FSU Literature Resource Center

Uploaded by jal02g on 02.11.2010

Hello and Welcome to FSU Libraries Web Tutorials. Today we’re going to learn how to use the
Literature Resource Center Database. On this database you can access literary criticisms,
biographies and other information about authors, their works, and literary topics.
To begin with, we will navigate to the FSU Libraries Homepage, lib.fsu.edu. If you are
working from off campus, please click the ‘off campus access’ link on the top right
of the page. Once logged in, you can find the link to the Literature Resource Center
by clicking on the “Databases A-Z List” or “Most Used Databases” links.
Once you enter the database, the top of the screen has the search bars where you can search
by keyword, name of work, or author name. Below the search bars there are a number of
ways to limit your results by dates, document types, language and more. For this example
we are going to type in “Toni Morrison” into the ‘person by’ search bar, hit enter
and worry about narrowing our results later. On the top of the results page we see the
results are sorted into different tabs by the type of document they are, such as; Literature
criticism, biographies, work overviews and more. This is really helpful as it gives you
the opportunity to just look at work overviews on Toni Morrison’s pieces of literature
or lets you look up an in depth biography. In addition the left column lets you narrow
your results down to frequently appearing subjects. With these you can narrow your search
to a more specific topic. You can also search for key words within the results, which is
useful to select results that deal only with a specific theme or person.
For this example we are going to go to the Biographies tabs, and click on one of the
records. Inside the record on the right we see a number of other options, such as how
to print, e-mail save and cite the document we are looking at.
If you have any questions, remember that you can always click on the “Ask Us Now” link
from the FSU Libraries Homepage to speak with a Library Professional.
That concludes this tutorial on how to use the Literature Resource Center database. Thank
you for watching.