GoPro + iPad Camera Connection Kit + Coach's Eye = Video Analysis Magic

Uploaded by CoachsEye on 20.03.2012

Hey guys, this is Joe Dearman with the Coach's Eye team. I'm going to show you how to take
a sixty frames a second GoPro 720p camera and move it into iPad to look at Coach's Eye
footage, or iPhone for that matter uh... so first we need to do is get the card out of
the GoPro. So I take it out of the case and on the side you'll see the camera. You have
to use two fingers or a pen; it's a little tough. And then we've got our iPad Camera
Connector kit. You just stick it right in there like so. And then I go to the iPad and
I just plug it into the bottom. I'm going to wait a couple of seconds and then we're
going to have a little import screen pop up where we can bring it into the Camera Roll.
So I'm going to select this one and import, import selected. It will give you a message
when it's done and I'll just go ahead and save that. Now I'm going to go into Coach's
Eye and tap the plus button to import. Last import. Select it. Choose. And as it compresses
the video so that I can scrub through it. I'm just going to go ahead and double tap
and here we go. We've got our super high quality footage that I can scrub through with Coach's
Eye frame-by-frame.