【MMD CUP 5】KAITO's newlywed life(Teto wedding ceremony part)(English annotations & captions)

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Defoko: That girl seems to marry this time.
momo: Come to think of it, she thought that she became a "ikiokure" if she didn't get married while in her 20's. So she was desperate.
Momo. Teto is in front. So mind a little.
It seems to totally call her "ikiokure".
Teto: Who is a "ikiokure" ?
You who say like this don't have a marriage partner either.
Eiichi: Uta(Defoko), I come to pick you up.
Do you have a new boy friend again ?
He's just a driver.
Then I'm off.
Uta will be able to choose a marriage partner freely.
Momo, you don't betray me.
??: Momo.
Sora: Would you become my girlfriend ?
Ahhhh! I'm puzzled...
Yowa: Momo is told feelings again.
Mako: Momo is very popular.
"Riajyu" must die. "Riajyu" must die.
"Riajyu" must Explode !!!
They are different species. You know?
(Defoko showed off her leeway.)
Teto "obasan".
"Obasan" ? Am I "obasan" ?!
This is so bad. At this rate, only I become a "ikiokure".
But there isn't a man in my closeness.
All right ! A new wife chibi miku part begins from now on.
Oh ! There is him !
30s emptiness of being called a "obasan".
At this rate, I become a "ikiokure". I hate that.
I want to marry.
A blue muffler flaps in the wind.
Something between the crotch is on the verge of showing.
Though if you were my husband, it was really good.
I had a dream that I touch his XXX.
The dish on male body
full of masculine charm.
Your thick something jumped up.
I looked at this with eyes which seems to feel great.
I want to jump into
that aisle where a bride walks.
I'm in a pure white dress. I'm very beautiful.
If I jump into
that aisle where a bride walks,
I feel like being able to have a wedding night.
Whaaaaaaa. I'm jilted.
Iori: Cheer up.
The new love is surely found immediately.
Young girls are great!
Would you become my girl friend?
Hikari: Big sister, he scare me.
Hiyori: What?! You?!!
Stay away!
How quick he reboot his mind.
Teto, what's this?
Kaito, marry me.
I told my feelings.
So say yes immediately.
I drop you from here.
(It's a threat not a confession...)
I marry you.
So let's hold a wedding ceremony right now.
Do we hold a wedding ceremony in such a place?!
There are a Father, a invited guest.
No problem.
Then, Father, please begin it.
Ted: You, Teto Kasane,
in health,
in joy, in good times,
love him. Do you promise it?
Yes. I promise it.
You, Kaito,
in sickness,
in sorrow, in bad times,
in the depth of misery,
love her.
(I have no happy time???)
(In addition, (Though I did not promised it,) I have already promised it.)
Then please do the kiss of the oath.
Teto, you look glad.
No! I'm not glad. Don't misunderstand it!
You said that you want to marry me in the worst way. So I marry you unwillingly.