A Holiday Message from Dr. Anthony Wise

Uploaded by PellissippiState on 12.12.2011

Hello, I'm Anthony Wise President of Pellissippi State Community College.
At this special time of year our thoughts turn to giving and the differences we
can make in our community.
I'm particularly proud of our students and faculty in the commitment they
have made through service learning. I'm Dr. Annie Grey, Associate Professor
of English and Service Learning co-facilitator for Pellissippi State.
Service-learning is a form of experiential education that connects what
students do in the classroom to real needs in the community where they live.
We help the community with their needs and the community teaches our students
about what reality outside the classroom really looks like.
I consider volunteering important because
you're not just one person where you live it's an entire community and if
you can give back to your community in any way, you can help people that are less
fortunate than yourself. Then, I
honestly believe it will come back around and
you may need it one day. Volunteering is important to me because I can give
back to the community as well as help people that are in
need and have fun outside the classroom with fellow students.
Service learning means a little bit of work, and a whole lot of payoff.
The bulk of who we serve here, the people who receive our food..
ninety percent are considered the working poor.
Those are people who have jobs who are functioning in society. They need to make
a decision at the end of the year whether to keep the lights on or to buy food.
Pellissippi State students are valuable to us for two reasons: not only will a group
like this but about ten thousand pounds of food out into the community in about three
they will save Second Harvest from having to pay staff members to do
this which means we can turn and spend that money
on purchasing food.
The example set here by our students create a lifelong relationship with community
and service and we can think of no better way to celebrate the holidays.
On behalf of Pellissippi State I wish you and your family the best in the coming year.