Codex & Zaboo - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 5

Uploaded by geekandsundry on May 10, 2012

SANDEEP PARIKH: You know, she was like, oh, it's going to be
so weird kissing you and whatever.
And I was like, yeah, it's going to be weird.
But then it just ended up being an improv scene, really.
And then when we were doing that scene, it
wasn't awkward at all.
It's like completely just, oh, this is my improv partner, and
we're just having fun.

FELICIA DAY: Zaboo was actually the hardest arc to
come up with.
Because the whole situation with him and Codex, I wanted
to have resolved.
ROBIN THORSEN: Are you hot for him?
Oh, romancer.
SANDEEP PARIKH: She does a really good job of dealing
with their relationship.
Where she's like, well, maybe I like him, because he fits
all these check boxes on her litmus test.
FELICIA DAY: Maybe I just want someone who's
nice to me for a change.
And warlock priest combo is killer, right?
SANDEEP PARIKH: But ultimately is that spark there?
And they both discover that maybe that spark's not there.
FELICIA DAY: It's no good.
SANDEEP PARIKH: It has the potential to be maybe a let
down to some people, because I think some people are really
rooting for our relationship.
SANDEEP PARIKH: I mean, wasn't horrible.
It just was--
FELICIA DAY: It just was like cardboard, a little bit.
SANDEEP PARIKH: I'm really curious to see what people's
reaction to that's going to be, because I think that was a
brave approach.
I don't think it's really one that you've quite seen.
FELICIA DAY: To me, the predictable thing would be to
have them get together.
And I'm always like, oh, that's predictable.
Let's do the opposite of that.
SANDEEP PARIKH: And then she was like, well, this is maybe
the most realistic course for their relationship, is to sort
of mutually discover that we're just
better off as friends.
And I think that the way it was done this season was
really smart and interesting.
FELICIA DAY: So it didn't work out.
Zab and I are definitely not compatible.
I mean, it was [INAUDIBLE]
SANDEEP PARIKH: What are you guys looking at?