【MMD CUP 6】The cat ear soldier magical neru-nyan (English/Romaji captions)

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General Haku.
How about the gekido town aggression plan?
I hide in the gekido town as a citizen,
and gather information now.
Your way is always roundabout.
Well, I wait for early good news.
Oops! I'm going to be late for a part-time job!
Geez, because you talked with a friend
all the time after school.
Even if you say so...
Oh! Guys!!!
Oh no! A girl seems to be kidnapped!
Let's transform into a Magical Neru-nyan!
O, OK!
Mofu mofu (fluffy) kitty-cat power
Make up.
A cute little girl, are you playing alone?
Do you play with middle-aged guys?
General, a scale is too small
only kidnapping a child.
When we fail to do a big thing, what do we do?
Oh, you always say such a timid thing.
Children are future leaders of this town.
You kidnap a child and will let this town make low birthrate and aging.
I'll never you do it!
Is it actually such a magnificent plan?
For Love and Justice
boukaloid cat ear soldier
Magical Neru-nyan.
As substitution of crypton,
I punish you.
It's a bother.
Guys, liquidate her.
You're the end. You just take it easy.
Otherwise I pero pero (lick) this girl's cheeks!
A hostage quickly!?
Who are you!?
You make a weak little girl a hostage
and are going to pero pero (lick-lick) kunka kunka (sniff-sniff) her.
It's outrageous!
I'll never forgive you!
Aaan, Mr.gakuran mask.
Now enemies are daunted. It's a chance!
foot pad
R, Remember it.
The next won't be the same.
Farewell. See you again.
Ah! It's bad.
Part-time job!
I was late for a part-time job after all.
And I come home late for penalty duty.
I'm terrible today.
Oh? It's a just right.
Oh, you're Ms.Yowane of the neighbor.
This is a side dish of the dinner.
I made it too much.
Please eat if good.
Wow. Thank you.
Oh? How did you do it?
An adhesive plaster.
Eh? Well.
I have fallen down.
Oh, you're a quite dojikko (clumsy girl).
Should you be careful?
Because you're a precious beautiful woman.
Wow, thank you.
I'll be careful.
Their activity become active at last.
We must find a princess as soon as possible.
Thank you for watching.