Porsche 911 Carrera S 2012 (991) TEST DRIVE (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by supervroum2 on 23.11.2011

Hello, welcome in California to test the new 911
It’s not that green model 911 S from 1970
We’ll test that new model type 991 with that lime metallic color
and carbon ceramic brakes
and the 3.8 l 400 PS flat six with 7 speeds PDK gearbox
Go inboard
We have leather on dashboard and everywhere but it’s an option
here the PDK
In onboard compteur we have a GPS screen
and a lot of informations like tire pression
chronometer and G force indicator
here we are on highway
in 7 speed at 2000 rpm for 80 mph
When I stop to push accelerator I’m riding in freewheels
we have a lot of energy saving systems like stop and start and freewheels mode
and that new model is 40 kg lighter although wider front way and longer wheelbase
and more equipments
Now I’m using sport exhaust and sport gearbox
good music !
how fast cornering !
ABS is perfect we can brake like pigs
we can accelerate early without understeering
easier but always attractive
brakes are biting and tough just amazing
no other sportcar has better brakes
PDK gearbox is very fast
now power steering is electric
even if we keep a good feeling it’s lighter and not as good as before
the 3.8 flat six is singing it is unique
suspensions make very good job super springs super engine super gearbox super brakes
absolute pleasure
if we drive slow we need 9,2 liters per 100 km
and if we you go fast like that
15,8 liters it’s not so high in fact