Keeping The Promise: Lt. Dan Choi and Senator Reid

Uploaded by SenateDemocrats on 22.12.2010

This morning
Dan Choi
gave me this to give to you
that's his West Point ring
He says
it doesn’t mean
What it did mean to him before.
He earned this ring and I’m going to give it back to him and i don't need his ring to fulfill the promise I made to him that. Thank You. When it signs Senator, when it signs.
Ok that’s good enough with me, when the bill is signed I’ll
keep it safely and give it back to him. Ok?
When we get it passed, you’ll take it back right? Yes but I will hold you accountable. Ok that’s ok.
So do you remember
when we made our deal
We did. I heard you’re a man of your word.
I know just barely,
but worked out ok.
Its like uh… a knock out
In the what is it? The 15th?
That’s right
So are you going to wear it from now on? You proud of your ring? Of course, and knowing that it was in your safe keeping.
I’m going to have some stories to tell my great grandkids. It’s a beautiful ring. You remember that?
Did that on the day of graduation. Did you ever think that you would get it back? I didn’t know,
Well this is a very important day for you
and our country.
And it also brings such dignity I think back to
west point. Which is a place I’ve been. It’s wonderful wonderful
Place that
Has such history to it
and today not only did we return your ring
But signed a repeal, don’t as ask, don’t tell.
And I want to thank you for your leadership and fulfilling your promise. I appreciate real leadership. And I know that…
It’s been a long year.
So you deserve the credit
for your service.
Congratulations. Thank you.
I was very proud of the senate majority leader
For his tenacity
and stand-alone bill nobody would ever thought. You ask any gay advocate
or gay American they would have never thought this was going to happen
This is done.
Everybody should realize that today
history was not only made but lives were saved.
I have
suffered a lot of trauma in this year
because of
And I know that there are many more
who are continuing
to stay in the closet and most people don't understand
how traumatic it is to hide in essential part of your identity and your family.
Today was a repudiation of that shame and that was
a refusal
to second-class citizenship.