Indie Action Movie Tutorials Episode 1: Basic Punching (Stunts)

Uploaded by ShahuyenProductions on 04.07.2011


Take seven.
Hi, my name's John Nguyen and this is the very first episode of Indie Action Tutorials.
I'm going to teach you how to fight for the screen.
Now, it may sound kind of simple and it kind of is, but you have to start off with the basics and do it right.
Starting off with a staple.
The Punch.
Now, Bruce Lee once said, that you might think a punch is just a punch.
But once you start learning about how complex this really is, you'll realize that a punch can be more than just a punch.

-Really man? -Oooooh, all right.
So what just happened? Now, it might sound kind of obvious
but you got to say it anyways. Most of the time when someone's getting hit in the movies,
they're not getting hit.
So what happened?
Well, someone's got to sell it.
In this case,
my good friend, Jeff.

why don't we use a real punch? Well i'm gonna show you a real punch. real punch
on a real friend.
Real slow.
Looks kind of lame, right? Well here's a fake punch, same speed.
So, a real punch, just doesn't look real.
Well, how do we make a fake punch look real?
So what's, "stacking?" Stacking is really easy. All it means is that I'm going to put my fist riiighhhttt
Now it sounds really easy,
but it's so important because every one of your beginner actors will
they will, THEY WILL, put their fist right here.
You have to get it in your actor's head that they must, they MUST
punch IN FRONT of the target.
Otherwise everyone of your beginner actors
will want to punch the target itself. They shouldn't want to punch the target, they
should want to punch in front of the target. Give them an eyeline, motivation, whatever you have to do
Otherwise at some point
your actor will punch the other actor right in the head. Is that what you want? That's not what you want.
Is it? You're a bad director if that's what you want.
I stress safety on the set a lot.
Any good stunt coordinator would.
I'm going to give you want one of my biggest secrets because of safety. And because it looks good.
Here's the thing: EYES.
You have to keep the eyes open. Tell the actor to keep their eyes open throughout the punch.
everybody's natural reaction in the punch is to blink.
You have to make sure, through out the punch, eyes open.
Look at the target and boom, right in front of the target.
You may have noticed that I've been using only one kind of punch.
And in a fight scene you've got way more than one kind of punch.
All I've been using has been the jab.
You've got the straight,
and you've got a hook....
but not a real hook, so of a movie hook. Sort of like a haymaker.
Kung fu backfist.
Point is, there're a million kind of punches.
And...too many for one episode,
so next time---
Too many punches for one episode.
But we're going to show you how much you can learn in just one episode.
How to stack, where to put your fist, where to put the camera, how to keep your eyes open...
So stay tuned for upcoming episodes where we'll do more punches
uppercuts, jabs, how to sell those punches and how to sell the hits, too.