HP ePrint Technology—Print From Anywhere!

Uploaded by HPVideoChannel on 15.03.2011

HP ePrint changes everything!
Print from any mobile device. If you can email it, you can print it
to any of HP’s ePrint-enabled printers.
How does HP ePrint work? Well...
these printers comes with their own email address that you send your prints to.
You can print to your HP ePrinter … or his …
or his … or hers …
or theirs … and they can print to yours.
You can print to any HP ePrinter anywhere in the world.
Simply create an email on any mobile device
Attach a document or photo, then send it.
Next you receive a confirmation email
it’s that easy.
On vacation? Have your photos waiting on your printer at home.
Traveling on business? Send your boarding pass to the HP ePrinter in your hotel lobby.
Boss needs your report? Send it from the coffee shop, print to your boss’ desk.
You can print this … or this …
or this!
Email from this … this …
or that!
Worried about spam? Online control lets you block spam, control access to your printer,
and manage HP ePrint settings from any Web browser, whenever and wherever you want.
You can do all this with no special drivers and no special software.
Yep, HP ePrint changes everything.