Coming to America (6/10) Movie CLIP - Akeem Goes to the Barber (1988) HD

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Can you make my hair look like this?
Oh, man, what you wanna make your hair look like that for?
I like the way you wear your hair.
You wear it natural. That's good, man.
You know, I wish more of the young children of today
Would wear their hair natural,
Like dr. Martin luther king did.
That's right. You ain't never seen dr. Martin luther king
With no messy jheri curl on his head.
Ain't that right? Amen.
Dr. King ain't come walking around like that.
You know, sweets, I met dr. Martin luther king once.
You lying. You ain't never met dr. Martin luther king.
Yes, I met dr. Martin luther king
In 1962 in memphis, tennessee.
I'm walking down the street, minding my own business,
Just walking along, feeling good.
I walk around the corner,
Man walk up, hit me on my chest, right?
I fall on the ground, right?
And I look up, it's dr. Martin luther king.
I said, "dr. King?"
He said, "oops. I thought you was somebody else."
Oh, man, you lying. You ain't never met martin luther the king.
Knocked the wind out of me, yes, he did.
No, he didn't. Yes, he did.
No, he did not!
Hey, boy, why you so worried about how you look, anyway?
Well, I am trying to gain the interest of a certain young lady.
I ain't never heard of no woman giving no man no loving
Just 'cause his hair looked good.
That's right.
Is this an american girl?
You got to go through her papa.
See, that's a big misconception.
People don't know that about american women.
Ain't got nothing to do with your hair or your pocket.
You get in good with an american woman's father,
You in good with her. Ain't that right?
He ain't lying. That's right.
You get in good with the father, you home free.
Home free.
Like a bird.