terrified.
-Has to be satisfied. You look so kind. -Yeah don't I? Even took off the glasses.
-Did you remember to say salam? -Yes. Greeted and thanked and wished good day.
Those are the three things I can, the greeting, thanking and saying goodbye. All three I got use for.
Has there been any action on the net?
There has been located several IED's. So we'll see ...
IEDD have found a yellow can that something definitely has been done with.
Let's see ... The can is there. And we are here.
And of course you take cover as soon as possible.
Ok. We begin with the objects.
Get them gathered.
I have turned off the computer.
-1-M, D-1. Over. -Let's move from his image.
Three, two, one, Fire.
What we have seen on the safety side is that there has been a ...
... a deterioration in the security situation.
Among other we see an increase in roadside bombs/IED's.
IED's are an important indicator that the insurgency is about to pick up.
Heading into Taliban controlled area
What I probably fear most are IED's. You have no idea where they will be.
You don't know the outcome either. It's probably what most people are afraid of will happen.
There are some "shottings". -Someone is shooting at our friends in ANA.
-1970 Is on the other side. South-southwest is ANA.
-It sounds like it comes from there. -ANA is in the position with contact.
ANA is reporting about a commander possibly residing in the higher terrain.
Behind the contact somewhere. If you find him ... many people will be happy.
Yes. We will see. There is a lot activity there.
Identified one RPG.
Driving the CV into position to answer. Distance: Long.
10 O'clock to the left of the goat herd!
-10 O'clock left of goat herd, possible poppers. -We get up 2-3 people, but it's fucking difficult to see.
Does he have observation to the right of last warning shot?
Yes. Do you see the sheep on top? First brink? Just left there.
-Is he going to shoot? -He has observation so I really hope so.
Shots coming!
I liked how he just ... Thug thug thug.
-Ok now you really missed something. -I'm overlooking the opposite side.
-We had Positive ID on a RPG and PKM. -I hear everything.
Bit high, went above.
-The last volley was really close. -Good.
-I think they saw it themselves. -As you saw, the second volley was home run.
No more RPG or PKM there now.
Looks like we have ... Driven the enemy on the run.
"We" ... He has driven the enemy on the run. Personally.
They have withdrawn. Either dead or withdrawn. Both.
I shot pretty good today. We got to try some different distances today.
Unsure about the impact, but we scared them away.
We are about to move north to where they withdrew.
So there is hope we might reach some action before nightfall.
NRK News, the time is 23:00.
Several Norwegian soldiers were killed Sunday while out on assignment in Afghanistan. -
- The soldiers were reportedly hit by a roadside bomb.
We have received a gruesome reminder that military commitment also entails suffering and loss.
I think that's some of the worst I have ever experienced in my life.
Pause ...