Riviera Maya Iberostar all inclusive resort ~ Commentary

Uploaded by JCVdude on 30.10.2008

Looking out from the beach restaurant at the Iberostar Tucan Quetzel, you're greeted
with this beautiful Caribbean vista palaps, palm trees, beaches
and look at the color of the water it is spectacular
right beside the are the swimming pools so you don't have to walk far if you want to go in the ocean
or you want to go into the the pools
It's all-around here and it's so beautiful
But there are many other reasons why I love the Iberostar Tucan Quetzel here in the
Riviera of Maya Mexico
It's near end of the Playacar strip so if you want a comsmopolitan resort
you don't want to be
way out somewhere
towards Tulum where can't get into town you will want be close to
Playa del Carmen
Well you can't have that cosmopolitan feel at the Iberostar Tucan Quetzel
But if you decide you can walk south
and within five minutes you're in an area that isn't developed - it's beautiful
The land is the way it used to be
Although caution should be used if you're going to do this
Most people walked along the beach. I enjoyed taking these trails that take you along here
But I did encounter, along with the beautiful butterflies and birds
I did encounter snake
I encountered thistle. I walked into his patch in my sandles
Before I knew it my feet were covered in them and was so painful getting out of there
and I had to find this rock to sit on and pull them all out
It was not a fun experience.
But other than that, the area is a
feast for the eyes.
As I said most people prefer walking along the beaches and that's beautiful.
You can walk south from the Iberostar Resort
and walk along beautiful stretches of beaches,
watch pelicans drifting on the wind and diving in for their fish. Obviously, there's a lot of fish in the area.
Cindy and I, when we were there,
not long ago we saw many fishing boats.
And I’m not talking about sports fishing boats
but local commercial fishermen.
The type of boats that you would associate with tourism
are white boats. They'd be out there dropping their nets and it was actually quite funny
because when they were dropping their nets,
there were always pelicans around
So they were trying to coral their nets and pull the fish in
And the pelicans are diving right in there and getting the fish out
There's a lot of neat things to see if you get up and get out and wander around.
Most of those things we saw early in the morning
The Caribbean has an unbelievable hue. In fact the blue is beyond belief.
But the whole area especially Iberostar Tucan Quetzel is so lush
And I'm talking a lot about this resort because
I, and Cindy and I have had the good fortune of staying at a lot of all-inclusive resorts
throughout the Caribbean and they are all different. They're all beautiful . I loved
basically every one of them for their own unique flavor
But, if you really love
a lot of lush landscaping
and you love
that total tropical feel
you want a resort that is close to
a city. It is part of a community - it is not stand alone
and yet still has this
aura of nature, the Iberostar Tucan Quetzel is one of the best resorts I could recommend
In the center of it
is a jungle area basically what you have
is on either side of the jungle area you have accomodations heading down to the beach
at the end of the jungle area is where you have your
open air theatre. It's a huge theatre.
The shows at the Iberostar Tucan Quetzel are spectacular
The performers the staff are first rate.
The music - everything was just awesome.
But if you are wandering around here it is so lush.
And what you see here is that the landscaping doesn't
just go in the jungle
but it extends all the way to the villas
Even the balconies have lush landscaping cascading down like green waterfalls
Now you see the villas are painted
in beautiful tropical hues of
and pinks.
In a soft color - trims of blue.
It is just a beautiful beautiful resort to wander around in
There's not one person I encountered that has anything
negative to say about it. The grounds are
spectacular. There's many waterscapes through out it
You will find peacocks, flamingos
tucans, parrots. I mean it is a beautifully done resort.
If you're planning to come to the Riviera Maya or even to the Caribbean
and you're not sure where you want to go.
What kind of resort you want to stay in.
You owe it to yourself to check out the Iberostar Tucan Quetzel in Playacar
And this was the view off the balcony of my room overlookong the jungle.
There's not another building to be seen
And especially when the sun came out, all you heard was the birds
These are the natural sounds recorded there.
So thank you checking out the Iberostar Tucan Quetzel in Playacar. END