Kpop Music Mondays - 4Minute "Heart to Heart"

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This week's Music Monday is the revenge edition
with 4Minute's "Heart to Heart"
Ok, I gotta say, I was really excited when I heard that 4minute
was coming out with a new song this year,
because I'm a huge 4Minute fan. Last year,
I My Me Mine was one of the best songs of the year,
Hands down, my favorite.
This song, though, it's not on the same level as "I My Me Mine"
Sure, it's a fun and cute song to sing,
but it doesn't have that bombast and attitude that I'm used to
in a 4Minute song, and I was a little bit disappointed.
So, even though we didn't really love the song,
we absolutely loved the music video.
It was fun, it was quirky, and it was really hilarious.
We especially love the scenes where there were revenge sequences,
and afterwards they do that evil laughter
[evil laughter sounds]
It was totally amazing.
So something important about this video, umm,
we think that she probably should have dumped this guy a lot earlier.
Because, you know, he's not can I say this:
He's really cute, right? He's really good looking and everything,
but he's not really, like he's a little bit [STUPID]
I was looking for something kinder to say, Simon.
No, he's stupid.
Yeah, he's a little bit stupid.
Yeah, now, just to clarify: we absolutely don't mean
the guy from CN Blue. We just mean the character that he's playing.
He's not really the brightest crayon in the box.
To begin with, wasn't he a little bit suspicious about that
lone sandwich waiting for him on the counter?
I mean, when I make a sandwich, I make it and then I eat it.
I don't leave it around to be tampered with.
Step 1: Make Sandwich
Step 2: Eat Sandwich
Step 3: Profit!
Plus, I'm pretty sure that smelt like nasty chemical spray,
and also, when you picked it up,
it probably was completely rock hard, but nooope,
Dude just digs right into it.
Oooh! Free sandwich!
Doesn't feel like a sandwich!
But I am hungry!
That doesn't taste like a sandwhich at all!
Oh well! Time to go shave. LALALALALALA!
First off, that guy doesn't really need to shave,
because he doesn't have a drop of stubble on him.
What's he gonna shave off that little hairless chin of his?
Listen buddy, you don't shave just for the fun of it.
It's not something you do when you're bored.
It sucks. I've had to shave four times already and I totally hate it.
Oh, Simon, your beard's back.
Now I think the clearest evidence as to why she should have
dumped this guy a lot earlier comes from the following scene,
I don't mean the scene where he's rendered into a coma
from seeing a spider, and, no, I don't mean the scene
where he doesn't seem to notice that there are five girls
hiding in his small apartment.
[secret agent music]
[danger music!]
Something's wrong!
This book has no pictures!
I mean the part where he mistook a cardboard box
for a chair. Now, I know, it was covered in fabric,
and that is very confusing sometimes,
but...really? A cardboard box as your chair?
Come on...really?
Ok I'm gonna go out I gotta get some milk.
Ok, see you soon.
I'm home I got the milk!
What the?
My couch is broken?
This isn't my couch at all.
Ok, we're done with this point., no, we're not done with this yet.
Did that guy just get arrested by the sexy police? Really?
Forget the fact that she's clearly not a real police officer,
but, what's he getting arrested for?
The worst photoshopping crime in history?
And what's he even doing in that picture anyway?
Is he climbing the building or is he trying to push it over?
And since when did terrible photoshopped pictures
become incriminating evidence?
I guess our final point here is that
it doesn't really matter how good looking he is
or how rich the guy is...I think the breakup was probably for the best
because if you married him and had babies,
they'd probably be very stupid babies.
Ok so the dance to the song is really simple,
and it's actually really cute as long as you have the right outfit on.
High heels and knee socks? Check!
But if you change your outfit, you might get a different feel for it.
Are you cheating on me?
So don't cheat on me Mister!
As for the English of the song we give this a
4.5 out of 5
So the English they use is perfectly fine, but there's one part
that we're gonna be just a little bit nitpicky about,
see, when you have a heart to heart,
it's usually between two people,
but when you have a heart to heart to heart,
wouldn’t that suggest a third person?
Why is a third person there in your heart to heart?
And don't they feel a bit awkward?
I know, I know, we're being picky so that's why we'll
only drop them half a point, so
4.5 out of 5.
Last week we asked you who suffered from the worst pastelpantaphilia
SHINee or Infinite
and the huge landslide victory goes to SHINee.
I don't know: did anyone even vote for Infinite?
It seems that SHINee everyone was just like
and then a lot of people were just like
And I was like
Maybe you didn't listen to the question
But anyways, if I ever see Ki in red jeans and a red shirt
and red shoes again, I'm gonna write a very strongly worded letter
to his wardrobe person...
..and then forward that to his mom.
For this week's revenge edition we ask you
what's the best way to get revenge on a cheater,
playing playful pranks like 4Minute does in "Heart to Heart"
or by FIRE MURDER like 2NE1 does in "Go Away"
Leave your votes in the comments, or on our Facebook poll,
and we'll announce the winners next week.
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