Volvo C30 Polestar

Uploaded by autoblogger on 30.11.2010

We have to hurry up guys, we're driving a very special C30.
The C30 Polestar. Polestar is the race division of Volvo.
This car, also called the blue smurf... very special 'cause it's a concept car, there's only one of it.
It has 400 hp. 400!
And we're going to do a lap.
It's quite a small circuit...
...with some nice bits.
Let's not try to set a lap time.
The last two times I tried to drive fast...
...something happened, remember?
It's going to be a bit messy because we've got little time with the car...
...and it has rained, which is very exciting on such a narrow track.
And on top of that, Patrick has broken some gear.
So it's going to be messy but sweet.
This is a very fun car, I can just say one thing...
...Volvo, give me this car!
We do miss the really sporty Volvos.
We used to have the 850R. It had a 5-cylinder turbo engine just like this one has.
It's based on the T5 engine that's also available in the regular C30.
This car is quite special...
...because this is a 4wd C30. That's unique.
They were developing one, but they quit because it had too little market potential.
But they have used the chassis to make this C30 Polestar with.
It's definitely faster than the Focus RS which is a competitor.
They used to be classmates, but not anymore.
They said goodbye.
It really sounds great.
On the inside, they used very nice suede...
...from a manufacturer that doesn't use chemicals.
We were driving this car with one of the STCC drivers a moment ago.
The car's setup is now a bit safe, very Volvo-like.
And he wanted to make it a bit more on the edge, so that it oversteers a bit more.
Now it slides forward a bit mid-corner...
...and it would be fun if it'd be more neutral... that you can play with the rear a bit more.
And because it's 4wd you could create nice oversteer situations with the throttle.
As you've seen, it looks quite beefed-up.
With nice piano-black accents.
A double spoiler.
It looks quite radical.
They are going to offer chip tuning for diesel and petrol engines...
...but actually they want to become like the Renault Sport division for Volvo.
They want to be delivering the really hardcore Volvos.
To be honest, I like that plan.
We know that Volvos are safe, well-built and comfortable...
...but I do miss the exciting Volvos of the old days.