Advertência aos líderes que devoram as ovelhas por amor ao dinheiro! Legendado

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Warning to leaders who devour the sheep for the sake of money!
Grace and Peace My Beloved! I would like to share with you something the Lord shared with me, it started with a vision a few months ago
and was completed this past week, when I was taken in spirit during a morning where these views are complemented. Before that, by direction of the Lord, I would like to read
something, I know you are strong words, but it was at that moment that I would share with you this, the Lord told me to read Isaiah 1:21, NKJV in my version.
It is very strong, but it is a message from the Lord! The words are strong, but not mine! Isaiah 1:21 "See how the faithful city has become a prostitute! Full Before inhabited by justice and righteousness, is now full of murderers!"
My brothers, I wanted to share a vision I had a few months ago, as I told you, in one night, which is related to money, the riches of this world.
In this vision I was inside a room, which was relatively small, where there were two large machines, one on my right side and one on my left.
They were copying machines, and at some point these machines rose, floating toward me, two sheets, one for each machine, about the size of A4.
One was filled with notes of $ 100.00 currency of Brazil, and another full of green notes, that seemed to be $ 100.00 dollars.
Just when the leaves rose a voice said to me: Take Raimundo! I looking at the scene said: No Sir! Are False, are copies! Then the voice replied: That's exactly it! Are copies! So is the money in the world!
I awoke and began to reflect on how people relate to the riches of this world and that day became very clear to me what God was saying: The true riches are of the Kingdom!
We see so search for financial prosperity, so much prosperity and preached in the church! Jesus is coming back, signs that He has given me and to others that he has raised the world show that,
it is time! People instead of worrying about sanctification. We have new born through Jesus, but we have to allow every day we grow in Christ,
it comes through sanctification. Our faith in Jesus Christ has given us eternal life, a new life, but that life needs to grow, it needs fruitful life! I see people getting lost with this love of money!
Forgetting sanctification, forgetting that growth of Jesus in us! In this last week I went to bed around one in the morning and so I lay the Lord told me: The three in the morning I'll call you, because I want to talk to you!
I lay down and slept, and just at this time the Lord woke me up, I got the room for about three hours and twelve minutes, it took a while to get up!
In the room I bent my knees in front of a sofa and lowered my head. I just remember at this point. After about an hour, was about quarter past four in the morning I woke up sitting on another couch, opposite where he had been on his knees!
What happened and how did I end up there I do not know, I just know that this period of little more than an hour, I was led by someone, probably an angel, I saw him as a man, as by little I was allowed to see his
his clothing was white, like a linen cloth, sometimes I saw his hand raised and to show some things. I was led through it by a sort of valley with many mountains,
I saw from the top down through these mountains with him, it seemed like I was floating, I was not walking. We stopped in the valley, beneath a large shady tree, full of fruit.
Fruits were different, because God speaks a lot for me allegories. They were large fruit, about the size of a football lounge. These fruits were red, and even blood,
The tree was full of these fruits and they made a big mess, because these fruits spoke, they talked among themselves. were all the same size, they argued and talked.
The central conversation that tree, those fruits were the riches. Each spoke of their riches, one always wanting to have more than the other, always wanting to garner more wealth than the other.
At one point he who was with me lifted his right arm, and in the sky, in something like a cloud, opened a window where I saw buildings, buildings, constructions something like those of film studios.
He who was with me told me it was about those riches that those fruits were talking. I went back to look at that tree and they kept that excitement, seemed birds at dusk looking for a place to spend the night.
In the midst of that confusion, at any given time, some of those big fruits were opened and leaving small fruit inside them, just like them that small, each leaving more than twenty new fruits.
When those little fruits were scattered in one of the great tree gave a loud cry: It's time to feast! Let's gorge! large fruit advancing on the little ones and devoured. At that moment I awoke
and sat on the other couch. When I woke up I was very confused by what I had seen, I write on the blog: How the love of money has distanced us from the kingdom of God!
While I was talking to his brother Itamar Vando who is also the developer blog, post messages with me, we have identified the same message of God.
What we see today is that preaching, this love of money within the churches. People worry about financial prosperity, leaders are concerned about expanding the churches, to expand the ministries,
each wanting ministries larger than the others, because mine is bigger because mine is more beautiful because my sheep have more and miss the point: Jesus Show!
Show how Jesus walked on earth! As Jesus lived! People become Christian, born again but live like the world! What God wanted to show me these two views and how these leaders are acting.
At the end of everything they grow, they are in the tree, the vine, fixed it, the children are the sheep that come out of this fruit, which are not theirs, they are God's sheep, the sheep of the Lord Jesus Christ, the great and true shepherd who sits at God's right!
And when these sheep out of them they devour the wealth of love. Many ministries are devouring his own sheep by love riches!
The Word says that the laborer is worthy of their support, but she also says that you have received for free, so give too for free! In many churches are collecting everything, even a piece of paper you get! See also other wonderful examples where people donate books and other things!
But I see many who collects everything! All it takes is charged, all that is there inside is paid, any extra word is paid! Take care, see how God is watching and seeing these things!
This devour their own sheep, along with that first sight of the love of money this world! Look what this love of money, love those riches which was with me showed me, these constructions, which represents
expansions of ministries, this desire to expand the church by force of arms, not by the Spirit, are doing so with the sheep. Is devouring these sheep! Doing with that sheep are required more than they can be!
But sheep are not you! The sheep are of God! The sheep dear leaders, are the Great Shepherd! Looks like he is seeing! He told me to talk with him at dawn three hours. I went and he took me in a way I can not explain,
I just know I was there, I just know I've seen it all, what was presented to me. At first some may wonder why the Lord is no more direct these visions, but if I saw people eating people would be very ugly.
God does not manifest itself in this way, God always uses the same standards! We always see the same allegory using animals, plants! We always see these allegories that is not to scare anyone who is watching, so he does not get shocked.
And so people are not too shocked. But see how God is watching! The Lord told me to ask a question to you now, Ministry Leader, worth expanding your ministry at any cost? Is it worth the expense of raising wealth devour his own flesh, the sheep? It's worth doing this? Why not seek the Lord? Why not ask those who are the true riches of God's Kingdom?
He showed me these at first sight, that the money in this world is fake! I'm not saying money is to rip, but the Lord showed me that true riches are there!
Ask and give up unto you, seek the riches of the Kingdom and they will come to earth! Will materialize! Make no expansion of ministries to the cost of the blood of those sheep!
As one of those fruits that big tree said, when sheep are born, when you win people to Jesus, When more are gaining more profit, it is not so!
Because that tree, God was showing me that the sheep were born leaders said: It's time to feast! Let's gorge! It has many churches, many ministries who see the sheep as this banquet!
They see the sheep as this great feast to their fill! But sheep are not you! The Owner them, the Owner of these sheep is coming! it's good that you know that the Owner of these sheep is coming!
And as in other prophecies that have there in the blog, the message he gives is that the Court will first come to Him Home! The first judgment is coming to the House of the Lord! The first judgment is coming to the House of the Lord!
Watch how you are expanding their ministries, at what cost, if the blood of those sheep that you are expanding their ministries, because the Lord sent this message to you!
I'll finish reading another passage in the Bible, the Lord just put in my heart. I know you have a purpose for it! Isaiah 33:5 The LORD is exalted, for he dwells on high, he will fill Zion with justice and righteousness.
He started in Isaiah 1:21, as saying his house was now He says, if you give place to Him, truly in their churches and ministries, Isaiah 33:5 The LORD is exalted, for he dwells on high, he will fill Zion righteousness and justice.
Earlier he said the house was Justice and swerved and when I was finished he told me that I read Isaiah 33:5, where He says he will refill Its House of Justice.
Simply place you give to him, you just give place to the Owner of the House, the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Almighty! Thanks and stay in the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
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