Only Seven Left videodagboek 18: Tour in Venlo, Enschede, Purmerend en Alphen aan den Rijn

Uploaded by onlysevenleft on 09.06.2010

Wohoho whohoho
It's Friday March 5 and we're gonna play a show in Venlo tonight.
Tomorrow we'll play in Enschede, both sold out shows, I'm looking forward to it!
This is how monkeys peel a banana.
What song will we be playing for the first time ever?
Come on Venlo, make some noise!
What are your songs about?
About love.
Our music is very deep.
Especially backstage I'm going very deep.
That was Venlo, supernice show! And now on our way home. Tomorrow Enschede. Holadijee.
We'll play in Enschede tonight, and for the first time we'll get to have a soundcheck.
Did you like the show?
For the third time on this tour we're NOT getting served pasta! Balls!
Sunday, the day after, we're going to unpack the van.
Hinne, how do you look back on this weekend?
It was fun. That's how I look back on it.
You ordered two BigMacs?
Anyone fancy a beer?
- Hey Bram - Where are we going?
- Purmerend - What are going to do there?
- We're going to play a show, the 10th show of the Destine tour.
- Looking forward to it? - Sure, you?
Sure. You don't look like you're looking forward to it.
I'm looking forward to it as well!
This is my land, and now they want to build a highway through my land.
Obviously, that's not going to happen. My cows wouldn't like that.
Haven't had a great dinner like this one in Purmerend often, now waiting for the show.
I love you.
I love you, Danique!
She loves you!
The Butcher knife from Hilversum.
We just returned from Purmerend.
It's kind of cosy here.
Hello, who are you?
Oh no, no, please wait!
I took a picture of Roderick in his bare ass with Nessa's camera, that we somehow have.
Goodmorning, we're in Alphen a/d Rijn, and this is the venue, Het Kasteel.
Can I ask you what you were doing on the playground?!
I don't want to talk about it but my head hurts.
Yeah, that is Gerard.
Here we go, Alphen a/d Rijn, hoppa!
- Sander, how was it? - Fat!
Fucking great show, best of the tour. If I may say so.
Bram, hey, you probably want to know how fat the show was. This fat!
As you might know, it's my birthday tomorrow. And I got this present from a fan!
I was with The Butcherknife tonight and we were unseperatable...
... which is funny because of this tour I am the oldest and he is the youngest.
Friday March 3... no it can't be March 3.