How To Fast To Lose Weight

Uploaded by planmydietforfuture on 17.12.2011

There is fasting and fasting, and simply to stop eating is not how to fast to lose weight
properly. Everybody needs a certain amount of nutrition in their diet from day to day
in order to maintain a healthy metabolism and immune system, and starving your body
of either of these critical components of its biochemistry is to risk your life in the
name of weight loss.
It is very unhealthy to go without food completely, for reasons touched on above. The first step
is to have a realistic weight loss plan. It is important to develop a plan that will help
organize yourself in a way that will assist you to lose weight. In this plan, goals that
are achievable should be set to avoid discouragement. The plan should include your eating times,
type of food to be consumed and exercise regimen.
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