Football Basics : How to Play Football

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.12.2008

To play football you've got to know the rules and the first rule of football is the team
with the most points wins. You score points by running the ball into the end zone, earn
just six points, and once you score the six points, you have an opportunity to go for
an extra point or points. You can kick a field goal or kick in extra points through the up
rights for one point or you can choose to go from the three yard line and try to run
it in the ends and again for an additional two points. Now you can say what is the objective
of a defense? What's their goal? Is it to stop the offense? No? Objective as a defense
is to score points as well. Now, if they get an interception, they'd want to return it
back and score six points and then obviously do their extra point. The other way to score
points is to kick a field goal. That is anywhere on the field that you can kick the ball through
the up rights will earn you three points. Also, if, the other way a defense can score
points is by safety in which they push the offense so far back that they get stuck in
their own end zone. That will give them two points. The offense is four downs, you go
ten yards. If they don't go ten yards and four downs, then the other team gets the ball.
Now, once a team goes ten yards, then their down start over to the first down. They got
another four times to go ten yards. The defense stops the other team from advancing the ball
by tackling them. There are twenty two players on the field at each time. The field width
is fifty three-fifty three; the field width is fifty three yards; fifty three and a third
yards. Field length is one hundred twenty yards. A hundred yards of playing of-of marked
space and then two ten yard end zones. Gold post are ten feet high with up rights going
as high as you want. That's how you play football. The team with the most points wins.