Thoughts on Seth, Part 6.

Uploaded by wordimagespirit on 21.11.2009

The intensity is the core about which the energy units form.
The more intense the core, the sooner the physical materialization,
regardless of whether the mental image was fearful or joyful, happy or sorrowful.
If your turn of mind is intense and you think in vivid mental emotional images,
this will be swiftly formed into events.
Also, if you're highly pessimistic, given to thoughts and feelings of potential disaster,
then they will be faithfully reproduced and experienced.
Some physical places are high energy points
where everything, positive and negative quickly occurs,
where materialization will quickly appear
and potential for both constructive and destructive elements are very high.
The coordinate points activate the generating behaviour of atoms and molecules
and encourage their cooperative abilities.
While the psychic reality behind physical matter is ignored,
then we cannot use those methods effectively that do exist, nor take advantage of them
because we ignore them.
A soul is not something you have; it is what we are.
Soul is an entity. It has no connection to religion or organization.
Soul is not a finished, static thing that belongs to me;
soul is my powerful inner identity.
Soul is and must forever be changing.
It is alive, responsive, curious. It forms the flesh in the world that we know
and it is in the state of becoming.
The constant process is what's important and not the destination.
The arrival at any point, spiritual or otherwise, it's not important.
Soul is always learning, developing subjective experience.
Ego tries to forget it in order to focus on plays of reality;
but there are channels, psychological and psychic,
that send communications back and forth through various levels of the self
and the ego accepts necessary information and data
from inner portions of personality without question.
The soul is not diminished but expanded
through reincarnations, existence, experience and probable realities.
The universe is expanding all the time.
We form our body from inside out,
from living substance in which each smallest particle
has its own living consciousness.
There are clumps of matter, therefore there are clumps of consciousness;
each individual with their own destiny, abilities, potential.
There are no limitations to our entity or soul.
So we could say that there's one big, huge energy field
and within this field there's clumps of energy which is air, plants, people, cars...
and in between there's still energy but it's not clumped as much.
But every thought, if it's accumulated enough, becomes another clump of energy.
Soul is creative, it is everything.
One cannot return it to God because it is God.
Soul is the most highly motivated, most highly energized
and most potent consciousness unit known in any universe.
It is everywhere. Its energy is concentrated to an unbelievable degree,
with unlimited potentials.
Yet it must work out its own identity and form its own worlds.
It carries within it the burden of all being.
We are only one manifestation of our own soul, only one clump.
But there's lots of it, infinite opportunities.
Even the body's in a constant state of almost magical activity,
even though it appears sometimes motionless.
In painting express the feeling within the apparent state of motionlessness,
of highly accelerated contained activity that cannot be physically expressed,
that must radiate from the painting.
That's what Seth suggests for the painter, actually.
He says that even when you depict somebody who's not moving
it has to radiate from the painting
and show that despite the illusory appearance of figure
is something beyond it, it has a soul.
Then the painting will have a special quality like Rembrandt or Leonardo Da Vinci;
they've got the spark of soul within the picture.
Personality even as we know it constantly changes
and not always in ways that are anticipated - most often unpredictable.
Even the mortal self is far more miraculous than we perceive
and has more ability than we think.
Soul above all conceives and creates.
We are a soul now.
We cannot use soul. It is before, here and after us.
Our personality as we know it will also never be destroyed or lost.
It is a portion of the soul.
It is nevertheless only one aspect of our soul.
The growth and development of our personality
depends upon its realization as a manifestation of the soul.
Then it longs to unfold in creativity and to use these abilities that lie within it.
Our soul possesses the wisdom, information and knowledge
that is part of the experience of all these other personalities.
There's an inner communication and knowledge of one that is available to any other.
There are no closed systems in reality;
it's one big soul so we can use people's knowledge, people's abilities.
We don't have to be just what we find; we can use anything else;
it's all open to us, all ideas, all possibilities.
Soul is an open spiritual system,
a powerhouse of creativity that shoots in all directions.
If one has a desire to achieve intuitive understanding of the soul
then he will automatically be led
to experiences that will result in vivid, unmistakable subjective knowledge.
Everything you desire you can achieve. Just want it intensively and it will happen.
Perception is not physical.
There are other sources of information than physical senses.
It is almost impossible to separate the discussion of the nature of the soul
from discussion of the nature of perception,
because perception comes from the soul.
Senses are only limiting this perception.
We form physical matter, the world as we know it.
The physical senses force us to perceive
an available field of energy in physical terms
and impose specific patterns upon this field of reality.
but that's only one way of seeing it - there's loads of others.
Using physical perception we cannot perceive reality in any other way;
so if we want to perceive it we need to unfocus from the physical,
to take a brief break.
Soul means entity, means inner self,
means presence, so-called personality.
One is part of the other
There is no point where one begins and another ends;
we're all one big soul.