vBulletin 4 - How to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

Uploaded by vBulletin4 on 15.09.2010

Hello everyone, this is Jasper Aguila from vBulletin.com, and today I’m going to show
you a tutorial on “how to submit a “sitemap “to google using your Vbulletin’s admin
control panel and Google webmaster tools.” So what is a sitemap? Well, a sitemap is basically
a list of pages of a website that helps search engines like google crawl, your content and
index your website much faster to their search engines.
Submitting a sitemap, will increase the rate of search engine bots or spiders crawling
your website and make your vbulletin forum much more visible to visitors on search engines.
This is a very useful tool for search engine optimization (or as people might like to call
it SEO) and especially great if you have a new website.
So before I begin the tutorial, you will need a couple of things, a google account with
webmaster tools (link will be provided in the description section of this video), and
a vbulletin 4 powered forum. Once you have those two requirements, we can
begin the process. So the first thing you need to do is go through
your google webmaster tools manager, and click on “Add a site.”
On the form, enter the url of your forum home page. For example, I will use “example.com”
and click continue. Once you’ve completed that you’ll be taken
to a new screen which will ask you to verify that you’re the owner of the website. They’ll
give you 4 options to choose from. For now I’ll be using the “Add a meta tag to your
site's home page” option but you can use any option you feel is much simpler to do
of course. Once you select the “Add a meta tag to your
site’s home page” they will provide a code which you can copy and implement inside
your vbulletin forum template. So copy that and go to your vbulletin admin control panel.
Once there, click on Styles & Templates > Style manager > You want to Edit the style
that your forum is using, so I would edit my default style. Scroll down until you see
And on this page all you want to do is paste the code that was given to you by google on
top of all the other codes, so like this and click save.
Once you've completed that, go back to your webmaster central account and verify your
account. If the verification process is successful,
your webmasters tools account should take you to a new page which will give you a bunch
of options for customizing the configuration of your sitemap. For now though, all we want
to do is submit a sitemap. So click on site configurations, sitemaps, and after that go
back to your vbulletin admin control panel. and scroll all the way down until you see
xml sitemap. Click it, and click on the rebuild sitemap
option. Once there, all you have to do is click on the build sitemap button and wait
for that to process. And once its done processing go back to your
webmaster tools account, and click on submit a sitemap.
On the form, all you have to do is enter the url of the location of your vbulletin sitemap.
So by default it's "xmlsitemap.php" and click on submit sitemap.
Basically that's it, you now only have to wait for the tool to finish pending your submission
and it should show a green checkmark once the submission process
was successful. And Google will now have a structure to follow
for indexing your website. So yeah, good job guys!
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