Making "The Game" Company - The Guild Behind-the-Scenes S6 Ep 1

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Oct 2, 2012


KIM EVEY: When you see the Steadicam shot of the entire
room, it is to me the epitome of what The Guild always is--
which is a lot of hard work, a lot of different people
contributing to make something that's really awe-inspiring.
And of course, we always want our fans to go,
how did they do that?
We thought they were in indie web series.
That's impossible.
So again, I think that we did manage to do it.
And I'm really proud of the way that looks in the end.
We used Lacey Street Lofts to shoot the game company.
And I think, in the end, it was the perfect place.
FELICIA DAY: On our budget, the web budget, we could not
really pull off a League of Legends office, or a World of
Warcraft actual office.
I've been to those places.
They're amazing, but they're very corporate.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people work in the
same building.
And we just couldn't achieve that on our budget, to have
that kind of scope.
KIM EVEY: We looked at a couple of different spaces
that actually are cool game companies here in Los Angeles.
And they were amazing, and way too nice.
FELICIA DAY: I thought I was actually more the flavor of
the show, to fit that it's a lower-level MMO, but an
innovative one.
More of a cult MMO.
SANDEEP PARIKH: I think, story story-wise it's cooler to have
it more indie game.
And I think it fits with the story of Ted Michael's
character, who didn't sell out to the bigwig corporation.
FELICIA DAY: I went on location scouts, and I saw a
couple of locations that we were thinking about for the
game company.
And the space that we finally chose had a lot more character
than your regular cubicle place.
KIM EVEY: With all the corrugated metal and
everything making that perfect backdrop, it just gave a
really interesting architecture and texture that
we could put things in front of, and already made it seem
cool and indie.
FELICIA DAY: The only thing I was worried about when we
chose that location is that there's a lot of gray and
black in there.
Greg and Chris were like, we could definitely liven this up
with all the colorful game features, like the monitor
bays, and all the figurines.
GREG ARONOWITZ: Definitely celebrating the game that they
love as they're designing it.
So we wanted to bring a lot of unique artwork.
I thought about it as if I was a game designer that suddenly
had millions of dollars.
What would I want in my office?
Giant dragons and tons of statues were the first things
to come to mind.
KIM EVEY: They put up a whole display of these weapons that
are a great Easter egg, for those of you who enjoy The
Guild music video and Dragon Age Redemption, by the way.
VINCENT CASO: I'm used to incredible set design, and us
really going all out to make sure that it looks fully
believable, and really is top notch.
And we've pulled it off.
GREG ARONOWITZ: It's just as rich tapestry of all this
amazing art by these super-talented people that
really find what they love about working in the industry
within The Guild.
I just felt like it was a cool tribute, both to the artist,
and then from the artist to the show.
It kind of went both ways.
SANDEEP PARIKH: To have this set that seems like it's at a
warehouse, and has this sort of urban, maybe this is a
neighborhood where people get shot, but also there's this
really cool indie gaming company there.
I think that feel works really well.
And they nailed it.
FELICIA DAY: To me, the look of it is just amazing.
It's somewhere I would want to work.