Apple- Network Account Management

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and it looked at it
senior consulting engineer for apple
today we're talking about managing use a recount in the area
this session is designed to introduce you to the basics of network account management
on Iraq
although individuals and small organizations
often these local accounts
but is it always appropriate for educational environment
schools and universities have the infrastructure in place
essentially host he's recounts
directory assistance like open directory
actor director a and held up
well essentially stories are credentials
to use from that clients within your organization
this gives you tremendous flexibility
in control of these is competing environment
I know it's an we can you direct retailing
the vine declined to an existing directory system
well I'm centrally with users plugged indicate
and access your man
nepalis tend to work with multiple direct resistance simultaneously
for multiple organizational units within a direct restructure
the process of buying a computer to a directory
to the script that are conducted remotely you think a man like fools
but for now
all simply launch director utility combined his client for existing directory sir
the directory philly is located in the utilities folder in the applications for
the identities spotlight to find quickly and watch it from there
once was launched
I cannot think it is an administrator
and then head
the directory service
for this client to buy into it
once the client is down we see that we have to serve responding normally
and we have full access to the directory service is being provided
including network house
once a client is down
he's network based accounts can be accessed whenever these are logs into a mac
but try to connect with service
this is an excellent choice for computers that have a reliable network an action
and will not leave your infrastructure
for example it measured that stops
perfect flags
my effectively leverage network accounts
in addition to having that clients leverage in existing directory
mack within certain provide centralize authentication services
for both attacks and when this client
using a rope and record facility
workers manager
one of the server tools including with mac within server
allow this demand is using groups within this directory
financially network users
I can act of America west and server as a director in a traitor
from their I think that it it continues recounts
nearly three new users are groups
for import the list of users prepared from an external they did it
but the skin information system
so what what worker manager and connect or sir
worker managers one of the circles including with nicole's and server
I installed it on a class system and so I can use this that remotely access the server
I want for criminal jury and ask what that a cadence the server using a directory administrator
and password
at this moment the only user in the database is the director of nature
so the first thing I'm going to do is important smallest of users that prepared in advance
to and forties a reckless on server and that's what the import function
and so what the filing we stand for
and kristin for Clinton
I have a series of users
and to the system
as you can see importing uses agreed to and opened record can be easily handled with workers
it's important to note that a list and the very rich command one poll said
well I used to work at creation to be fully scripted for automated if your work for you
requires it
now we have a few years is an art director it
let's go ahead and look at one of them
we can look at that poll usurp like states is there
and find information about
his account in general
as well as the hundred three things that we've established for months or
in this case
he uses were imported with the network time directory already defined
in the case of Steve
we can see from the URL on tap information
that he will be given a private full that this court is information preferences and
this folder will reside on the server
in the scheme the folder
and we accessed over the network by the klan directly
when the hopeful there is located on a server
the servers responsible for the eight
initial home direct relation and content
that was the server has the use of template they can be customized for that purpose
if you're using a difference for operating system them home director contents will be
determined by that server
once created
he's never comes a typically accessed
by AFP
and if that's or as in the protocol
now the reason for these users
but whatever administrative account and while back in is a network you sir
what what does that count
and a lot of acting as a network users
but other than with the law in front
they can walk in is one of the
nearly forty years
now I know what then is the use of Steve
we can see it on the record
you can notice here that is stored on the steering wheel chair which is being provided
by the remote serve
we can also look into this system preferences
and look I mean the counts now
and see that's the the network the camp and not a local attack on the fifth
never comes can be very useful fifteen are competing experience
i'll see you there from act an act
the band was requirements but the closely-watched to prevent the user experience from that hearing
but this time
some applications
and I will behave with network and retreat
to test their own way before general and
we have too many mister requirements for your network a storage
a good rule of thumb is that a single properly configured files ever
can support approximately one hundred fifty
simultaneous clients
using that worked on directories
the actual number will vary depending on the configuration of your servers
the protocol he is
and there will be and with as walls of their load factors
in order to ask me this story requirements their clients
it's best to conduct a study that documents do you expect to use it to create
a contest that will allow you to establish a realistic this quotas for your uses as well
the simple starting point the two budget around and it like for you sir
in this session within your basic overview
the party lies a central
trickery server
and storage system for Iraq lacked
bonior mac users to move freely throughout Europe network
and still have complete access to their personal lives competing environment
and all the documents