Offend an Atheist Day

Uploaded by Thundapinky on 20.03.2011

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 The incremental acts of thousands can change the attitudes of great civilizations.
I mean, just look at changing attitudes towards slavery, towards women, towards homosexuals
over the last 150 years. In our lifetime, a woman was killed merely for saying she believed
in God. Merely for her words the atheist decided to kill her. Last year, a vocal christian,
Varitas48 was forced off of you tube because of threats by atheists which can only be described
as serious.
That happened in America.\ \
Now there will be those who look at these threats of violence to inhibit free speech
and there defacto export to the free world with ambivalence and indifference. And there
will be those out there who will choose inaction for fear of it's repercussions. And there
will be those who look to the lesson of history and to how social attitudes can be changed
by the tiny incremental acts of thousands. And with the realization that inaction will
merely condemn another generation to live in this self-same stagnate status quo. That's
why, this year on the 20th of may, offend an atheist day will be launched. And it will
continue to return until atheism changes. Until atheists grow up. Well, ok, let's be
serious, at least until it's grown a sense of humor.\
\ Face it boys, your point of view is just one
of thousands on this planet and your's is the only one that has, in recent history,
torn down places of worship because of your disagreement with their beliefs. Your's is
the position that is different. Your's is the one that has to change. Oh, and it's going
to change. One offended atheist at a time. From the pens and the desktops of the supporters
of free speech!\ \