CGRundertow SNAIL BOB for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 05.10.2012

This is called Snail Bob. Not Bob the Snail or A Snail Named Bob...Snail Bob.
Huh...that’d be like naming your baby boy, uh...Human Jeffrey.
Interesting concept.
Now, this is not Human Jeffrey...which is disappointing. But fortunately, this game
is pretty cool nonetheless. Snail Bob is an interesting little puzzle game based on your
basic concept of, “Oh, get the mollusk to the tube.”
You know, who hasn’t done that?
So this is a new release from Chillingo, and obviously, the idea is pretty simple. You
have to ensure Bob gets into the pipe. And you do that by manipulating objects in his
environment. Levers, pulleys, springboards...strange insects cooking stew. All these things have
an effect on Bob. In the right combination, they can save his life.
I really like these kind of puzzle games, you know? The ones with these elaborate mechanical’s kind of like Mouse Trap and Lemmings, only with less mammals and more
bugs. Lower lifeforms...they’re lucky a can of Raid isn’t some unlockable weapon.
Hey, bugs...the hairiest lifeforms are the scariest lifeforms.
There are 60 levels in Snail Bob, each progressively more challenging and elaborate than the last.
Of course, there’s a bit more to the puzzles than finding the exit, though. There are also
three little stars hidden in each as you’re flipping your levers and operating
machines, you also have those stars to find. And the more you can collect, the more crap
you unlock.
Now, there’s not much personality in a snail, least of all one called Bob. Snail Bob, I’m
sorry. But I guess that’s the point. Bob can’t do this on his own, and thankfully,
giving a helping hand is a lot of fun. I mean, he doesn’t have any hands of his own.
It’s Snail Bob, a fun puzzler with a slimy protagonist.