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Hello and welcome to 20!
For everyone out there thinking you've got defective eyesight. No! I'm not Theresa Underberg but Jo Weil, and I've got the pleasure of hosting a very special edition of 20! today.
Special for two reasons: there's good and bad news.
The good one, today the 20! mistress herself, Theresa Underberg, is here and will answer your questions.
You had the chance to ask your questions on the internet and we'll find out about them now. - Yes.
The bad news is, this special edition is the last edition of 20! We'll clarify why right now during our talk.
Now, 'Hello Resi!' - Hello Jo!
Today's your first time on the other side. What does it feel like?
Strange. - Strange? - I've to admit, I'm a bit nervous. Now I know what you all always felt like.
Yeah, you see? It wasn't always a walk in the park. - Excuse me?
But you've been a very nice hostess. - Yeah, you've just about rescued yourself there.
I'm gonna try to be nice too. On the internet, we've asked the fans to send in questions. And let me put it like this, most of them are nice.
You don't have to be afraid. - The rest of the questions are from you. - The rest are from me, right. She knows me too well!
Let's get started. Beach or mountains?
Head or heart? - Definetely heart. - Very good!
This question is pretty easy for you. Jeans or sweatpants?
When I'm at home sweatpants, otherwise jeans. I'm actually more a 'dress' person.
A 'dress' person? - Or a 'dress' woman. - Which is quite obvious right now.
Alright, this is the last either/or question, and I think it's the toughest one.
Cologne or Hamburg? - Hamburg.
Hamburg? The years in Cologne haven't made you say 'Cologne'?
Yes, they did, but that's more about the people than the city.
Okay, so you're a Hamburg native at heart?
Definitely, and I don't think that will ever change. Like every Hamburg native. I think we're the biggest patriots.
I've got a doormat with the Hammaburg. I've got cups with the Hammaburg. I've drawn a picture of the Hammaburg on the table on my balcony.
I'm a proud Hamburg native. Hamburg, my pearl, that's all I can say.
Well, Resi, these have been the easy either/or questions. Now we'll start with a tough question from Cindy from Dresden.
Cindy from Marzahn? - No, she sent one too, but I thought we'd pick Cindy from Dresden. She wants to know, how did you come to act at VL?
Well, it was like this: I worked for a radio station in Trier, presenting the weather.
Then I came to Cologne for a traineeship in TV editing. Afterwards I knew, okay, that's not what I want to do, but...
That's at least something. - But what do I want to do?
Then I wanted to go to Berlin for Scandinavian studies, because I wanted to emigrate to Sweden. - Seriously? - Mhm. - Uih!
Then my best friend said: Resi, submit your application to Forbidden Love, you always wanted to be an actress and you used to watch Forbidden Love with your big sister all the time.
Then I applied, with the most amateurish pictures - my brother took them in our hallway - and a weather presentation as Resi Rainbow. - Resi Regenbogen! - Yes.
Then Kati called, she does our castings, and asked if I want to come to a casting, and … well.
So, you changed careers? - Yes. - You changed professions. - Yes, somehow.
Ever since I've been four I've been working as a voice actor, but I haven't actually trained for this profession.
So, was VL like acting school for you? - Absolutely! Absolutely.
So, you wouldn't have wanted to do without your time here? - No way! No way!
Good, this brings us to our next question. Moni wants to know what you'd consider your best moment at VL?
Oh God, now I'm getting nostalgic. There were a lot of moments.
I couldn't pick one special, really great moment. - I can come up with one.
Of course! The first scene with Oliver Sabel! No, really, there have been so many.
Yeah, it sounds kind of weird when you say it, but we really experience so many great things here that it's hard to pick something.
So, you've had an all around great time? - Absolutely!
Okay. You started at VL and at some point you've had your first kissing scene. Back then with Joscha, I think. - Yeah.
The question is… - With tongue or without? - That too! It has something to do with the question.
What is it like for an actress when you have to kiss someone you don't actually know that well and think 'Urgh, I don't want to kiss him.' Can you say: 'No, I won't!', or do you have to do it?
Well, until now I've hit it lucky with my kissing partners. There wasn't one where I thought 'No, I don't want to do it.'. So, the conditions were right.
After I'd been here for about 4 weeks the script said, Sebastian and Lydia kiss each other. And I thought 'How do you do it?' Then I saw my first kiss, and it was… I just did…
At some point you more or less learn to make it look good for the camera.
And in that moment - I don't know what it's like for you - but in that moment my thoughts are completely… you don't really think about what you're doing. - Yes.
Then the kiss is over and you sit there and wait for the director to tell you what's next. - Yeah, it's very technical. - Yeah, there isn't really any romance involved.
But you just said it, with tongue or without? Without. - Without. A classic film kiss, always without tongue. - Yes. - Yes, I think so too, that's as it should be.
If there's ever someone who I'd like personally, then I could give it a try. No! No, no, no.
Which is a perfect cue for the next question:. The next question from Anna from Eggenfelden is: Which type of man are you attracted to in real life?
Off the top of my head: He has to have a sense of humor. Then his appearance will appeal to me, too.
Apart from that it's, if I'm supposed to describe my ideal type of man, he'd have to have dark hair…
Oh God, Jo! - Yeah, keep on talking!
Dark-haired, have designer stubble, but I'd like a bit longer hair. - It's growing again.
And what's really important to me is that he smells good and that hygiene is important to him.
Folks, I'm leaving Forbidden Love too, I'm moving to Hamburg with her!
No, so neither Sebastian nor Ansgar are your type in real life? Regarding the looks. - Yeah, but both have a sense of humor.
Okay, if Lydia's decision had been up to you, who of them would you have chosen? Katrin from Zurich would like to know. Which man would Theresa choose for Lydia?
Oh God, that's a difficult question as well, but I think rather Sebastian. - Sebastian? Rather the heart than the daredevil?
I think I wouldn't wish Ansgar on any woman for a longer relationship.
I won't pursue this issue.
Is there an interview partner about who you'd say that it was your best interview? Annett from Dresden would like to know. - All of them.
You liked all your guests very much, but Maria from Mannheim asks with which world star would you have liked to do an episode of 20! ?
Oh God!
We can translate world star into German television. Is there someone you like very much and would've loved to interview?
Eh, yes, but… eh… yes. - But you don't want to say the name. - Yeah, he… [mumble, mumble, mumble] - I think I know.
I think, Christian Ulmen. - Very cool guy. - Yes. And Moritz Bleibtreu.
Christian Ulmen because he's from Hamburg too, or just because he's funny? - Yes, he's got my kind of humor. - Maybe because of the same roots.
Yeah. And Moritz Bleibtreu because I think that he's a really cool dude. - Mhm.
And a world star? No idea, no one comes to mind. Well, if he's volunteering, Brad Pitt… Then I'd do another 20!
Yeah, Brad, just send a message if you like. Theresa would be prepared to come back from Hamburg.
Yes, that would be no problem. - Very good. - I'd even go to L.A., that would be okay too.
You see? She's a such an unselfish person, this Kira Theresa Underberg. I just wanted to say that one time.
Kira Theresa Beatrix Frederike Felicitas Cornelia Maria. There you go! - Is that a joke? - No.
My god and I always thought… - It's in my ID card, printed in tiny letters. - I thought Johannes Hermann Bruno Anton was tough.
Once again?
Kira Theresa Beatrix Frederike Felicitas Cornelia Maria. Underberg.
Beatrix Underberg. I'll call you Bea from now on. Bea. Bea, next question.
Hermann is one of yours? -Yes, come on, Bea and Hermi.
This is one of my favorite questions, asked by Nadine from H. In your private life, do you have the same style as Lydia on the show?
Are there clothes you'd like to have personally or that you don't like at all? All I'm doing is [howl of wolves] ... - CUT! - … and leave this insider joke without a comment.
This is your platform!
I have to remain diplomatic. Let's put it this way, Resi and Lydia's style of clothing is considerably different.
But I have to say, and that is the cool thing about VL, I got to wear clothes I'd never ever wear in my private life,
or ever thought that things like that are even manufactured, that there are designers who decide 'That's what we're gonna do, we'll manufacture this.'
Given my role, I can contribute to this topic as well. Olli likes to wear clothes not every person would wear, too. - Yes.
Okay, we're still talking about your looks. - Okay.
And now it's really about your hair. Magdalena wants to know. - Where's Magdalena from? - Magdalena's from Merzen. - I see.
Madalena with a heart from Merzen. - Stop joking! [Magdalena mit dem Herzen aus Merzen - Hör auf zu Scherzen!]
So, what does she want to know? - Candles are burning [Es brennen die Kerzen]. Come on, we could do this for hours.
Magdalena wants to know, what did you think when they cut your hair? Was it your decision or did they force you to do it?
Yes. it was my decision. I always wanted to cut my hair short, but I was way too much of a coward.
I even made a bet with friends when we went to the Kiez. When I was drunk I made some bets so that I would finally have to cut my hair, but I always won the bets.
Because you're a winner! - Yes, right.
Then I started here and suggested it, but in the beginning they said, no, no way. Lydia has to have long blonde hair. Then Lydia's story turned out to be kind of difficult and then the time had come.
I don't know if I'd do it again. Err, I could imagine it, but not now.
Your hair grew longer, our questions will get more intimate now. Now it's about your private life, Theresa Underberg. Or Bea, as we like to call you affectionately.
Do you have any siblings, Janine would like to know.
Yes, I have three siblings. Two older sisters and one big brother. I'm the baby of the family.
Baby of a big family. What was it like to grow up as the baby of the family? - It was great!
Do you have a good relationship, you and your siblings?
Yes, they even started to take me seriously. When I was about 10... It was always important that we all had dinner and breakfast together, everyone talked about their problems then.
So I told them about what happened at school, and that was really boring, but it was a problem for me. They always looked at me, saying 'Right!', and kept on talking.
By now we're on a level playing field, but growing up as the baby of the family is still cool.
You've got siblings, but do you have pets too? If so, what kind of pets and what's their name? Annika would like to know.
Okay. Dear Annika, I've got a cat. I'd also love to have a dog, but, unfortunately, that's impossible here, because I'm very rarely at home. That's why I've got a cat, her name is Frieda.
Lotte from Berlin wants to know what your perfect day looks like.
That's so funny because I've always asked all of you this question. And I've always wondered what I'd say. I think...
This is your chance! - This is my chance.
I think it starts with an awesome party on the night before, with lots of fun.
Then - because, unfortunately, I also tend to sleep late, but everyone else here has already said so - I'd get up incredibly early and be completely rested.
It's a beautiful sunny day. I go outside, but I've had a good breakfast with the friends I'd been partying with earlier.
So you all slept in the same place, like in a commune? - Yes. - Alright.
Then Resi prepares some awesome scrambled eggs, because when friends are staying with me it's my job as a hostess to pamper them with my delicacies.
I've never been invited, I don't know. - Yeah.
And just not think about anything, without any plan, just live for the moment.
That sounds like a beautiful and relaxing day. - Yes.
Apart from your perfect day, what's the most important thing for you in your life? Nina from Mühlacker wants to know.
The most important thing in life? Just, well, my friends and family, definitely. But for myself, to always believe...or... to always be optimistic.
That you spend the day with good calmness, thinking that everything will turn out alright. I think that's most important.
I don't want to lose my optimism. I think that's the most important thing for me in my life.
Alright, and you've already answered the next question from Nicole from Hasbergen. She wanted to know your life motto.
After the rain comes the sun. - After the rain comes the sun. Short and sweet, and very true.
Nicole takes a close step to your bed and asks, what's lying beside your bed?
I don't have a bed table anymore because I rearranged my bedroom, so there's nothing. Except for my evening tea that I always put next to my bed.
If I'm lucky, it's still there in the morning. Frieda always puts her paw into my mug and blesses me.
Oh, nice. So you get cat blessing in the morning?
Yes, but sometimes also in the night. I wake up thinking, what's with the splashes? It's Frieda blessing me with tea.
Now we continue with a question from Jutta from Cologne. The question is so long that I have to read it out. - Okay.
Dear Theresa, many artistically active people have more than one artistic talent. Is there something else you're good at or that you'd like to do, like singing, dancing, writing, drawing or directing?
Definitely not directing. - Why?
I just think I wouldn't be good at directing an actor. - Okay. - No, I don't think that would be my thing.
Singing? Yes. I don't know if I'm any good at it, but I enjoy it very much. I enter every karaoke bar.
Do you have a favorite song? - Many.
In a karaoke bar, which song do you choose? - In Hamburg, in Thai Oase, I always sing … God, what's the name of the song? - Oh, that one!
Flashdance! - Flashdance? - Yeah, but my favorite song is actually, by the Mamas and the Papas, 'Dream a little dream of me'.
It's no secret anymore. We can talk about it. You're leaving Forbidden Love.
Umm, when I asked around the fans, I often heard the question, is Theresa leaving because she's pregnant?
Who knows?
No! I'm leaving because - you asked me about head or heart - my heart told me six months ago, Resi you've been here for three years, find out what life has in store for you.
In the autumn, I was involved in a movie production, and that was a reason for me to think that there's something else waiting for me, besides VL. And now I just want to try.
It was important for me to leave but have the option to return, that returning remains an option. My heart told me to try something new.
Then you should listen. - Yes.
You leave shortly - I don't know when you'll see this - now having just one week of filming ahead of you. Is it already turning out to be hard for you?
Yes, it's... um... well, hard? It's weird to realize that the things that used to annoy you, like having to be ready for make-up at 6:30am, I suddenly think it's great.
Because I know, now it's only 4 times, 3 times.. it's somewhat great. There's a certain wistfulness to it.
On the other hand, I had my last day of shooting on location yesterday. And I just haven't realized it yet. It's in my head but it's not in my heart yet.
I think I'll only realize what's happening when you all start filming on January 3rd and I'll sit at home, having a shower with Frieda.
Well, then let's see if you're already able to answer the question of a certain Jo W. from Cologne.
Uh, no, I don't want to respond to that. - Yes, you do. This questions seems… I have to say it's a good question.
He wants to know, once you go, what have you learnt at VL, what are you taking away with you from this production?
Oh God, this had to come at the end. Umm... awesome people!
Oh God, now it's getting sad. - Yes, shit!
Yeah, but it's… Oh, God! - Shit, I hadn't mean to cry.
Come here, don't cry! We'll cover it. - Hurry, hurry… ask me something else.
I'm asking another question, another question. Er… You've actually already answered it, but I'm asking again so we can get past this.
What plans do you have now after Forbidden Love? Not only work related, what's waiting for you?
The first thing I need to do, I finally need to look for an agency.
Like I said, I've been part of a project in September… - Are we allowed to talk about it? - I think so.
Theresa has been filming with a great guy. Tell us. - With Matthias Schweighöfer.
When is the movie scheduled to be released? - On September 8th. It's called 'What a man!'.
Oh my god. What kind of character do you play? - My character is Stine, and Stine's eating all the time.
Well, that fits. - Actually, I kind of played myself.
It will be in cinemas next year [2011], and I'm excited to see what will happen then.
I've been to some castings, so, I'm leaving with a good feeling. I'm an optimist anyway, but I'm leaving with the good feeling that it will turn out alright.
I believe that you can definitely do it, too.
We'll get a bit more contemplative again, without being too emotional. It's the last question already. - Yes.
And this one comes from very far away, from Auckland in New Zealand. - Oh!
You see, you've got fans there too. - It's Katta, I think her name is Katta.
Do I have to answer in English? - She asked in German, so I guess it's okay to answer in German.
Katta would like to know, how will you spend Christmas?
Eh, with my family in Hamburg. And with my friends.
The classic way? - The classic way. That's why I love Christmas and Easter, because it's the same every year, I simply love traditions.
Especially family traditions. Christmas is always the same for us, that's why it's really nice.
Do you have a traditional Christmas meal?
Um, yeah. It's always a bit different for Christmas Eve, that depends on whether we celebrate at my parents' place or at my sister and her son's place. On Christmas Day we always have turkey.
Delicious. Are you carol singers? Do you actually sing at Christmas or are you doing without this tradition?
Well, our tradition is like this, my mother always decorated the Christmas tree, and we weren't allowed to go into the living room.
Then the bells rang and we came downstairs and were allowed to go inside the living room to see the Christmas tree. Then we had to sing 'Oh how joyfully'. We played a record and we had to sing along.
At some point I got a karaoke machine from my siblings, then my mother performed to 'Sexbomb', and despite of that we still sing a lot.
That’s great and with the good news of your mother enjoying to perform 'Sexbomb' we've finished all these questions and reached the end of your personal edition of 20! - Crazy!
I have to leave you alone for a sec, hold on to the cards, they're your present, and I need to fetch something.
Oh, God! - Of course, as a representative for all of us, I want to say thank you for doing a great job with all 22 episodes of 20!.
I wish you lots of luck for your time after Forbidden Love, I hope we'll keep in touch. Now I want to give you a hug.
Thank you very much!
All the best! - Thank you, thank you!
Is there anything you'd like to say to all your fans out there?
Yes, it was a lot of fun, that's what I can say, and I hope that with 20! I was able to give you a closer look at my acting colleagues.
I hope so too! I hope I was able to give you a closer look at Theresa. This was the last edition of 20! All the best to you, hope you've enjoyed it.