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Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2008

There' s a lot of things you can do with chipboard, and one of the things that I'm going to show
you is how to make a chipboard flower reef for your mom for mother's day. So, I'm using
the on board blossom and basics, and I'm just chosen a couple flowers, and here they are.
So, the first thing that I'm going to do is, I want some spring colored flowers so I've
chosen rose red, and regal rose, and these are my craft, stamp, and spots, and I'm just
going to ink up my flower, and then once I get that inked up, I'm going to go ahead and
place it in my clear embossing powder. Actually, I'm going to place it this way, pour a little
bit on top. O.k., give it a little shake, make sure it's evenly covered, tap it when
it comes out, put your excess back, because you don't want it flying everywhere once you
hit your heat gun. Alright, so now that I've got that one done and ready to be heat embossed,
and I'm going to turn on my gun, I may be holding it about two to three inches away,
and what I'm looking for is the colors is to get a little brighter, and the glaze to
melt a little bit, and it's starting right there, and I'm just going to move my gun a
little bit slowly, till the whole flower, is nice and shiny. If you're doing this with
your children, just be careful. Help them with this so they don't get any burns, putting
their hands to closely. So, once that's done, I'm a just set that aside for a second and
let it cool, and I'm a put down my little kick stand on my gun so I don't get hurt,
and set that aside, and now my next flower, I'm going to use with regal rose, and the
first few steps are exactly the same. I'm just going to ink it up, put it into my clear
embossing powder, and heat it up.